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Omg, burned my fingers with hot cooking oil and looked for a remedy to take the pain away. I found this where all of you said HONEY. I tried it and wrapped my fingers up in cloth fingers smothered in HONEY and this morning the pain was gone! I would never have believed it. THANK YOU ALL :)


I used a mixture of honey, aloe Vera,onion juice, and oatmeal. It worked really well. I was relived instantly.


I read reviews on this site after having a minor burn from taking food out of the microwave. I decided to try out the recommendation of applying honey. It worked like a charm. I got tired of putting my hand in cold water because each time I removed it, I felt the stinging burn. So I removed it and applied honey to the impacted fingers. The pain became unbearable since my hands were no longer in the water. Within 5 mins, the pain calm down drastically. I did put a lot of honey to real coat the impacted area. I usually never write review but the relief from this pain was do worth sharing


For Burns- Again, have to agree about fresh Aloe plant.
Butter should never be used. Beside retaining heat, butter can cause a horrible infection on a burn.


Okay, I burnt my fingers grabbing a hot plate my daughter left on the stove that she pulled out of the oven. I walk in the kitchen (picking up after her)! I did not realize the plate was hot and it instantly burned my fingers that I grabbed it with. I immediately ran cold water on it and put ice pack on it. The problem was that the second I took my finger off the ice pack, immediate pain returned. So I came to this website to find home remedies. One of the things I read was about honey, and since I had some in my pantry, I tried it. I was amazed it immediately took the pain away! My honey was just your average store bought natural honey. It was crystallized a little bit because I had it for a while. But it worked, I can keep it off the ice and no pain.


I recently had 3rd and second degree burns all over my arm and shoulder. Was in the hospital a few days. They gave me sylvadine and santyl and when that didn't work they went to medi honey, which can be purchased on amazon. It is honey with some sort of medicine. It looks and smells like pure honey, but stings

I researched it and pure honey is used for severe burns in many countries, including China. My wife's friend had burns in Mexico and she used honey and said it worked really well. I got another small burn on my other arm and used honey and it was really effective. This burn wasn't nearly as bad as my other burns. But I do trust honey to treat burns after my experience.


I was boiling water for my baby's formula and I spilled it all over my hand, it hurt so bad and was sensitive to the touch. I was trying to change her diaper afterwards and I set one of her wipes on my hand that I couldn't use and it was instant relief. I use huggies one and done cucumber and green tea and it worked amazingly!


Squeeze the juice or loosely band aid a piece of onion, temporary relief to do a more complicated remedy, or just rub honey on and bandage, honey works for everything lol.

Tanya Grant

Believe it or not I use raw, organic unfiltered honey for burns! It works fast. You completly cover the burn and change 2 or 3 times a day also take 4 tbs of it a day until it goes away. Honey is like peroxide it keeps It takes the pain away as soon as you put it on and it starts to heal. Every one gets mad at me when I tell then that I did NOT take my child to the ER Dr. as soon as it happened but I didn't and there has NOT BEEN ANY INFECTIONS OR ANY THING. My daughter is the whole world to me. If and when you can self help instead of rushing to the Dr. who will give you chemicals to treat every thing you can think of and it has more side affects then whats its worth then SELF TREAT. It has been 3 or 4 days since her skin MELTED off of her leg a silver dollar size and the blister has come and gone and it is still not hurting. My thing is when you listen to God and trust in him he will help you and YES he has. As long as you use the right kind of honey, science does back up its use for wound treatment, which is especially relevant today as antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections are on the rise.


I burnt the tip of my right index finger with molten lava glue from an angry hot glue gun with a vengence! ;) The tip of my finger bubbled up with a nice white blister & stung with a burning sensation unles in a cup of ice water. I couldn't stand to have it out for even a full 10 seconds because the burning sensation came right back as soon as I removed it from the ice water -which did help & felt pretty good- except I'm a parent of 4 children & have a thousand things to do! Needless to say, I can't stay like this forever, so after an hour and a half of this, I started looking things up & came to this website. I read a number of ideas, and combined with my own knowledge, I created this remedy which has actually worked! I got everything ready in advance before removing it from the ice. Once I did, the first thing I did was pour sea salt on it while still wet. I then applied a bit of my concoction of flour, honey and lavender essential oil. The mixture is thick in consistency. I then place a small thin circular piece of onion on top of that and wrapped it in saran wrap. For the lack of anything better to use, I then duct taped it as tight as I could. To make it a little tighter, I then put on a rubber glove on my whole hand. It stung still for the first few minutes but not as much. I kept squeezing my finger and xhanging elevation levels. After about 10-15 minutes it was significantly better. Its now been over a half an hour & it actually feels good. I'm a believer of natural remedies anyway, but this one really surprised me! Odd concoction but it worked!!

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