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72 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection


Urinary Tract Infections can be potentially dangerous. Visit your doctor if it persists for more than two days, if the pain worsens or there is blood seen in the urine.

If you're someone who contracts UTIs shortly after having sex, make sure to empty your badder before and AFTER intercourse. And if you have the inclination, clean the area well from front to back.

If your are still unlucky enough to contract a UTI, drink PLENTY of water as well as pure UNSWEETENED cranberry juice. This helps flush the bacteria out and prevent more bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall.

A MUST....Avoid ALL forms of caffine and sugar. This includes coffee, tea, pop and alcoholic beverages. These only aggravate the bladder and cause the bacteria to flourish.

Hope this helps!!!


I had the mother of all UTI's a short time ago... I had tried everything my mom (who is very prone to UTI's) and the internet told me, which helped marginally-- whole cranberries, baking soda, large amounts of water, etc. These things helped, but the symptoms kept reemerging. My urine was constantly cloudy, and the site was still weak and tender for almost two weeks. I kept thinking it was clearing up, so I didn't go to the doctor for it (risky, I know). Then what cleared up the rest of the infection in less than 24 hours was something I never expected-- sweet tea that I got from Bush's Chicken. When I realized it was working, I stopped eating all the fruit and other stuff and just started drinking medium-dark and sweet teas (about 3 cups per day of Chai Tea with honey and 1 75-cent glass of sweet tea). No joke, it was a life-saver! Thank you, Bush's!


I have been trying to share this story as much as I can, I hope it helps someone: I had UTIs for YEARS, since I was 16 up until I was 23. I was on and off antibiotics the whole time, and sometimes they had to prescribe me the more powerful stuff because the first round didn't work. I only used the most gentle soaps, no thongs, no sex, chugging water, chugging cranberry juice, NOTHING WORKED.

However, once I had one so bad that I couldn't drive to my regular doctor I was in too much pain/urgency. So I went to the clinic that was near my apartment, and the doctor gave me advice that I took, and after following it I have been UTI-free for THREE YEARS.

1. No baths with bubble bath or oils, salt is ok. Don't take them too often or too long.
2. Don't pee too often when you start to have symptoms, this actually makes it more irritated. I know it's tempting to pee every 5 minutes or just sit on the toilet for hours, but try to hold it at least 20-30 minutes in between.
3.THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: get cranberry juice, but not the 'cocktail' stuff they sell in most places. The sugar in them actually makes the problem worse. Get the 100% cranberry juice you can buy in natural food stores. It tastes awful, I have to water it down. Drink a half a glass twice a day, and more often after sex or when you start to feel symptoms.

It was amazing!! I haven't had a problem in 3 years. Seriously, try the real cranberry juice twice a day. It's incredible.


I have suffered with UTIs for years and recently found 'D-Mannose' and it has been a miracle. I took 2000mg 4 times a day and felt significantly better in 2 days, but kept the regimen up for 5 days. This product has been around for some time, but for some reason has not gotten nearly the attention that cranberry has, but it actually works! (unlike cranberry for me.) You can pick it up at a natural foods store or order it online. It can also be taken daily to prevent UTIs as well! Please try it, feel better and get back to your life!


Okay, I have the worlds worst vagina ever! I was in serious pain, like sitting on the toilet crying. I took these red pills which made my pee redish-orangeish, and I drank tons of water and cranberry juice! DO NOT TAKE BATHS. If you do use a blow dryer and dry your vagina, trust me. I will tell you the antibiotics give you a yeast infection too. Where 100% cotton underwear and lose pants. No caffeinated drinks. Always pee.


I use to get UTIs all the time & was always prepared with cranberry pills at the very first symptom. After not having one for years, I found myself rushing to the bathroom with intense burning & pain which I believe was the result of a long lasting flu which included diarrhea causing the UTI. I had to be creative & to my amazement in 10 min I was pain free. After first trying a sits bath with a cup of vinegar with no relief, I got the idea to take the bottle of vinegar into the bathroom with me. After peeing, I folded some toilet paper ( pantie liner thickness) pored vinegar onto the t.p. & held it up against my vagina area by holding my legs together. For the first 5 min. There was some exterior stinging/burning ( nothing compared to the pain of peeing) when it stopped stinging I repeated above steps for another 5 min. This time there was very little exterior burning. To my amazement the next time I went into pee....... No burning...... No pain!! For those of you who love hot baths as I do, you don't have to give them up to avoid UTIs. If your going to use soap or want bubbles, use baby body wash. After your bath, stand up & rinse under the shower focusing on your vaginal area. To be extra safe, put a cup of vinegar in your bath water. We don't need to give up our baths ladies!!


Ladies!! Thank you so much! I have combined a lot of the advice given here and fingers crossed it works! I have just gotten back from the shops with my cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, baking soda and I have a tap with constant water! I have been suffering on and off with UTI's since I was 17 (I'm now 21) and this is the most information I have ever found in one place! I figure that if all these things work individually, then why not when you put them together? :)


I know the frustration of a UTI that won't go away. I'm not sure which is worse: the physical pain or the emotional distress. I have struggled with recurring UTI's for many years. I used to always run to the doctor, who would prescribe me 10 days of Cipro. Of course, the Cipro makes you feel like a zombie. Plus, I ALWAYS would get a yeast infection afterwards. Finally, I realized that I needed to look for an alternative. After scouring the internet for many home remedies, I read about D-Mannose powder. The brand that I purchase was called UTI Vibrance Crisis Intervention Formula. It was about $30.00 at my health food store. After two days of this, I was all but cured. I even went to my doctor to get a urine test, and although they saw an elevated white blood cell count, there was no bacteria in my urine!

Now, I cannot stress enough that UTI's can quickly turn into bladder infections, which can then turn into life threatening kidney infections. So, if you have the beginnings of a UTI, try the D-Mannose powder. But, if after a couple of days the pain is still intense, go see your doctor right away!

Good luck ladies!


I suspected that I was getting an UTI last night but wasn't sure. This morning I woke up and the urgency, cloudy urine so I'm pretty sure I do have one. I'm going to the walk in clinic this morning but it doesn't open for another hour. The urgency is horrendous so I did a quick Google search and some people indicated that they have used Alka-Seltzer for such symptoms. I'm going to try it to see if the urgency does subside(but will still be going to the MD to get a culture of my urine and antibiotics if needed). I will update this post to let you know if the Alka-Seltzer works.


Try colloidal silver. Take a few drops of 500ppm a day on your fingers and apply to genitals/urethra. Maybe wear a pantyliner because it will drip in your underwear. Also you can ingest it but be sure to take probiotics as silver kills everything.

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