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If you sunburnt your nose you can use olive

oil to help with the pain


eat a whole chill it will take your mind of the pain, it worked for me.


Multi-Surface Cleaner and rubber bands!

I had grabbed my hair straightener by the wrong side and also hit my ear (yeah I'm a dummy XD) and I tried EVERYTHING on here. Well, everything I could that I had. The rubber band on the finger worked, but my ear still hurt. The first thing I saw was the Multi-Surface Cleaner, so I used that on my finger and ear. It worked great on my finger, but my ear hurts a little bit. Its not bad, but it's not the best.

December Baby17

I want to thank everyone who put clear nail polish it worked so well it took a while for the pain to go away but it worked.I had burned my hand with a lot of hot glue while doing a DIY.


I've been a line cook for 10 years and I constantly burn my finger tips. I don't have time to run my hand under water, soak it in ice, cover with flour, etc.... The only thing I've found to work for instant pain relief from a burned finger tip is to wrap a rubber band or hair tie around your knuckle a few times, reducing circulation, don't cut off too much circulation or it will hurt and throb even worse. As your finger tip becomes cool to the touch, gradually unwrap your finger. Provides near instant pain relief and works every time.


Tea tree oil---this really works after a few minutes you can't feel any pain ????????


Clear finger nail polish!! I'm 16 and my grandma has told me this all my life , it will burn for a little bit but the pain will go away ! And no blistering!


I put on sap and it worked.


I just read the different things to use on a burn and I have to say I tried the honey and its almost instant relief!!

Jamila Rivera

I use HONEY to treat burns, it takes the burnig feeling away quickly and helps heal fast. raw honey is best and is a must have in your home to treat burns, cuts,and skin infections. let me know if it helps you

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