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I just burned my finger by picking up a hot toaster pastry & the icing stuck to my thumb. I rinsed in cold water to get the icing off & found a bottle of cold-process aloe in the bathroom. I filled my palm with it & have my thumb in it. By the time I read the 1st 2 remedies,the burning had stopped. It is very tender but not the firey-burn I felt a few minutes ago.


I burnt the palm of my hand from attempting to hold a pan handle after it came out of the oven,..I first put ice on it, then a rubber glove with ice for about 10 minutes, then held a peeled baked takes the pain away immediately


I got burned from a crockpot and my hand was BADLY burned. I got Milk, Honey, Sugar, and Aloe Vera. Pain went away instantly


After reading several suggestions on here, I decided to try the honey, tea, and milk remedy. I soaked my very painful burned hand in a bowl of cold milk, with about a quarter cup of store-band honey. The I soaked the black tea bags in the mix and plunged my hand in. It was INSTANT relief, even after the milk got warmer. After soaking about an hour, I dabbed it dry, slathered more honey on, then topped it with the soaked tea bags. I put a layer of gauze over it all, then wrapped it in that non-sticky tape wrap that adheres to itself. The burning came back shortly after I took my hand out of the milk, but it was at least bearable. I took some ibuprofen and am now hoping it just continues to burn less and less. Wish I could just keep my hand in milk all night, haha. :) But the burning is way better than it had been!


1 Table spoon of bleach
I Table spoon of salt
A squirt of WD 40
A teaspoon of salt


Tonight I finished cooking and ascendancy hit the stove top and burnt my fingers really bad. I read alot of these comments and saw about honey. Well I've had my hand soaking for about 30 minutes now and they still burn very bad. So if there's anything else that works please let me know.


I was making peanut brittle and man o man does it burn when you mistakenly get it on your hand. Ouchie! I immediately grabbed the frozen peas and wrapped it around the index finger tip that was badly burned and blistered. That worked for a little bit then it became excruciating. Luckily I found this website and I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the honey. I put it in a little bowl and let my finger tip swim in it. It relieved the pain for a bit, so I kept adding ingredients, I used black tea leaves left over from my morning tea, a little milk, and then I added chamomile tea. I can happily report that the pain was relieved and I was able to sleep without even noticing this blister on my finger tip. Yay! Home remedies ROCK! I had to leave a comment here to confirm this works!


No realizing that pot handles were hot I grabbed the handle and burnt the palm of my hand...badly. Upon discovered this website I tried one of the home redimies, using a mixture of HONEY & aloe Vera gel. The pain subsided almost immediately and when I left the concution on my hand overnight the burn was almost gone away. Natures remedy is the best. Thanks for the honey tip!

D. Brooks

I burned my pointer finger and thumb on a Christmas candle, and my thumb got a blister. I couldn't keep it off ice for long without the burning coming back. I grabbed my earlobe between the two fingers, and that allowed me enough time to run to the freezer from the computer room. I tried vanilla, and that kept it away for about two minutes. Also tried several home remedies. Ice is the only thing that will help, so it looks like I'm gonna be good friends with my ice pack for a while...


I burned myself with boiling hot gravy on Thanksgiving day, spilling it in the palm of my had when carrying it to the serving area. I tried cold water & ice. Hours later the burning was still there. I googled and found this site. I opted for trying the honey and it was amazing. The burn went away within 10 mins. I kept it on my hand all night and put my hand in a baggie. I used local wildflower honey. This will surely be the way I treat all future burns.

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