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Honey vanila chamomile tea:
Soak the tea bag in cool water for about 10 minutes then use the tea bag as a cold compress, pain instantly goes away

John Turner

For a burn take a banana skin and lay it on the burned area until the banana skin turns black it will stop the burning. I blistered my finger and did that, the brand is still there but the pain is gone.


i mixed some of the ones above get aloe on your finger that has burn wrap with a tea bag


This remedy has been used in my family for generations.
Crack an egg & separate it, then whip the egg white until it's nice & bubbly, but not stiff. Lay the bubbles on your burn & let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes then rinse off.
I've used this on two major burns, and never had any scarring.


This is kinda like the remedy you would use for a black eye. But i have found that it also works on burns.

Put RAW meat on your burn.

simple as that.

any type...


Try using Keri Lotion to ease the pain of minor burns. It deadens the pain relatively quickly. Must be the aloe in the lotion.

The Green Math Dr

A remedy for burns is honey. I spilled hot grease from a frying pan onto my hand. A friend was near and had a honey packet for her coffee. She started smearing the honey over my burn which was starting to blister. Within seconds the pain started to subside. The burn was completely healed in 2 days but I was not in pain at all after the honey was applied.


put aloe vera gel on your burn or squeeze a aloe leaf on your burn then without wiping or washing off the aloe put an icecube over the burn the aloe will stop the blister redness and sting the ice will cool the aloe making it work faster

manda p

This sounds pretty weird and outrageous but it really works for stops the pain and the blistering. run you'r burn under cold water then put hemmeroid cream on the burn.


This remedy was passed on by my great great great grandparents. They lived in the jungles of Peru and as you would imagine don't have medicine, but they have their home remedies passes on from their ancestor. The remedy is to put some oil(any type) and sprinkle some salt on it. We have been using this for years. We don't know the science behind it but it works, and it avoids the burn to blister.

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