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Ok, so after 2 long and very painful days with a toothache I finally found something that works, not completely mind you, but it works. I went through about 4 different sites trying to find something that sounded realistic, something I kept coming across was garlic and salt and pepper. Well after I tried just the salt and pepper and got only a temporary relief I had the bright idea to try mixing the salt and pepper with some freshly ground garlic and putting directly on my tooth. Wow!! Instant relief, however, the only problem, and it was a big one for me... It burns!!! The garlic has been rinsed out of my mouth for about 10 minutes now and it still burns. The relief is worth it, but I just wanted to add this because of all the remedies I seen using garlic, not one mentioned the burn. It was instant and it was painful for a minute. I could only stand to have it on my tooth for a minute. But I figure it it gives me relief for a time then I can do it again if needed. I have read lots of articles on the benefits of garlic and it really is a little wonder!! Hope this helps someone!! If not, sorry. You may have a different cause of tooth pain than I did.

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