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tap water then pack SALT moistend always works-as soon as possible.


I burned my fingertips this evening and they were very painful quickly they began to blister I had made the mistake of putting Ice on my burns. Then, I tried cool water, it seemed to work much better when I used running water but it was still painful and, was even less practical. Then I tried vinegar, worked well but only while finges submirsed and instantly coming back when I took them out. I'm at my parents house which isn't very well stocked i.e. no aloe, tea tree oil, bandaids, honey, chapstick. I had no idea what to do, I read a lot on the internet came across mustard. I was very sceptical and, overlooked it multiple times but, I had nothing else. Used dijon mustard on small 2nd degree burns on my fingers instant relief! Next time I burn myself cool water and vingear to cool it down then mustard. Works very well!


Yellow mustard really works! Put it on your burn and wrap it in gauze. It takes a couple of minutes but it totally takes the pain away!


I put neosporin on my burn, (I was making crem brûlée and burnt it on the sugar) then wiped the neosporin off. It burns at first then it gets better


i burnt my hand with boiling tea. it was really bad. took ibuprofen , dipped hand in vinegar, applied toothpaste and honey but nothing seemed to work ,Then i put some cottonelle cleaning cloth on it and it gave some relief. I guess as long as the cloth is wet and is in touch with the skin it works.


I tried everything on here that I could for a burn and nothing helped except ice, the vinegar and cutting a potato in half and holding it against the burn. Feel better soon everyone!


DIAPER CREAM!! I burned my finger really bad on the stove top tonight. It blistered almost immediately and the only relief was to keep it in a cup of cold water. I tried honey but after 5 seconds I was in severe pain. Then I used diaper cream w/ 13% zinc oxide and aloe. It provided almost instant pain relief and after 3 hours it's still working great!


tried everything on here after I burned my fingers on a hot pan. I decided to combine a few things and thank God it helped!

1) soak burn in a 50/50 solution of Apple cider vinegar and cold water for several minutes. Should feel instant relief.

2) make a salve out of honey and add tea tree oil and lavender oil.

3) coat burn with aloe Vera, apply the honey salve and wrap in sterile gauze.

It will most likely still burn like a crazy bitch for a few minutes but the pain subsides dramatically. Resist the urge to put ice on it after you wrap the gauze. I did to stop the pain but every time I took the ice off I was miserable. Just trust in the honey salve and go through the pain for 5 minutes and it will be worth it when it doesn't hurt EVER AGAIN!

Oh and hold the burn above your heart. People say grabbing your ear lobe stops the pain, as if it's magic. It's not magic you idiots, you have lifted your hand above your heart so you no longer have blood rushing down which increases the swell and throbbing pain.

Good luck!


Yesterday morning while doing my hair I grabbed the curling iron by the wrong end. I was badly burned and had to go to work. The pain was really, really bad.
Who ever posted the TEA TREE OIL treatment -Thank You !! It took a few minutes but it really worked, amd I have no blisters !


Southern Home
Cider Flavored Distilled
(Brown) Vinager
I made a pot of coffee first thing this morning, as I was pouring the freshly brewed (VERY HOT) coffee into my cup it started coming out of the pot too fast and eventually ended up spilling all over the top of my hand!
1st I ran cold water over it
2nd I poured the vinager on it (which helped for a few minutes
so, I now have my hand soaking in a bowl full of the vinager filled with ice cubes! This instantly took the pain away! I also tried raw potato slices which also worked, but no where near as well as the vinager!

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