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putting a thin layer of original colgate tooth paste soothes burns and stopes the pain temporarily! hope this works for you!


Aloe vera will prevent blister in minor burns and relieve pain. I grabbed an iron skillet, bare handed, just removed from hot oven after 30 min. I applied the juice from a leaf of the aloe vera plant and it did not blister, and relieved the pain immediately. You can purchase the juice in drug store, Walmart, etc, and keep on hand if you don't want the plant. Works on bug bites and sun burn also.


From simple burns, 1st degree, slice a potato and apply potato slices to the affected area. Repeat process with additional potato slices, removing the slices as they get warm.


I apply plain yoghurt on burn and let it dry, then rinse with cool water, pad dry with towel and re-apply yoghurt until pain is gone. I also use yoghurt whenever i get sunburned, it works really good!


Take a tomato and cute it in half and place it on the burn.. It helps take the burn..


I got a e-mail the other day that said to put plain white flour on a burn for 10 mins and you will have no blister no burning no redness no anything. I told my family about it and about a week later my mom burnt her finger really bad. She put her hand in cold flour that she had in her fridge and left her hand in the bag of flour for 10 mins after the 10 mins she took her hand out and there was nothing not even a red spot. So if you get a burn of any kind put white flour on it for 10 mins cold flour feels better than room temp.But make sure you keep in on for 10 mins. It works it really does


For year we Asians have been putting toothpaste on minor burns. It cools area and eventually forms a seal. Now our kids use it themselves x


I have been a fryer for about 10 years been burned all over my arms, about 4 years ago the greese splashed up and got half of my face.I did the normal went to the doctors got tthe cream and antibiotics (not much help). Went to my now in-laws and she told me to try vanilla extract on a cloth every couple of hours. AND oh wow does it work, within a week couldnt even see a scare as well as pulled the heat from the burn right away. When i went back to the doctors he said he had never seen a burn heal so fast with no burns. I now have a bottle next to the fryer and one in my jeep at all times. fyi also works for muffler, and sunburns.


My grandparents owned a bakery for years and swore that applying chlorine bleach to a burn was the answer. Working as a TIG welder, burns are a fact of life, however, I'm not far from my squirt bottle of bleach. I don't know how or why it works, but burns that would normally blister, don't. The pain is instantly gone and the next day isn't even red!


As soon as you get the burn, rub mustard on it and let it dry. I've always used this remedy, but everyone has their own remedies; hope it works for you!

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