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72 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

Meena Kiri

I’m 49 years old and was suffering from urinary tract infection. I was facing extreme difficulty as I have to pass frequent urine. It also leads to recurrent infection. My physician advised me to go for surgery, but I wanted to avoid it. Then, I tried to find some herbal treatment for prostate problem and read about Divya Chandraprabha Vati ( ). I read about all the ingredients of this product and started taking it. I took it for three to four weeks and found to be an extremely useful remedy for the prostate hypertrophy. Now, I’m better and there is great relief from urinary tract infection.


I recently got a uti infection and didn't have health insurance. I looked around and found a site that recommended tea tree oil, which I use as a natural antibiotic and have great luck with so I tried it. I applied it directly to the area twice a day for three days with a cotton ball. It instantly gave relief for the pain and after three days the symptoms disappeared. I also took cranberry pills, don't bother with juice, the pills are much easier to do and more effective (most 'cranberry juice' is actually mostly grape juice anyway). I also drank a lot of water and once a day took a glass with baking soda in it.


I've been dealing with recurring UTIs for many, many years. It's gotten so bad where I couldn't have intercourse without getting one. I was having to rush to the hospital pretty much every other month. I got another one earlier today and did this nice remedy that made my pain go away in about an hour. My remedy that has kept UTIs at bay is simple:

Half tsp of baking soda
One tsp of D-mannose
Dissolve in glass of water
Drink once every 3 waking hrs for five days
Keep a heat pad on your abdomen


Hi. I don't have a remedy, but I have a question:)

Last year I was diagnosed by UTI 3 times and each time it was a tragedy. Pain and the worst, lot of blood. The first time I didn't access to doctor so I only drank lots of water in the first two days, which disappeared the blood and the white discharges. but still the doctor prescribed me antibiotics. In general, so far UTI has costed me so much and I don't want to use antibiotics anymore. I am curies to know if any of you, had found blood and the infected discharges in her symptoms and still could manage it with home remedies? Pleas let me know. It would be a great inspiration. Thank you


A month ago, on a routine check up it was discovered I had a UTI, a culture confirmed a bacterial infection of e.coli. Doctor prescribed bactrim but as I had no symptoms decided not to take them. 2 weeks after I started getting the horrible symptoms, I wanted to treat it naturally so I read people's posts here. Follow some suggestions and a week later went to the Dr to get a urine test and it was completely normal, no symptoms and no bacteria ! This is what I did:
Drank 4oz of water with a teaspoon of D-manoose every 2hrs (obviously only during the time you are awake)
Drank a gallon of water
Bought 'Urinary Health cranberry' supplements sold at CVS (bramd name azo cranberry) took 2pills 3x a day

I did that for 3 days, on day 5 and 6 I drank half a bottle of cranberry juice (the real stuff), didnt take any of the pills and did just one teaspoon of D-manoose diluted in water along with plenty of watwr during the day. Symptoms were gone within one day and no more e.coli! It really works!


I have a great remedy for Urinary Tract and Bladder infections. First of all, I am no doctor, but I believe antibiotics are way over used, they take too long to work and they kill the body's natural flora, which depleats the immune system. If you use antiboitics make sure you take probiotics or eat lots of yogurt afterward to restore the immune system. I know of two remedies that work for UTI and bladder infections EVERY time. One is a product called D-Mannos. You can find it online. It's an all natural ingredient. A Pediatrician recommended it for my daughter when she had repeat UTI's as a child. It worked great but it's expensive. The remedy I use now exclusively, and have for years is simply Alka-Seltzer! That's right! Alka-Seltzer cures UTI and bladder infections QUICK and like nobody's business! This is my opinion and my personal experience. I'm not trying to practice medicine, I'm just telling you what has worked wonders for me and my family. The way it works is that the bacteria in the body that is causing the infection binds to one of the ingredients in Alka-Seltzer. The body begins to heal immediately. I just drink Alka-Seltzer twice a day for 3 days as soon as I start to have symptoms. I notice the pain starts to disappear not long after the first dose. I take it for 3 days to make sure it is completely gone so that it doesn't come back. Read the label and heed the warnings if you have high blood pressure, ect. Cranberry juice is beneficial as a preventative and will help eliminate a UTI but only the pure, raw kind that you get at a health food store and it is naturally bitter. The kind at the grocery store has a lot of sugar and is not good for you. Regardless of what you try, if it doesn't work or if you ar passing blood you should see a doctor because it could be something more than a simple UTI.


Spring Valley 500mg Cranberry Extract. Walmart. If I even for one day miss this pill, I start getting UTI. Drink a lot of water like a whole 16oz one with the pill. Take two at first and then just take one a day. But you have to drink about 3 bottles of water at least a day. Eat greek yogurt daily and DO NOT leave off this pill. Prevents as well. Bottle costs about 5 bucks. Look for the one that 500mg though. I've tried other mg and this one is the perfect dose.


Pure cranberry juice. 2 and 1/2 32 oz bottles did the trick!!


I suffered with recurring UTIs for three years. I decided to have an ultrasound to check nothing sinister was going on. During the scan I discovered that I do not empty my bladder completely when urinating, which was a surprise to me. The urine that is left in the bladder goes stagnant and will eventually cause an infection.

To stop this happening, I now urinate, and then go back 10 minutes later and urinate again. I normally urinate about 75ml the second time.

It may be worth trying, to see if your bladder is emptying properly..


The 'natural remedy' world needs to meet the hard-science world when it comes to UTI's. Treating a UTI has everything to do with which microbe you're trying to kick.

If you have an e-coli infection, D-Mannose, cranberry pills, and tons of water work great to wash out the infection. Cystex tablets also help.

However, if you're working with a gram positive bacteria like staph saprophyticus, it's a whole different ball game. You can't just wash saprophyticus out. You must actively kill it. You can do this by taking curcumin, turmeric, or forskolin which raise the cAMP levels in your immune system. cAMP kills gram positive bacteria by creating pores in bacteria cell membrane walls. Substances that directly hurt staph are onions, raw garlic and paprika. So eating raw onions, garlic and 'shoving it up there' may help. You can keep gram positive bacteria infections from getting worse by keeping the pH of your urine high by drinking baking soda water. This inhibits the bacteria from creating slimy biofilms, but doesn't completely kill bacteria cultures.

A lot of times women get reinfected with the same bacteria, so simply diagnosing which strain goes a long way towards treating it for years.

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