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HONEY! Works Great. I burned my hand on a pot and tried the water and ice. Still burned instantly! put store brand honey on it and wrapped it up! almost instant pain relief!


After just picking up the wrong end of a curling iron I decided to try a remedy I read about some time ago. I immersed my hand completely in some flour and left it there for about 20 minutes. I just took my hand out, no blisters and no pain. Hope this helps someone else!


I burnt myself with a hot glue gun. Not knowing it was still at the hottest it's ever been. I've burned my self many times before, but this time the gun had been on for at least an hour . As soon as the glue touched my finger I peeled I of and it began to bubble and blister , I've never felted this kind I pain in forever!! I made the mistake of using ice for about an hour, but every time I would take it off it would almost make me cry with pain. I tried running water, toothpaste, honey, milk/honey/suger,and nothing worked. At this point I was trying everything . I simply grabbed the Aloe and it soothed instantly! Try it ! It really WORKS!!

Claudia R.

I put my hand very heavily on the stove yesterday not realizing that one of my house guests had just made coffee. Needless to say, I burned my hand badly. So badly that I actually cried for the first time from pain as an adult in at least 20+ years. I was able to get immediate relief from the searing and agonizing pain when I kept my hand in cold water but upon removing my hand from water, the pain was indescribable. After 4 hours I seriously considered going to the hospital. The burn on all three 3 fingers had begun to blister badly. I got a headache from the pain whenever I took my hand out of water for longer than 10 seconds. I finally researched this site and tried honey, which gave temporary relief, for a minute or two then I tried chamomile bags in water and honey, all to no avail. Then although i was not hopeful, I remembered that I had raw, organic, unfiltered honey (the kind with wax pieces in it- my brand's name was 'wee bee honey - naturally raw'). I put a spoonful which is pasty - not like regular honey- between my fingers and after a couple of minutes it felt a little better. I decided to wrap each finger with sterile gauze pads which were covered with thick coats of this honey), and also wrapped the three individually wrapped fingers together with gauze wrap. I couldn't believe the pain went away after about 5-15 minutes and stayed that way for the rest of the day. I took the bandage off the next morning to check the progress and couldn't believe these were the same fingers from the day before. Some of the wax from the honey had adhered to my finger tips and where it happened, the healing appears even better. To my shock, I no longer had ANY pain after that first 15 minutes. As of this morning, the blistering: 1) is significantly reduced, 2) covers at least 60-70% less area than yesterday, and 3) is not full of liquid at all. I am absolutely stunned! Interestingly, the honey jar says that honey had been used for centuries for treatment of all sorts of ailments and specifically includes burns as one on the list. I just noticed it.


Carmex Chapstick! I saw someone write about Burt's bees so I decided to pull out my Chapstick and voila... The cooling sensation is countering the burning for a nice subtle tingle but no crazy pain.

I was making Jello & accidentally poured freshly boiled water on two of my fingers. Ran them under Icey water for temporarily relief then came across this site. Buy carmex... Trust me. If it fails later on, I'll post an update!


** This is for minor burns **
I have one of those flat top burner stoves and when wiping it down after making breakfast my pinkie glided over one of the, still HOT burner, leaving my pinkie burnt and me in agony! Best remedy I found that helped instantly was vinegar. Yep, just regular white distilled vinegar. I tried honey, it didn't work, save it for your toast! Now that the pain has subsided a tiny bit, I have an ice cubed wrapped in a paper towel, wrap around my pinkie. Which in all honesty, is really this best remedy!!! ICE IT UP!!!


vinegar was an instant relief


For small burns I keep burt's bees lip balm in my med kit. Not sure why it works to stop pain instantly but it is awesome! Many years ago when I had burned my finger taking a pan out of the oven I had this chap stick on my lips and touched my burn to my lips after any hour of so of pain and it stopped instantly. I've used this so many times sence then. Pure awesome!


I burned my middle finger at the tip about 2 hours ago and I had just had sum ice on it but every time I took my finger from the ice it felt like it was on fire. So I Googled home remedies and found this site. Nun of these worked for me untill I found the one with the candle wax. Just burn a candle and put the wax over the burn and let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes. Now you can still fell it a little but it is very variable. .Good luck


Well I was cooking caramel toffee and decided to put a little bit on my finger to taste (not knowing it qould be very sticky amd unbelievable hot!) Anyway ive bin layin in bed with a icey water bottle with my finger tip touching it... pain is still very overwhelming and ive had the water on there for the past 4hrs, ive seen mill amd honey recommended so I jist teied a little thickened honey and it works very nicely... I can now remove my fingers off the ice and feel comfortable :) hope it helps :)

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