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101 Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

E.J Francis

Hi, I have tried to submit this once. I hope the powers that be will let it post, as it is really helpful. I have suffered many times with a toothache, but now dentists are so expensive I have to rely on home remedies or holistic medicine. This will help with toothache pain. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide, then brush teeth to remove loose debris. Rinse again vigorously with hydrogen peroxide, then rinse with mouthwash, alcohol based, then take a cotton swab, and dip it in Vicks vapor rub, the ointment not the white cream. Place enough inside the hole in tooth, and after about five minutes the pain will subside. This remedy has worked for generations in my family, also many friends have used it.


So, I've been on google for the past hour or so looking up remedy's and all that jazz. I've tried most of them, a lot of people say alcohol works, but as it is 3 in the morning and all the liquor shops are closed, and none in the house, that wasnt an option for me. I have really bad teeth, cavities, and rotten teeth. I've tried many options and so far this has worked the best for me. Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Wash. I tried that and it instantly took the pain away, still throbbing, but so far it has been my best bet. I also tried using sore throat spray, I poured about a shot of that into some really warm water and swished it around for a minute or so, still very affective. If nothing is working, and you cannot stand the pain, I would recommend buying a loratab off the street, they run about $5 a pill, and that will take the pain away. Yeah, not legal, but its for a good cause.


Since yesterday night I've had to bare with one of the most painful toothaches anyone can ever come across. I barely slept and after reading most of these remedies I now know why.... Of course I tried the cold water method. Idk y but it looks like its a first instinct for many of us... Though it does help while you switch it from side to side in your mouth once the water isn't cold anymore the pain strikes again... and I found it to get hell of worst when I didn't do it. I couldn't lay down... Could speak... Eat.. This toothache really took over my only day off this week... So I went to Walgreens... Purchased the oragle extra strength... Pain killers and even sleeping pills in case nothing helped I was sure to just knock out. I tried the pulling the tooth thing too but it's in there pretty secure... I think a piece of my tooth broke off... Causing this excruciating pain... So anyways... I tried the garlic and salt. Helped but not for long at all... Warm shower... Nothing... I've been taking pills all day and I have yet to calm or ease the pain away... I went thru my medicine cabinet and found a girls best friends MIDOL. Took another shower... Heavily brushed my teeth... And sat on my bed literally in tears... This pain has been around for more than twelve hours now... As my tears came down my face (not kidding) I prayed... (seriously) I am currentky laying in bed and dont feel any pain...MIDOL and Jesus helped me with my pain lol... Hopefully it helps you!


Warm 1/2 cup water hot as you can stand it add about 3 tablespoons of peroxide and 1and a 1/2 teaspoon salt mix wrll and swish on bad tooth...helps get rid of some of the infection, but its only temporary


I can swear by whole cloves.

I had been swilling cold water for several days - pain relief was only temporary. Was also chewing Neurofen and analgesics like they were tic tacs - they weren't even taking the edge off.

After reading advice on here I tried the whole cloves remedy and it worked like a charm. We'll see how long it lasts but I haven't had to swill ice water since.

sheree walker-lenoir

3-2-1 method 3 ounces of warm water 2oz of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of salt. mix together and hold on the side of tooth pain, spit out and repeat until all gone. PLEASE DO NOT SWALLOW!! then take an 800 ibuprophen or vicodin. try this every 4-6 hrs.take pain med as precribed. you may also need an antibiotic from Dr.


About 5 days ago I had a few cavities filled. Ever since then I had some pain and sensitivity. Well, last night I had such horrible pain---first it started in my front top teeth, then it changed to my front bottom teeth... Neither of which had any work done....I took two Advil hoping the pain would go away and it did, however now the pain switched to the teeth I had work went on for hours and I couldn't sleep the pain was so horrible. I went online hoping for some remedies just to get to sleep. Since it was 2am, and I didn't have any clove oil or tea bags and wasn't going out to get them, I did have peroxide and toothpaste..... I filled up a little bathroom Dixie cup with half warm water and half peroxide... Swished....and immediately my pain went from a 10 to a 1. Then I took a Q-tip and dipped it into the peroxide and just pressed it onto the tooth that still was throbbing and it made it feel even better, but the pain was still kinda there. Upon other suggestion on here, I took some toothpaste and rubbed it on my teeth and it stopped the pain completely. It was only Colgate. I had to rub some of it off because it was burning my mouth after a while, but it still worked and I could go to sleep,


Hello. I'm poor and have very bad teeth. I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas with everyone about toothache.

1 - Alcohol
It works. For a while. Others have suggested this. Buy something strong, 40% ABV or more, the more the better. Swish with it to wash out your mouth, but then try to pool it around the hurt. For example, if your painful tooth is on the left side of your mouth, put enough alcohol in your mouth to cover your teeth if you are lying on your left side. Warning. this will HURT. If you are able to stick it out however, you should be able to kill the pain. This will last for some time. I've had this method eliminate the pain for months.

2 - Toothpaste
Sounds silly but it works. Ever hear of that old student trick in dorm rooms of putting toothpaste in to cover small holes in the wall? The idea is you want to stick a gob of toothpaste in your mouth to cover up your cavity. Then the trick is to keep your mouth open (feel free to use your tongue to move your spit around as this will make your mouth dry) until the toothpaste starts to dry. This can take some time and it might be easier to put a ring in your mouth so you don't have to hold it open. I find using Sensodyne plus this method can sometimes 'cure' the pain for years.

3 - Salt
Not Salt Water. Salt. The idea here is that you've exhausted all other options and all that's left is to kill the nerve. To do this you need to do a combo of what you've done above for Toothpaste and Alcohol. First, you need to like down on the proper side, or tilt your head at minimum. This time the proper side is away from the salt. Don't let your spit dilute the salt. You also want to rub the salt in and apply generously all over and around the tooth and try to keep your mouth open. If you feel a bit of pain, you are doing this correctly. After the pain starts to subside, rinse your mouth out with warm water. After about 5 minutes the pain, hopefully, will be 100% gone.


omg ! 2bad teeth killing me at once. This is the worst mouth painh hatve EVER felt and im not exaggerating. I'm gonna try a few different things, my own ideas and some of your guys' ideas. It's 1:45 am in eureka,ca 15 mins ago i pressed on my temples under my ears for one minute and when i let go the pain in my teeth went away for about 45 seconds. Then i pressed on the pressure point in between my middle and pointer fingers..same. Then about 5 mins later i poured a small amount of salt in my mouth and swishes it around with my saliva.gross i know lol anyway, didn't work. Now its 1:49 i'm gonna smoke a bowl then ill tell you if that helped any. So...Brb.


I have recently been experiencing very bad and sometimes unbearable pain from a toothache. I have not been able obtain any medical or dental coverage due to a lack of employment. Anywho, I have found a couple remedies that I tried and have seemed to work. The first was that I took a cotton ball and dipped it in Anbesol liquid, then I putted soaked cotton ball into the hole of my right upper molar which is broken and it sucks. The next thing I did was take some tobacco from a cigarette and applied it to the area where the pain was coming from. Within a few minutes the horrible pain that I was experiencing had actually begin to subside. There is still some pain but it is a whole lot more tolerable than before the remedies where tried. So I hope this helps some one who really needs it. Good Luck!

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