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emu oil can dramatically heal any burns at a rapid rate!!!!!! google it.


Run the burn under water for a minute or two and cover the burn with a thick layer of salt while wet. Instant relief of pain and no blisters. Can be used on first and second degree burns according to the pathologist who gave me this remedy.


I worked in a kitchen, and burned myself constantly. I would mix a bit of mustard with some flour to make a paste, apply it to the burn, and cover with a band aide (or Saran Wrap if it's a large burn). It's instant and lasting relief, especially because the mustard is usually refrigerated, so it cools the burn immediately. I don't know why it works, but it does, and prevents blisters too!

Abominable Snowman

Got at burn on your hand? Run cool water over the burn for the initial shock, and use mind over matter, simple really. I recently suffered a mean grease burn, and overcame the pain within minutes.


For a burn of any type- whether the finger on the frying pan or sunburn- raw egg whites!! For sunburn- draw a cool bath- knock the end off of the egg and apply like a ball point pen- after a few layers of egg-(it dries quickly) wash off with the cool water- and do er again!!several applications with just a few eggs- poof no more burn--don't use aloe-that locks in the burn. good luck!!


I grabbed a metal pan handle that I stupidly forgot had just come out of the oven, had my hand in cold water all day but as soon as I take it out it stung really bad, ad a look on here and decided to go for a mixture using wat I had, camomile tea bag soaked in vanilla and a bit of honey, instant relief ahhhh! Just keep turning the tea bag over as it gets warm, can see swelling and redness going. Amazed!


Just burned my entire hand. So naturally I went to the internet to check out stuff here. Toothpaste mixed with flower make sure its still damp, cover burn and then I put tp over mine and duct taped it haha but able to keep hand off ice now! :) good luck!


I burned my finger with scorching hot melted sugar and the skin on my finger almost fell right off. I tried several of the remedies on this web site & not very many worked. The whole onion thing caught my interest because I saw that it was suggested several times. I decided to throw 1/2 an onion into the blender to puree it, I poured it into a scooper and dipped my finger in it. The pain went away instantly. I then decided to pour some of the puree into a piece of renalds wrap and wrap that around my finger, sealed it with some medical tape and let my finger soak in it for over an hour and BAM it worked like a sharm.


if you burn just the tips of your finger, immediately touch and hold the burnt finger on your earlobe until it stops hurting which for me has been pretty much w/in a couple mins. Crazy but works, (you cant use for burns anywhere else unless your ears hang low, lol) but worth a shot if you have nothing else around you.


After burning my finger very badly (2nd degree) I immediately ran it under cold water and cut off a fresh slice of onion to put on the wound as I knew this would help. I was still in a lot of pain, though, which led me to this site.

Here's what worked for me: I mixed flour and honey to put on the wound. Within minutes the pain lessened and I could tell it was helping. It was also dripping everywhere, mainly into the dinner I was trying to cook. So I took the outer soft layer of an onion, as someone had suggested, scored it to get the juices flowing, and then wrapped it around my floured and honeyed finger. I used medical tape to bind it all together, but I'm sure you could use masking, electrical, or even duct tape in a pinch. When I was ready to go to sleep I thought of removing it but the pain came back every time I tried to do so. So I just applied more tape to be sure that it wouldn't fall off and slept with it on. As of this morning, the pain is GONE even when I'm not wearing my makeshift bandage. I know it sounds funny but I can't recommend this enough. I've never known anything to heal a burn like this!

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