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Raw Mushrooms work!
I read in a small book on home remedies to take a raw mushroom or slices and apply immediately to a burn. It will not only relieve the pain, but will promote healing so that you often don't end up with a blister and if you do, it will heal in a day or 2. I burnt my fingers badly not long after reading that and applied mushrooms pieces to it. The throbbing pain stopped and I placed bandages to gently secure the mushrooms. (It will smell like mushrooms but it is worth it!) I left them on overnight and the next day, the skin was discoloured but no blister. It healed up so rapidly (within the next day) that I was amazed. I keep mushrooms in the freezer in a baggie for this purpose, and I wouldn't to be without them. I wish a burn specialist would find out what is in this and use it on the poor patients they treat.


For minor burns put a little bit of toothpaste or margerine on burn and it shouldnt irritate you as much


For small superficial burns use a slice of onion. I use to work at a returaunt and would get burned all the time my boss would always say ' slap some onion on it' . Also I just burned myself trying to putout my husbands cigarette and it worked for that too. it stinks but the pain is gone. ;)


Burns for quick relief and prevention of blisters, apply mustard to burn. Leave on for about an hour then gently wash off.


I had a first degree burn on my face after laser treatment, I had black patches on my face, I mixed olive oil with accacia honey and put it on the affected area, the burnt skin started peeling off and after few days my face was completely clear.Keep on using homeopathic calandula cream as well.


if you get a toungue burn.... eat some peanut butter....... or drink milk

my friends mom told me this....... if you have a burn from like a curling iron or a smaller burn..... put bleach on some cotton and dab it on it....... she said it stings but works for her


A few years ago while draining some pasta, I accidentally poured the boiling water over one of my hands. Needless to say it blistered and the blisters eventually ruptured leaving raw, painful sores. My mother put some Epsom Salts into a bowl of very warm, too warm (almost hot) for comfort water and had me soak my hand in this water. Within 24 hours the open sores had scabbed over and the pain was gone. After a week the had was almost healed and a month later there was no scarring.
I have used this method since on other burns with the same results but did not wait for the blister to burst and leave a raw sore.

a few years ago my mom was burned pretty bad. she had 3rd degree burns on her legs and they turned black and had pus sacs off the sides. My grandparents were telling some of their friends about it and they happened to a lady who could help. she gave my mom a sun-tea jar filled wiht 'mushroom tea.' you keep it in the closet and this mushroom grows in it and itll grow another mushroom off the side and you can fill another jar with water and keep that mushroom in it too. the stuff tasted terrible but my mom drank it daily; her legs got better and didnt scar at all. i dont know what kind of mushroom did it or anything because we accidentally let ours die. does anyone know?


Take a cool wet paper towel sprinkle libreal amout of of baking soda on paper towel. Make sure baking soda gets fairly moist with water also. Apply baking soda side of cool damp paper towel directly over burn area or wrap it with paper towel baking soda towards burn if burn is on finger. After a few minuts the baking soda will pull the burn out. Reapply as necessary


This sounds a little crazy but it works! If you burn your tounge, immediately dump a sugar packet into your mouth. Let the sugar sit on your tounge until it's disolved. You won't even notice you burned it. Since I heard this, I never leave home without a sugar packet in my purse.

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