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101 Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

Kate in California

I read on another blog to use a cotton ball dipped in vanilla. I did that and it numb the tooth so great but one problem. here it is 2 days later and the tooth has been removed and my lip and lower chin are still numb from the vanilla remedy.


I've had really bad toothache for about a week now, took lots of Anadin tablets they didn't work, tried the salt water, that worked for a while. This afternoon the pain was quite bad so this evening I took 2 IbuIbuprofen tablets with Innocent Smooth Orange juice and then had a FAB lolly and I've been pain free since finishing that ice lolly


I tried some of these for broken tooth with an exposed nerve. Some worked for a little, then they stopped working. I've been without insurance for 8 months now. Finally landed a full-time gig but the benefits don't start until October. In the meantime, I discovered these amazing essential oils. Clove oil right on the gum numbed it instantly and feels a bit like novacain. Best part, it lasts about 10 hours. Them I rub peppermint into my face where it hurts. That hrlps with swelling and external pain. The oils from health food store didn't cut it. After research, I ordered from doTerra.


Sensodyne extra strength toothpaste applied directly to tooth. Bathe the tooth. Again and again. I have a cracked molar and it is the only relief I have found. Over time the pain will end.


ive had this horrible toothache due to a infected tooth for 3 days now. ice was the only thing that would instantly stop the pain so i kept drinking cold things hopping that would make it go away but i was wrong. what has stopped the pain completely was hot water with salt!

boil some water and mix with cold water until you feel its safe enough to put in your mouth( but still Hot!). then mix it with a lot of salt and swish. the pain when the hot water hits your tooth its gonna be crazy but keep doing it. after a while you will start getting used to it and you are gonna start feeling the throbbing slowing down and the pain going away. my toothache has been gone now for a day :) hope i helped.


I had a root canal fail over the long weekend of Memorial Day 2013 and had the most horrible pain I have experienced in my life. The pain was way beyond that of 3 long childbirths. I tried every last remedy on the website. I had slight relief (2-3 min) from the teabag, pure vanilla, ice packs (lunch pack ice bags wrapped inserted in a sports sock), and salt water rinses. I took Advil and leftover Vicodan. In addition, I rubbed extra strength Orajel on the gums. In one day, my face blew up from infection and I had to get an antibiotic from the ER. It took 48 hrs for the infection to calm down with the antibiotic. I continued salt rinses, ice packs, Advil, Vicodan, and Orajel. Don't wait to get an antibiotic. Since this tooth had been through the root canal process 2x in 15 years, it had to go. Now, I am almost painfree, but that will change when I start phase 2 of the tooth implant.


I took 4 BC powder packets and in 15min the pain went away.


Ok I have a cracked moller* on one side and a wisdom tooth that came in sideways and has rubbed a cavity in the other side. My insurance has been suspended because im laid off right now. I have found that brushing with tooth paste and rinsing with peroxide mouth wash works wonders for a couple hours. I hope I go back to work soon so I can get them pulled. Its getting to the point I cant sleep at night because of it.


Best thing I did was use Dr.Bronner multipurpose peppermint soap. Put a spoon full of the soap n my mouth along with water and swished it around for a while n even blew a few bubbles.i went from excruciating pain to 0 until I bite.It also helped me find the reason of my ache. Also heard of straight peroxide for at least 2min. Will help get rid of bacteria build up and infections...Good luck ...if you can't find the soap here is the link..and no I'm not advertising i really used this method


clove oil is really good for toothache it dosent taste nice but work it numbs the tooth to give you some time without pain hope this helps

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