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Gwendolyn Luchin

I have a restaurant and cook regularly. Frying chicken one day, the grease started popping and my wrist received 2nd degree burns. Skin puffed upped in seconds. My mothers remedy of cold minced garlic was applied and bandaged the 2in spot and kept working. That evening I reapplied the garlic. The pain stopped after I applied the first time and only discomfort occurred. For the next week I loosely covered the burn and put A&D ointment to keep infection away and protect the burn.
Now i don't know if this has help the burn but at my place I do everything there so, yes, I do dishes everyone else but keeping the burn moist has done no harm to it. Seven days later the wrist has healed.


When I was little my aunt told me if you ever burn your finger or hand find someone with long hair and wrap their hair around the burn. The hair will pull the heat out. I know it sounds crazy but it does work.


I was ironing my hair and I burned my thumb....I immediately put cold tomatoes sauce on it. As soon as I put the tomatoe sauce the pain went away and no signs of blisters have appeared : )


My sister just had 2nd degree burns on her hands, and we tried every one of these. And she's still in severe pain. Over the counter burn ointment is the best!


Warning!!!!! do not put butter on burns!!!!!!!!!!

J. May

For burns try putting some sour cream on it. The cold cools the burn and makes it stop hurting and the sour cream makes it heal quicker. Just put enough to cover the burn, then put a bandage over it. I read about this in a book a while ago and it really does work well.


I scalded the back of my hand with boiling tea that I had just removed from the stove. The pot tipped over and the tea spilled all over my left hand. I have never felt worse pain. I ran cold water on it for about five minutes, patted it dry ever so carefully then coated it with olive oil. Lots of it. The stinging lasted a while but was eventually gone in about two hours. What was amazing is the next day no one would even have known I went through such a traumatic event. My hand looks perfect. I thought for sure there would be some blistering.

Janet McILhon

I have always used the inside membrane (skin) of on onion and it works the best for taking the pain way immediately and you will have no blistering effects. Peal away first layer of the onion and then peel away thin layer of the inside of the onion. Place that thin layer of onion skin on the burn. Do not remove the onion skin away from the burn for at least an hour because the pain will immediately return. My husband recently burned his finger and we did not have a onion in the home. We tried at least 12 of the remedies on this site and nothing worked long term. Do your self a favor and use the remedy I suggested. It really works.


As a Boyscout, I know you should never put butter, toothpaste, or creams on a burn because that holds the heat in. You should not pop the blisters if they form, either because the wound can get infected. just run the burn under cold water and put on a bandage. for severe burns, in cases where clothes are melted to the skin, do not remove as it may tear skin. Seek medical attention.


I'm a welder and burnt my fingers on red hot welding wire. Tried mustard, toothpaste, and even my wife's numbing medicine she uses at her work. None of that stuff worked. Aloe gel never really worked for me before so that was a last result, and I was pain free in about 15 minutes.

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