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72 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection


Drink plenty of fluids especially water or cranberry juice. Vitamin c is also very useful. I bought echinacea and cranberry tea from Holland and Barrett along with ricola herbal sweets in sugar free cranberry flavour with vitamin c. Drink the tea once per day. Paracetamol for pain is good as well and also a heat pack such as a hot water bottle. Works for me so I hope this helps.


I've had a uti for about four days. On day five I was beginning to get worried but wanted to try home remedies first. I drank lots and lots of not urial bottled water, took paracetamol for the pain and bought cranberry supplements with vitamin c. So far it has worked wonders. I still get a bit of pain but I still use the paracetamol and a heat pack. Seems to work for me. Just try to remember to drink plenty water and / or cranberry juice.


After doing major research and trying many different techniques the most helpful and effective thing I tried was this supplement this contains different ingredients which are really helpful for UTI's I recommend anyone looking for a way to combat or prevent UTI's should look into this. It's amazing!!


I kept getting recurring UTI's every few months. So several years back I did a lot of research on UTI's and I came across D-Mannose and I thought I'd try it and thankfully I did. I take a D-Mannose pill every day to prevent a UTI from coming back and I have never had to go back to the doctor for antibiotics. Sometimes when I miss a day or two I do start to feel one coming on so I take a little extra and the feeling is gone.

The culprit in at least 90% of uncomplicated infections is a type of bacteria called Escherichia coli, better know as E. coli. These bacteria normally live in the bowel and around the anus and this is the bacteria that the D-Mannose can get rid of. So it
can't help in all cases but it sure is worth a try I think.

Mims L

I was having monthly bladder infections and always
in emergency rm for anti-biotics -
I went on Pintrest to find a solution , and did I ever -
everybody,s solution was this ;
1 tablespoon of red vinegar
1 tablespoon of raw honey
a couple of good shakes of cinnimon - stir
well in a glass of filtered water- 3+ a day for 3 or 4 days - it was gone for good - haven't had it since - if I feel something coming on , start all over again and no uti - I understand it corrects the PH balance in
your body - works for me -


Baking soda in water gets rid of the burning so I'm not suffering before I can get treatment. I usually end up having to take antibiotics, but mannose powder has gotten rid of a couple of uti's I've had.
I found this website to be incredibly helpful, especially in preventing recurrent uti's:


I had chronic UTI's for 4 years, always sex related. In those four years when I didn't have a UTI there was always a burning feeling in my bladder. Not sure if I got the bacteria from myself or from my partner. But you should ALWAYS have your man take a shower before sex. There is naturally over 20 types of bacteria present on a mans penis, so we'd like to minimize that. Even when I wasn't having a UTI, I had irritation and burning in my bladder that got worse with any spicy food, onions, tomatoes, carbonated drinks, alcohol, or caffeine (although the specific irritant foods may be different for different people). Try to avoid foods that irritate you so your bladder can heal faster.

So now on to the remedies I used, and the one's that are total bulls**t. The two main ones I used were D-mannose POWDER (not pill form) and kirkman's biofilm defense. Not trying to advertise that specific brand, but that was the brand that worked for me. I would chug around 5 cups of water with around 2 tsps of D-mannose powder right before intercourse and the same thing after. Making sure to go to the bathroom before and after sex. Not only that, but I drank ONLY water with d-mannose poweder all the time. The powder prevents bacteria from sticking to your uterine lining so it is important to keep drinking it otherwise the bacteria will have a chance to adhere. I'd drink it well into the night and the next morning, at least, after intercourse. Don't worry about using too much because it is a natural component derived from cranberry that is a form of sugar that won't cause a sugar-overload or pre-diabetic issues. The biofilm defense is the thing that really worked for me, and I take it 1 time a day, and another time after just having intercourse. There is a so-called 'bio-film' that bacteria create around themselves to prevent recognition by the immune system, which contributes to why they can be so chronic. The bio-film defense destroys this and gives your immune system a chance to intervene. It's important not to push yourself, and if you're not enjoying yourself during sex because the pressure on your bladder hurts you should stop. Any good partner that knows you're in pain will understand, and if they don't you should get rid of them. Rough sex can partially tear the thin lining between your vagina and urethra and allow for bacteria to pass.

Another thing people often don't know is yeast infections can cause UTIs!! So from you going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, the bacteria in your bladder (bad AND good) will go away. Letting the normal amount of fungal yeast in your vagina grow into an infection. So antibiotics are an endless loop of infections. There are many natural remedies for yeast infections, including boric acid suppositories (I do not know enough about this though, so I'd recommend looking this up on your own). Your partner can also be the one giving you yeast infections, so make sure they are checked too if you're worried.

For the constant irritation of the bladder, the main thing that is causing it is your acidic urine, a pill I take every morning is source natural's alka-balance. Which alkanizes your urine. Helping your bladder lining re-form it's protective layer. Any alkaline dietary supplement should do the trick. Berberis Vulgaris hemeopathic dissolving pills also seemed to help calm my bladder.

So now on to some things that didn't work. Cranberry juice, or pills, etc. DOES NOT DO ANYTHING for a UTI you already have. At least not in my case. It may help prevent against them, but in my experience it's not worth your time. D-mannose is way more effective. Another thing that partially worked, but more than anything just irritated my bladder even more, was Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda. I chugged these 24/7 after sex on varying time scales, with little positive results. To an extent, it would help slow-down the rate at which my infection grew, but wasn't the answer to my problems. And it irritated my bladder further, which may have even caused an infection. Other things that didn't work for me were turmeric powder, lactoferrin, monolaurin, and nattozimes.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope I can help! I wrote this solely to help girls (and guys) with the same problems.

Another thing to look up:
Doctor Scott Health's channel on youtube, talking about biofilm and d-mannose


With UTI you must flush out the E. Coli bacteria.msonwhatvi did was drink a teaspoon of baking soda in 8oz of water at the top of the hour. 30 minutes after that I drank 8oz of water ( my water was bottled water you can use Deer Park, Fuji water or Wholefoods 365 bottled water). I did this for about 5hours I started noticing the burning was lessening with in the first two to three hours. I started this at 6pm by 11pm the burn was almost gone. I continued to do it throughout the night and that morning started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water and taking the cranberry pills. From my understanding cranberry does not get rid of the bacteria it helps with preventing you from getting an UTI. I also gave this to a coworker after I successful tried it who has an UTI and she got the same results. That was my first Nd hopefully my last UTI. If not I will try this again.


First ever UTI and I got rid of it in two days. I used a teaspoon of baking soda and 8oz of water. Dank it at the top of the hour. 30'minutes After drinking it I drank another 8oz of just water. I did this for 5 hours straight


Ladies, practice proper hygiene, & you won't have to worry about 'remedies'. Alcohol your rectum & your buttocks, after each BM, & before sex - thoroughly.

It's E. coli, left on the rectums & buttocks of women, not their male partners penis's, that causes nearly all of sexually related UTI's.

If a woman uses just toilet paper, or just water, or even soap & water to wash her rectum & buttocks after a BM, & before sex, she is not killing E. coli. E. coli can only be killed using a germicide &/or bactericide.

The woman has E. coli on her rectum & buttocks after a BM, the penis then touches these areas during sex (though this is not necessary, E. coli has 'legs' & the friction & lubrication involved in sexual intercourse is enough to make the E. coli travel from the skin to the urethra).

Every woman should be using alcohol on her rectum, buttocks & under arms anyway, to smell good, & a low dose alcohol tonic like witch hazel, to kill germs on the skin. Women that use soap & water to clean themselves, are not as clean as women who use alcohol on parts of the body.

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