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This might seem a bit weird, but when you get a burn, pour melted candle wax over the area and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes and the oils in the wax will releive the burned area.


Try a potato - A friend of mine works in a restaurant and she swears by it; says something in the juice helps to neutralize the burn.

Several times a day cut a fresh slice of potato and rub it on the affected area or at least squeeze the juice on it if possibly. It helps with the sting and cuts healing time in half.

I recommended this to a nurse friend of mine recently and she was rather impressed.

As a side note, according to Shriner's Burn Institute in Cincinnati, OH, Placing anything on a burn (i.e. toothpaste) only traps in the heat and allows it to continue doing damage.

Eric C. (revised)


I will use my finger as an illustration:
Crack an egg into a bowl. Cover finger with the egg white, then take your finger out of the egg-white. You should then apply a generous amount of toothpaste to the burned area on your finger. After you have applied toothpaste, put the finger(s) back into the egg white, covering the entire burn without taking finger out of the bowl of egg white, leave in for 15-20 minutes. When you bring your finger out, the toothpaste and egg-white will dry quickly. Leave this dried 'paste' concotion on your finger for about 45 minutes, you should be entirely pain free from the minute you stuck the toothpaste covered finger in the egg white, all the way until you wash it all off your finger an hour later. THIS REALLY WORKS. I have done it a number of times and it truly is a remarkable pain reliever. Thanks.



Crack open an egg in a bowl. Cover burns in egg white, then cover the burned area(s) with a a generous amount of toothpaste. After the toothpaste is applied put the burn back into the egg. Let is soak in the egg white for 15-20 mins. but do not take the affected area out of the egg white. After 15-20 mins. you should be COMPLETELY pain free. I have done this a few times and the results never fail. Works every time like magic.


Remedy from burns

Three years ago I fried chichen in oil and along with it two fingers on my right hand.. lol! Instantly, I had a 3rd degree burn, the skin on both fingers turned into one huge blister, so it was painfully even look at it. My pain level was 11 on scale 1 to 10, so I had to fill an emergency prescription for Vicodin... In short, my burns very very severe. The doctor prescribed some medicated ointment which did nothing but to prevent an infection. I had to wear a huge bandage on my fingers, so I couldn't type or write. Two weeks passed by and I didn't see ANY improvement. The blistered skin deflated and ripped, and the naked flesh was very painful to touch. It was a torture to change bandages every day. So after two weeks of no improvements I started searching for alternative cures. I came across a website, which claimed that natural HONEY is the best remedy for burns, and some individuals treated their severe burns in a week time. It sounded crazy, but I had nothing to lose. So, I've bought natural honey at Jewel, sterilized cosmetic scissors and removed dead/blistered skin to expose unprotected flesh (this step is essential in order to prevent scars). It was brudal and gross at the same time... I've applied generous amount of honey DIRECTLY on the burns and then bandaged them. I've changed bandages twice a day, reapplying honey again (there is no need to clean the area before each application, because honey sort of melts and part of it gets absorbed by flesh and a bandage). Only seven (7) days later - I've got new skin and din't have to wear any bandage anymore! It was like a miracle! Evidently, honey is a natural antiseptic, that is why it helps to heal as well as to prevent an infection. But the best part was a surprize after my skin was healed - I have no scar whatsoever! Looking at my hand no one can tell that I had any kind of burns on my hand.
If any of you need to ask more questions about my experiece - please don't hesitate to email me:


Put aloe on the burn, it works great, and faster than just putting ice on it!


When you get a burn quickly apply cold water soaked camomile tea bags,(do not squeeze the water out) directly to the burn and apply pressure for 10 min. The tea will take away the redness and the sting and keep your skin from blistering.


my family has used mayonase for years on all kinds of burns some very serious and they dont even hurt or blister they might turn a little red not sure if its the milk,eggs,or viniger in the mayo but together they work wonders


Bleach...Apply to burn let stay for 1 minute...rinse off.It won't even blister and will stop the pain


as soon as you burn yourself say on your hand -anywhere- put toothpaste on it and the pain should go away soon .. good luck (and try to keep it on for a long time)

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