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If your hand gets burnt while cooking immediately keep your hands under running tap water and then apply White toothpaste/alovera gel which will block the air from touching the affected area and will give you relief.

one of the best remedy for burns is as follows place ice pack or frozen peas etc from the freezer to accelerate cooling to the affected area then remove and dry the area with something soft to remove the water by press and release >> apply the white of an egg to the burn area and wait for it dry .. the reason for the burn sensation is because the air hitting the surface when the egg white drys it forms a membrane and seals the area ' air tight ' also this will improve healing as the egg has the protine to assist healing process ,,good luck this will work .

haley m.

Just tonight burned my hand picking up a freshly hot stove grill. Just ran it under some cold water for a couple minutes to take the shock from my fingers and then applied aloe vera gel with some bandages. Pain was gone for a good while but eventually came back, even with the reapplication of the gel. Tried a pickle, peanut butter, wet sugar, and tomato sauce and they have all provided instant relief but nothing longterm. So far all that's been working for me is a good ol bag of ice in the my hand.


I recently graduated from Culinary school, and have a tendency to burn my fingers. Pots, sugar, food, you name it I've probably burned myself with it. I've used this remedy to help a lot of times especially on my fingers. Take a glove, any plastic lined glove pull it over the burnt hand and pour vanilla essence in it, even imitation essence until it covers the burnt area, tie something loosely so that the liquid will stay inside. Keep it on for a while it will pull the burn out and prevent blisters.


I was told by a nurse, to apply a pickle. It will help prevent a blister and help with the pain.

Dr. Matt

If its small enough. Sterilize a needle and pop the blister and allow the puss to drain. This will alleviate the pressure. After doing so, use an antibiotic cream such as neosporin and apply under a bandaid. Change out dressing daily if needed.


I tried the honey and flour mentioned on this website. It worked. Within 10 minutes it stopped hurting. Great idea!


Just burned my hand on mower muffler. Heard vitamin E was good. Have two bottles that are similar, fish oil and vitamin E. Grabbed wrong bottle, pierced the tablet and applied to hand...within seconds I thought
i was at a fish fry. Have it on ice now...aaaah!


My friend just burned her finger grabbing a hot pan and I turned to the remedies on here for a solution and we found that mixed honey and flour works in about 10 min.s pain and redness subsides... It may work for you if your in the same position it's worth a shot GL


my aunt tought me a perfect remedy which eliminate the pain and prevent blistering. as soon as the skin burns wet it with cold water and apply a thick layer of SUGAR over the whole area.keep it as long as the pain is there.if the sugar dries and falls redo the procedure.

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