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101 Home Remedies for Toothache Pain


I have been dealing with toothache pain in my lower left side, with a molar that has broken in half exposing my gums and nerves. Now, obviously the dentist is the way to go, just get it pulled. But funds are always limited.
Now there is no way of actually healing it but to dull the pain so you are comfortable is pretty easy.
1. Wash area(s) with warm salt water, add more salt if you don't get your desired dullness.
2. Mouth wash, vanilla extract and warm water. Rinse mouth. Use more vanilla than wash.
3. Cold or hot compress. I usually use hot. I use I rice pad, which you can make out of a sock. Put rice in sock and make sure to tie it off so it can't get out. Microwave sock for 30 or more if you want it hotter. The warmth lasts longer than a warm wet cloth and you can use it on ANY hurting body part.
4. Oil pulling. Olive, coconut or clove oil. Just swish around in mouth and spit.

Most of these only last a couple hours depending on your intensity. But it will help you to be more functional.


Ok so this is 1st time I have had a toothache..this tooth has been messing w/me about a year ago...but have been ignoring it..but finally it is talking about getting up every 5 minutes and no sleep this is not fun at I found out that hot water and salt work good for just a lil while..but wht works.even better is dentek first aid kit.but just put eugenol on tooth not gums because it stings i learned the hard just get a q-tip and dip it and put it right on tooth and stay their for a minute...and bam their u go..i also like to gargle w/ hot water and salt first then dentek and also put orajel severe pain pm around gums.but first was teeth to tk all that fd and stuff out...then start w all the other stuff..u sleep lk a baby....good luck:-) this is just temp till i hav money to see doc...night night


hello i have a remedy that i just came up with. i have a broken wisdom tooth and a cracked moler on the right side, so the pain is double and isolated. i tried everything with no luck, so i looked in my fridge, not much there, i did have a year old milwaukees best and papaya juice. i mixed those two with alittle salt and a little vodka. swish and instant pain relief.


Just been through several month of agony. Took loads of pain killers and none worked. Solution was sipping cold water during the day, instant relief tough short term, had to keep sipping. At night or when not in work I drank 1/4 bottle whiskey. Problem was eventually diagnosed as an infection and I needed antibiotics. Even after this the nerve took a couple of weeks to recover. Interestingly the tooth I though was sore was not the one with the actual problem. Electrical signals in the nervves get mixed up and a good tooth can seem like the cause of the problem, so don't just go getting teeth extracted.


Let me start off by saying my teeth hurt alot which causes my ear to hurt and alot of time i get bad headaches to top my pain off. I cant afford to see a dentist so i always have to make the pain go away myself. I've tried alot of stuff like orajel, denteck (which helps sometimes), salt water, a teabag, and i even put a crushed up pain reliever on tooth (which also helped sometimes). Someone suggested that i try putting BC powder for headaches on my tooth and gums after being up for 2 nights i tried it and it helped so much


I had toothache and gums hurting so bad I was crying so I put some (Dr.tichenors peppermint mouthwash ) on a cotton ball and bit down on it and rub it on my gums were they was hurting it helped big time


I had a horrible toothache lastnight and didnt want the taste of dissolved pills in my mouth. So I got less then a half shot of smirnoff whipped vodka and let it sit and soak around the tooth. Talk about instant relief. It worked for me and I hope it works for whoever tries it. For adults only.


The Oil Pulling technique is an Ayurvedic therapy has been in use in India for years and some even say, that by doing it daily, it improves immunity. I'm not sure on that, but I have had toothache issue. Well, first off, clove essential oil is very good for the pain. If you have some clove eo, just barely take a dab on tooth. Be careful though as you don't want to swallow it! I've been doing it good results for pain. Back to the oil pulling, I have just started that, so its still early. But it is supposed to greatly improve the health of teeth! I have noticed a difference, since I've been doing it! Buy some sesame oil or coconut oil. Some say coconut, while others say sesame. I even saw where someone posted on a forum that they used olive oil. Before you eat, about a half an hour, take a tablespoon of the oil, put it in your mouth and swish about 20 minutes(yes I know, kinda hard when your not used to it) But you can start out just doing 5 minutes a day and work up. I do believe it is helping my teeth and I am going to keep using it


I was up all night with an aching tooth ache and i tried baby orajel cuz that's all we had around here.... no luck so i came on this site and found the thing that works the best is Sensadyn or how ever u spell it and some severe tooth pain orajel..... thanks for saving me from pulling my tooth out


Ohk the left side of my face was in so much pain I did errything to make it stop but now I'm pain free I made my own toothache medicine and here's how

1. Garlic chopped or either in a squeeze bottle
2. Garlic cooking oil
3. Salt and pepper 1 Tsp
4. Colgate total tooth paste
5. Pure vanilla extract
6. Take 2 ibuprofen with a glass of water only water.
7. Combine all 5 into a bowl mix until tooth paste is mixed well then place some on a cotton ball make sure the garlic is on as well place it on affected area and put slight pressure on it and the pain started to relieve in seconds until pain is gone and repeat steps in the morning I just did it and my tooth is not sensitive

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