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Shea butter (100% natural)


Im one of those people who dont have flour honey or none of that stuff but guess what works because I burned myself 5 hrs ago on a pan from the oven and I cried of the constant burning and stinging it was so bad I was dipping my finger in bottled water thinkin I could sleep that way til I came across babycenter and guess what DIAPER RASH CREAM... ! Yes people it does the trick instant sensation... Now I can sleep...


I burned my hand with boiling water about 5 hrs ago. Ive been in agony since then. Ive tried toothpaste, vinegar, mustard and cold water. Every time I took my hand out of the water it started to hurt instantly. Was turning funny colors. Finally put some tea tree oil on it and it almost instantly went away. The blisters went down too. Almost looks completely normal! I can't believe it! Tea tree oil is my new go to!!!!


Okay honey works the throb is still there but the pain is eased .


Burned my finger on a pan handle that just came out of the oven 2 hours ago!! Hand on ice pack, no Honey, so I tried yogurt, potatoe, then I came across a suggestion on here to try hemorrhoid gel, I can finally take my hand off the ice pack for a few minutes!!


Something that I always have un my kitchen is a small aloe Vera plant, every time I burn myself I cut about an inche and get the gel , rub it immediately for couple of minutes and the pain magically goes away ;)


I burned my fingers on the oven rack tried everything on here I did see a post somewhere on trying shaving cream. After 7 hours of not being able to remove my fingers from ice water I tried the gilette shave cream. Oh my it worked. I sprayed more on wrapped my hand up in plastic wrap & was able to get some sleep!


I was looking through the remedies and unfortunately didn't have any honey which was the popular remedy for a burn but came across the use of a baby wipe and it worked wonders. Baby wipes usually have aloe so it definitely helped. Thanks for all the tips.


First of all thank you to everyone who recommended honey!! God bless! Yesterday I burned my hand with very hot oil. It became very red and hurt so bad I wanted to scream. I was very skeptical bout honey but smothered it over painful are after rinsing my hand with water first. I left honey on and wrapped hand in a damp cloth. OMG amazing the pain instantly went! Redness is also completely gone. 2 blisters remain but no pain. Honey all the way!! You can use ice compress or cold damp cloth along with honey.


I burned my arm on the barbecue at 8:00 am, at 9:30 pm I was still in intense pain after all day with my arm wraped in an icy towel. I read so many suggestions and took them all into consideration. Got my daughters live clean baby moisturizer and slathered it on. It contains a lot of ingredients mentioned for burn treatment (aloe, chamomile, vegetable oil etc. worked instantly. Covered with a non adherent bandage and way to go! Can't believe it. Had to share.

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