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101 Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

Happy Camper

So I have this tooth pain for about a week or so maybe longer, the tooth itself cracked a few months ago, I just don't like the dentist so I refuse to go unless I'm getting something pulled. I have great insurance & don't really pay much for co-pay or anything at all for extractions, I just fear needles and the dentist so I'm very iffy on going :( I know I'm goofy right! but anyhoo I found this site and tried some of the things listed & for me the following works wonders!

1. Brush thoroughly
2. Rinse with a mouthwash that's not harsh, I use kids ACT bubble gum flavor.
3. then follow with a rinse of Listerine, may burn alittle but the ACT helps prevent the burning too much I found.
4. then I took 2 IB's & 1 Klonopin 1mg
5. This I swear when I read it on here I seriosly doubted it would work but holy hell in a hand basket, it took all pain away and I'm still pain free over 12 hrs later! and I dabbed a little on this morning just to be safe lol.. What I used was something called 'Deep Throat Gel' It's sold in Adult stores, I saw someone had said use Anal-eeze cause it contains lidocaine, which it does I have a bottle of that as well, haven't used it yet b/c the other gel works just as good. I had both already on hand so I didn't have to go buy them lol. But I swear if you have anything similiar to that stuff whether it be the anal stuff or deep throat stuff, it numbs the tooth and takes the pain away!!! It's amazing and gross at the same time hahahahaha. Good luck all! I know everyone is different but it can't hurt to try, thank to everyone that posted remedies on here. they've helped alot!!! :-)


Guys, I did it. I found a way to subdue my pain. Take it from someone who tried literally every remedy on here aside from pulling my teeth out, I found something that helps. It's not perfect, but if you are experiencing the severe pain that I have been, you'll be grateful for anything. Right now my wisdom teeth are growing in impacted AND I have about three missing fillings from a faulty filling session. Everything hurts. Okay, down to business. I'll tell you what I just tried. I bought Sensodyne toothpaste, the cream orajel, not that gross liquid stuff (btw I tried that and it only helped for a minute), ACT restore mouthwash, and mouth sore rinse/wash. You probably wouldn't need all of those, but I was desperate. First I flossed for a good ten minutes and paid close attention to where my fillings are missing to clean them as well as I could. Then I used the mouth sore rinse to kill any bacteria. Next I brushed with the Sensodyne for about three minutes and followed up with the restore mouthwash. Lastly, I put a somewhat generous amount of the orajel cream on a qtip then directly on the missing filling and around the gum and other teeth. Right now it's still a little sore, but I'll take it. I was at the point where I was crying hysterically, not eating, and DEFINITELY not sleeping. I really wish you good luck with your teeth. This is by far the most painful thing I've ever experienced.

Just as an aside, I tried aleve which worked temporarily really well, but then my teeth just stopped responding. The liquid orajel worked for a little bit, but stopped again. Saltwater mouthwash made the pain worse. Dentek (filling replacement)didn't stick or help when I finally got it to. Ibuprofen was a negative, baby teething gel as well. I tried like 3 different cotton ball variations with pain killers and what not and nothing worked. This is honestly the only thing that has worked. Get better! Sorry this is so long!


I am very aware of just how horrible the pain of tooth/gum issues are, and am dealing with it now. I brewed a strong cup of mint tea and am drinking it while swirling in my mouth with some helpful effect. I have also gotten some relief with using a q-tip moistened with tea tree oil (malelucca) over the painful area. It tastes horrible, but is worth it for some relief.

However I want to warn everyone about the many recommendations for the 'Red Cross Toothache' medicine and clove oil (they have the same active ingredient, Eugenol).

Do not use this product more than you absolutely have to, and make sure you use the absolute least possible that you need to get the job done. Clove oil is well documented as a highly toxic substance to ingest (can cause liver failure, etc) and is commonly used as a pesticide due to its lethal properties. Also, clove oil can be very irritating to gums. I would use it only as a last resort, and as little/less as possible. Also, if you keep it in the house, treat it as if it is a highly toxic substance.


Had a terrible toothache (I am the worlds biggest coward when it comes to the dentist) so I went on-line to try to find a dentist, long story short, found one but they don't take my insurance!! POOP!!!!! Anyway, as a part of this particular dentist's web-site was the following suggestion and it works like a charm: Take 1000mg of Tylenol and 800mg of Ibuprofen every 6hrs. It takes about 15-20 mins. to work, but once it does it lasts almost the full 6hrs. Hope this helps someone else.


One of my back molars started throbbing and aching. The pain is terrible but I know if I start taking pain meds I'll be dealing with a stomachache too. I was looking at this sight trying to find something I could do NOW with what I have availible. I noticed several people mentioned holding liquor in your mouth next to the tooth, so I tried it with vodka. It works if you hold it there a long time. The problem is it's tearing up my mouth and I'm salivating like crazy. I just tried something and so far it seems to be working.
I cut a fresh makeup sponge disk, one of the thin ones, into a strip the width of the tooth and soaked it in the vodka and some peppermint oil(I saw it in one of the entries and had it lying around). I rolled it up and bit down on it gently to hold it over the tooth. So far it seems to work pretty well. I'm still salivating a lot, but it's not hurting my whole mouth. I hope it keeps working! Good luck.


I tried so many remedies for this horrible toothache and nothing work for more than ten mins.... I've never experienced so much pain in my life, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. So after two days of no sleep and pain that I just can't describe, I went to the emergency room and the medicine they gave me worked in 20mins. JUST GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!!! I hope it gets better for everybody


This works!!
Take a square of coffee filter, tea bage paper or something like that.
Add crushed clove and roll like a very short cig then tuck between cheek and gum.


I used stright up salt on my tooth for a min and u will feel a little burn but then get a warm cup of water and gargle it around repeat it for five mins and it works awsome. it works for me hope it works for you


sorry but none of these remedies worked. Some worked for a split second then the pain was right back. If you cant get into your dentist right away go to ER or walk in clinic. I went to ER got a shot, some Tylenol 3 with codeine, ibuprofen 800 and penicillin. get some antibiotics otherwise it can get ALOT worse.

Nadia Pengpaitoon

In recent days I've had a sore tooth. So i have taken about 13 ibuprofens a day and that went well for two days till yesterday. Suddenly out of no where i had major toothache! Was even more intense than the toothaches I've had due to needing root canals. I took 6 ibuprofens before bed thinking i would be alright.... but alas no! For 3 hours i struggled tossing and turning, biting my own finger so the pain could be diverted, crying in pain till i just wanted to kill myself (i know it sounds dramatic but the pain was UNBEARABLE!) and at 3am i had no idea where to go besides ER (but i don't have enough to cover a trip there so that was out of the question)

I found this website thankfully and using the remedies i found a solution to limiting the pain (YES IT IS STILL THERE) but it's to the level of a normal filling getting done at the dentist without the numbing needle. I'm 22 and iv'e had over 30 fillings and the sad thing is i wish i was kidding, but yea for those who have SEVERE toothaches and you don't have the money to go out to the dentist then this is the solution for you!

1-I was popping ibuprofen like mint freshners, to give you a better idea of how much i was having it was close to 2 boxes of the stuff in a 3 hour period, this did NOTHING for me.

2-Next i tried ice and still nothing, except irritating my skin even with a little cloth rapped around my bag of peas.

3-Advil 4 at one time, i felt slightly better which even though wasn't much of an effect it took a bit of the edge off the pain. THANK GOODNESS SOMETHING WORKED

4-Amoxicillin took about 3 i think at one time it's an anti bacterial so hope it's doing something... Didn't feel much difference.

5-This i think was one of the best solutions that i tried. Vanilla essence and peppermint essence (don't get the imitation) you need the alcohol in it. You need cotton balls too, dipp the q-tips in the bottle then lightly dab the tooth and area until you feel the tip get warm then use the other end, use multiple q-tips or just the one if you want. Repeat the processes about 3-6 times pain should be dulled and you should be able to sleep if done in the right way. If you decide not to sleep then repeat the method every 20 mins till you sleep or go to the doctor to keep pain at a minimum but also take advil as well.


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