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101 Home Remedies for Toothache Pain


I tried some of the other remedies on this site but none worked then I saw one that said to use a q-tip to apply caugh medicine on the affected tooth,I didn't see the sense of doing that since I tried doing the same with cloves but my saliva just washed most it away,so I took a tablespoon of robbatussan caugh and flu and swished it around my mouth on the affected tooths side for about a minute,it burns a little but the pain does go away after spitting out the medicine out,been 5 mins since I've tried it and the pains gone down from a 9 to a 0,I hope it works for anyone in serious pain,good luck


The best at home mouth and throat numbing medicine is something called 'Magic Mouthwash', can be made at home and without a prescription. Take equal parts Mylanta and Benadryl.....both liquid kind.....and mix together. Garlic and rinse as often as needed for a very numb mouth and then spit out. My ENT doctor told me this when I got my tonsils out at the age of 33. It is instant relief. There is different versions of this but it's the combination of the antihistamine and antacid that is required.


The Red Cross Toothache Kit works great on a dry socket!! Thanks for sharing the info. No pain at all and what a relief!!!


GREEN TEA!!!!! I have tried EVERY home remedy that's on the internet and the ONLY thing that has EVER helped the pain this much, (other than the dentist himself!) is green tea. Take a tea bag, roll it like a log, stick the tea bag in between your gums and your lip. Within 20 minutes, the pain is completely gone.


Anbesol Really Helped Me The Most.... Its The Red Gel The Dentist Swabs On Your Gums Before Hitting You With The Freezing. Jus Make Sure The Hole Is Clean And Apply Right In The Hole Of The Cavity.

Con Parisis

Well people, I just lost a bad filling 5 hours ago, and with the nerve exposed it was BAD!!! Since it was too late for a dentist, I tried Mesulid which is the strongest painkiller you can get from a pharmacy here in Greece, and it did nothing! The pain was exrememly excruciating! Reading some of the remedies here, I first tried holding warm salt water in my mouth around the area of the tooth and the pain eased off in seconds! Next I chopped a garlic clove in half, bit in to it with the bad tooth, and WOW! I've had it there now for 2 hours and it's like there is nothing wrong with my tooth! THANX for the advice people!!!


Hey guys I will get right to it.
Salt water. It's an instant relief warm water with some salt and swish it sround for 5 minutes worked wonders. If that doesn't work I found that keeping it a 'certain tempeture works to (ice or hot water) . I hope this works but most off all pray it goes away!


For most of the past week, I had what seemed to be an intense toothache. I read something about sinusitis, got Afrin nasal spray, and, a couple hours after following the instructions, was pain free. From what I read, sinus infections can cause pressure above your back teeth, making it feel like you have a toothache. Everything else worked briefly, but this seems to have solved my problems. If the pain seems to come from several teeth, you might just have a sinus infection. Good luck to everyone!


Someone suggested that Listerine works for tooth pain. I wasn't sure it would work. I started feeling pain and decided to try it. I used the Listerine for about 5 minutes and the pain went away. I use the Listerine about every 3 hours to keep the pain away.

I also use Ambesol.For me cold air or drinks have been causing pain so no air conditioning from the car and keep the Ambesol handy when driving in case of problems.

raphael mulili

infact i tried it and it has been working.the fluid in sodom apple fruits relieves pain in teeth...for more information email your querry to

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