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72 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection


As soon as you feel like you may have a Urinary Tract infection (UTI), You are going to want to treat it right away! UTIs typically come on very suddenly. First you'll feel some lower abdominal pain with possible cramps, and then the next thing you know you feel the urgency to urinate and subsequently, your urination process is painful, and the burning sensation does not go away but just keeps extending. UTIs are extremely painful in my opinion and they are highly more likely to effect women more than men. This is because the woman's urethra is shorter than a man's making it easier for bacteria to enter the body. There are many home remedies that will help abolish a urinary infection but I, personally, have just accomplished ridding my body of a UTI in just 24 hours! So how did I do it? Well first of all, I took 2 tablets of Vitamin C, each 500-mg so that equals a total of 1000-mg. Then I took 2 chewable tablets of L. Acidophilus with Bifidum: each tablet containing 1 billion cultures of the bacteria. For those of you who aren't familiar with L. Acidophilus, it's a live bacteria that is a probiotic primarily found in Yogurt, enriched milk, miso, and tempeh. But if you have a UTI you are going to need the tablets that contain the high number of cultures, consuming such foods won't do enough. Then I bought a can of pineapple slices in 100% pineapple juice with no sugar added. Sugar is actually very harmful if you have a UTI, so be sure not to consume any sugars other than fruit during the Elimination process. You can buy a whole raw pineapple, but the reason why I bought the canned pineapple was because it is soaked in the pineapple juice, which contains most of the citric acid a Bromelain, which is a powerful enzyme that acts as a natural antibiotic. Eat half of the can of pineapple slices and drink half of the juice. Then I took about 3 tablespoons of honey. HONEY it the BEST natural antibiotic in the holistic world of natural remedies, and I say that with utmost confidence. Then I drank about 48 ounces of water in about 10 minutes. And I was emptying my bladder out CONSISTENTLY. Literally, after I doused my body with all of the stuff I mentioned above I was on the toilet for about 30 minutes. While you are trying to empty your bladder you need to squeeze! I can not stress this enough, but you HAVE to try your hardest to get every ounce of urine our of your bladder, which is a very painful process. Well, that's it! I woke up feeling normal again in the morning... NO burning, NO pain, NO short spurts of urination, NO frequent urination sprees, just a little soreness. GOOD LUCK! =)


Taking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (chase it with lots of water) a few times a day, taking d-mannose, drinking cranberry juice and a ton of water will help immensely. I felt a uti coming on and I did this remedy and in 24 hours I felt it going away almost completely. This will probably only work if you start taking the apple cider vinegar as soon as you feel it coming on. UTI's are the worst, but they can be treated naturally and promptly! Good luck.


The best preventative advice I received from a Dr,following numerous bouts of Cystitis/UTI in the first years of marriage, is immediately after intercourse, get up and empty your bladder
(he`s asleep anyway !)ansd have a glass of water before returning to bed. That advice changed my life. Just try it, please.


D-mannose and cranberry supplement. its available at gnc for a good price. it takes away the pain and infection quick and can also be taken daily to prevent it. in the beginning take the supplement as directed and also drink 100% cranberry juice twice daily. and drink an 8 oz glass of water hourly. only drink water and cranberry for at least 3 days but continue the supplements for 7 days



I started getting UTIs since I got sexually active. It got cured in a few days but I did not finish the prescribed medicines, and my UTI came back after a few months. It then got so bad that no antibiotics would help me. I kept getting it over and over again, and some symptoms felt like they had become permanent.
I tried all the preventive measures including cranberry, cotton underwear, wipe from front to back etc etc..
I then came across a forum that suggested to stop using soap down there. So I stopped! I stayed fine for a few months but I got UTI again. That's when I figured the solution - DO NOT USE SOAP ANYWHERE NEAR URETHRA, BUT DO WASH YOUR ANUS WITH SOAP. Sorry for being so detailed, but thats what helped me.

Its been over 9 months that I haven't had an infection.And yes, baking soda combined with orange juice helps too. If I ever feel even tiny symptoms of an infection, I drink baking soda and orange juice. I have even got careless about wiping from front to back - and I am still doing fine :)


D-Mannose supplement!!!
D-Mannose supplement!!!
D-Mannose supplement!!!
D-Mannose supplement!!!

You can buy it at a health food store like whole foods...good to have soon as you feel the burning symptoms take 2 capsules Along with lots of water and the pain and the infection Goes away!! If it still doesnt after 30 minutes, take 2 more. No antibiotics needed. Those supplements were the best thing that happened to me...I used to uti's frequently and painfully...not anymore!! Its surprising that hardly anyone knows about it. Spread the knowledge around so that nobody has to deal with it anymore!


If any one says you can't cure a UTI on your own , it is a lie ! You can most defintely flush it out on your own!Some make take a little bit of time and some may not depending on the amount of water your drinking !
I got my first ever UTI recently on my week of finals !worst timing ever.I was so scared and in the worst pain of my life crying every time i went to the bathroom, getting fevers and chills in class.I had it for a bout a week before i actually went to the store to buy something for it , i bought a over the counter cream for yeast infections but it didn't seem to help much desperate to get rid of this UTI i later bought cranberry juice for Urinary tract infections, after using these both for about 5 days i felt completely better BUT the next day the pain came back ! IT had been 2 weeks since ive had this infection, so i did some research since i couldnt go to the docs at the time.I found out about apple cyder veniger. I drunk a class of water with 2 teaspoons of acv and put a little of honey in and it made me feel so much better instantly.The pain completely left I did this for about a week, the pain came back after the next day but less painful everytime..It had been 3 weeks since ive had this infection and i was so scared it was going to stay there although it had gotten so much better..So i decided to go to the docs.The nurse told me their was a little bit of bacteria found and i might have flushed out on my own so i might not need to get an antibiotic.Moral of the story is you can flush it out on your own and it is possible.I just needed a little more time.ACV is key.


Mixing the apple cider vinegar and baking soda helped me so much! The relief was almost immediate, I still can't believe it. Tasted horrible to drink but very effective!


Turmeric and water


D-mannose powder works great, but I have migraines after taking it, so what I do is eat garlic and cranberries, garlic is a natural antibiotic and cranberries attach to the e. Coil to prevent them from attaching to the walls of the bladder. You will feel relieved in 1/2 hour. Take an bag of cranberries and boil them in 1/2 gallon of water for 40 minutes. Do not add sugar, drink it warm with the cranberries as much as you could throughout the day. For the garlic, cut up a peice of garlic into tiny peices and gulp it down with water like a pill twice a day. Make sure you are warm, put on warm pants and socks and slippers and cover yourself with blanket, and sit on a heat pack, it will alleviate the pain and make you feel more comfortable. This worked wonders for me. I have uti's 1-2 a year and never had to take antibiotics.

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