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I'm 19 years old & I've been suffering from anxiety for a little over a year now. It scares me more than anything else ever has. I feel like crying 50% of the time, I have random body pains (especially in my chest), heart palpitations, rapid/hard heartbeat, trouble sleeping, hot flashes, tingling to numbing sensations in my arms, dizziness, trembling, heartburn & sometimes trouble eating.
My mind races. Leading me from thought to thought & I can't stop it. I try & I try but it won't stop. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even controlling my self. I feel like I'm losing my mind.
I used to get the feeling that I was dying, but now I just feel like I'm being taken over.
I've been afraid to go through therapy because I'm afraid to find out the underlying reason for my anxiety, because I'm constantly telling myself that there's nothing wrong & everything will be ok. I never talk about my feelings or what's going on with me, & I'm sure that that may very well be the problem.
It's gotten hard for me to leave my house alone or even at all.
I've been drinking a lot lately, just to numb my body so it makes it harder for me to concentrate on a thought & it makes it harder to recognize my symptoms.
What really works for me is being around good hearted, kind, spirited friends & family that actually give a shit about me. Being alone usually brings about an attack for me. I NEED to laugh in order to get over it & I also need to find myself in an open space, somewhere outside with fresh air.
It also helps me to go on sites such as these and to read what others go through, because a lot of the time, I feel alone in this & reading blogs and information on anxiety reassures me that I'm not going crazy.
I can't wait to beat this & I'm gonna fight it until I'm back to normal. Good luck to everyone <3.


If your angry OR/AND sad,listen to depressing music and think of the situation. You most likely will cry. Crying helps :) if you do start crying, finish then after wash your face in cold water. Guaranteed it will refresh you.

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