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72 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection


I love this website. I had a UTI that came out of nowhere. I used 1 Tablespoon baking soda and 3 Tablespoons apple vinegar. Take it straight down. I can't lie. It taste terrible but put a piece of gum in your mouth to remove the flavor. I did this 3 times a day and by the 3rd time that day my symptoms were gone. I did it once on the second day just to be sure.


This seems to be working! Antibiotics felt like chemo so stopped after 3 days.

Unsweetened cranberry juice
Braggs vinegar tablespoon threeXs a day
Hot epsom salt bath
A little sunshine

Seems to be working

Wish me luck!


I had constant UTI's for YEARS. Recently i had fallen off of my moms insurance due to her retiring, and i basically had to find a way without antibiotics to help this. In turn i did my research and i took these pills that were sworn on the internet to work, called 'Bilberry' DID NOT WORK. All they did was give me the worst leg pains, they were a bit scary and i don't suggest them for anyone. I kept researching and finally i came across D-mannose, now scientifically speaking D-mannose is found in cranberry pills it is the main ingredient that causes cranberry pills to be so good for Urinary tract infections; without all the BAD sugar. D-mannose is in fact a sugar though, a good sugar much like Glucose which is essential for our bodies. On that note from what I've researched D-mannose has no bad side effects to the body ( and is also safe for diabetics). What D-mannose does is it acts as a 'distraction' or 'bait' for bacteria such as E-coli (which causes about 90% of UTI's) the bacteria cling to the D-mannose and then get flushed out, through your urine! Now as much as i WORSHIP and PROMOTE this product, i suggest pairing it with GARLIC, which is what i did. Why Garlic? Garlic is a natural antibiotic! Doctors abuse their privileges to give out antibiotics and these harsh chemicals and UN-natural pills can kill bad AND good bacteria; GARLIC on the other hand only kills bad bacteria, and ALSO unlike antibiotics garlic is USED to treat yeast infections, your UTI's best friend after treatment. The Garlic and D-mannose work so well together because while the D-mannose flushes most of the bacteria out the garlic, which again is a natural antibiotic, can target the few bacteria cells that still remain; Which in turn will flush out the bacteria more efficiently and kill ALL of them instead of MOST of them. Okay so go to your vitamin shop buy Garlic pills and D-mannose Pair these two together and wala your UTI is gone FOREVER. I do not take the D-mannose every single day but i do take the garlic every day! I Hope this helps



Frequent UTI's for about 4 years now. I've finally got the hang of kicking one fast. I almost never have one that last past the first day and I'm no longer spending half my life in doctor's offices, waiting for them to run tests that will tell me what I already know. First line of defense is always to start drinking as much water as possible. I go through probably 6 regular size glasses (about 1.5 cups each) in the first 2-3 hours. Even if it stops hurting MORE WATER. I almost always keep OTC urinary pain medication (like AZO) on hand just so I don't have to suffer for those first twelve or so hours. Next I drink 1/2 tsp of baking soda dissolved in a cup of water. Nasty flavor and I wash every swallow down with plain water, but it seriously works. I may do this a second time, after twelve hours or so, but I usually don't have to. And just to make 110% sure, I almost always drink an entire bottle of cranberry juice (100% juice, NOT cranberry juice cocktail), alternating a glass of juice with a glass of water throughout the day. On their own each of these things helps, but it's the combo that guarantees me relief.


well, i had this mid uti two days ago and i've searched everywhere for a remedy.
First of all, while travelling around websites, i've heard some guys speaking about turmeric and, since i have some of it at home, i've tried a mix of that powder and water obtaining a quite immediate relief.
After that i've heard about vinegar and baking soda, but together they weren't effective so i created my own mix:
2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar
1 table spoon off honey (just for making everything more drinkable)
1 teaspoon of turmeric
a glass of water (first add the previous ingredients and then add water)

i must admit it helped a lot and now that uti is almost gone.


I get a lot of UTIs especially when I got married for some odd reason. I was researching a lot and found one remedy that works amazingly! One girl posted itbon a Russian website, she said that that was the only remedy her grandmother used. So, you take a bucket (i put metal one inside the plastic, like you know, they put paint in) and fill it with hot water(you need steam, but be careful). Then you take a brick, fold in foil (in case it brakes so you won't have a mess) and put it on stoce so it becomes hot. Carefully after that put the brick into bucket, and without a greed pour some eucalyptus and tea tree essential oil(i took maybe like a tablespoon of each). Sit on a bucket for 20-25 mins. Then keep yourself warm. I usually do it before I go to sleep. Sometimes this is the only thing I do and it works!


I was diagnosed with UTI when I was 22. At that time I was studying aboard and I went to the general hospital, got my urine checked and after drinking the antibiotics they gave me, the UTI was gone in a day. I was UTI-free for 3 years until last month I suddenly felt it again. I went to a clinic doctor, prescribed with antibiotics and for a while I got cured - but then 3 weeks ago I felt it again and this time I went to the hospital. They did the whole shenanigans, and I thought this time I'm cured (since the procedure was really complicated this time and I paid a lot too!) However, yesterday I felt it AGAIN and was so sick of it I decided to try home remedies since antibiotics is definitely NOT working for me.

I searched the net and read about cranberry, D-Mannose powder, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, etc. D-Mannose is not available in my country (I'm from Indonesia), cranberry pills are almost non-existent here, and I needed a fast relief, so I tried going with 1 tbspoon baking soda + 3 tbspoon apple cider vinegar mixture, diluted it in a small glass of cold water (it didn't taste as bad as I thought). Then I force myself to drink 1 liter of water a day. The relief was immediately felt when I went to the bathroom (approx 1-2 hours after) - thank you to whoever suggested this! I'm on my 2nd day of pain and I'll keep drinking this until my cranberry pills are here.

Btw I've finally gotten my hands on a local online medicine shop that sells cranberry pills (this was the only one in Indonesia that I could find, the rest has been discontinued): Nutracare Cranberry (7500 mg Cranberry, 35% organic acid) for Rp 128,000 per bottle. So for other Indonesian ladies, you might want to check out 'Apotik Medicastore' if you need to buy these pills. Their store is located in South Jakarta, Pondok Indah.

I'm getting them delivered to me in a few days, and hopefully 2 each day is going to kick this pesky infection away. I'll get back if it works for me or not.

A little extra tip, if you are going to the doctors and they prescribed you with antibiotics, make sure that you WRITE DOWN THE NAME OF THE ANTIBIOTICS. So if the UTI is recurrent, you'd know what works and what doesn't.


I went to this site looking for a home remedy as soon as I started to feel that familiar little tingle. I'be been a chronic sufferer since I was 15, (I am 24 now and have had around 200 infections in the past 9 years) so I know exactly when I am starting to get one. But doctor visits are insanely expensive (last time it was $300 without insurance, only for them to tell me what I already knew and have them prescribe the medicine I already told them I needed). I read a lot of people swearing by the vinegar and others by baking soda, so I tried them together- 1 teaspoon baking soda and 3 teaspoons vinegar. I was already into my third day of having an untreated infection and had little confidence, but all of my symptoms were gone by the next time I used the restroom, which didn't take long since I greatly increased my water intake as well. It's been 24 hours and I've taken another dose of vinegar and baking soda, and am still symptom free. I am going to keep doing this once a day for a week, just to make sure. I also read that people who take a teaspoon of baking soda a day never contract an infection again. I don't know if this is true or not, but It's worth a shot if it will put an end to this problem. If you are a chronic sufferer like me, you can appreciate how amazing it is to have relief and a cure with no doctor visit, paired with the possibility of never getting another infection if this remedy is maintained. Good luck, and I hope it works for others as well as it worked for me!


I Have had countless UTIs and blood in my urine. I would get them at least 2 to 5 times a year and tried everything. I have been UTI FREE for almost 1 year! At The onset of a UTI, when u get that buring feeling after urination or after sex, sit on an ice pack or anything frozen between ur legs until the pain in gone, maybe 1 minite to 10 minutes depending. may sound weird but i promise it works.


Okay.. so I have to put on here my most recent in a long line of chronic UTI's. I got my most recent one and spent countless hours trying to flush it out with cranberry pills and water before it got severe. I absolutely hated the idea of going to the doctor, spending all that money just to be put on the same antibiotics that gave me a yeast infection as the last time. I looked online about alternative remedies for UTI treatment and saw hundreds of reviews for apple cider vinegar. Being the skeptic that I am, I didn't really believe that it would work, but I was desperate enough to try anything. I went to the store and bought the Organic unpasteurized 'BRAGGS' acv with the 'mother' and made a cocktail. I'm too much of a wimp for the horrible taste to only mix it with water so the formula I created was:
1 tablespoon lemon juice
a little raw honey
2 tablespoons ACV
Half glass water
Half glass unsweetened 100% cranberry juice

Halfway through the first glass my symptoms started to disappear. I drank this cocktail 3 times a day for 2 days and my UTI is completely gone. To add to everything, I have more energy and my skin looks better ALREADY.
So please please please go buy yourself some of this miracle cure. I PROMISE you will not regret it!

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