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Clove oil for dry socket


So blessed to find this site and ran to Walgreens to get the toothache kit. Just want to warn everyone that there are two Red Cross kits that look exactly the same.The one I bought by mistake was called Red Cross Oral Pain Relief. There is not clove oil or eugenol in this has only benzocaine. Otherwise it looks exactly the same...little brown bottle, tweezers and a box of cotton pellets. The right one is called Red Cross Toothache. Its nice because the clove oil is already diluted to 85% with sesame oil so it doesn't burn much. I didn't use the cotton pellets because I was afraid of it getting stuck so I just used a Q-tip. And everyone is works like magic.


I had 2 impacted wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago, and I thought that I would feel the worst pain the day of the surgery or the day after. Initially, everything was going well until I developed excruciating pain in one of the sockets. 600 mg prescription-strength motrin and vicodin do very little to provide pain relief, and I worry about taking too much of the stuff. I decided to check out this website and I found out about clove oil. I didn't have any on hand (it was 3:30 AM) so I made some by mixing ground cloves with a little olive oil. I placed it around the socket with a q-tip and then stuck a piece of gauze soaked in the oil in the extraction site. Instant relief! I have been in constant pain for at least 2 days, and this is the first that I feel like I may be able to sleep until morning. I highly recommend this for anyone going through the pain of dry socket.


I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled on June 1st and wound up at my doctor's office on the 3rd and was told I had dry socket. I since have used the clove oil and it worked! My question is how long will my jaw feel sore? It's been almost 2 weeks since the surgery and I still feel soreness in my jaw! I'm 35 years and my dentist did have some trouble pulling it out.


I just want to say thank you to everyone here who recommended the clove oil for a dry socket! I am on my third day of a lowern molar extraction and the pain was getting soo bad I was in tears at work today, and I think my boss thought I was crazy.
I called my dentist but they couldnt see me again until tomorrow so when I woke again at 3am in horrible pain, with a golf ball sized knot in my jaw, and salt water rinses were no longer working I got up and drove to Walgreens. They did not have clove oil in stock but they did have the Red Cross toothache kit which contains a small bottle of what is essentially clove oil. I followed the instructions and it worked! The pain eased up almost instantly!
It tastes nasty to me, and my tongue got numb, but I will take that over the pain anytime! I just wanted everyone here to know it worked and thank you so much for all the advice!

suzanne butler

I got dry socket and along with clove oil you can add pure peppermint oil as a good cure, it has and added benefit of disinfecting the wound also, I alternated between clove and peppermint oil on the extraction site and also took echinacea and oregano oil capsules for internal healing. The oils will instantly take away most of the pain and start cleaning the wound, the herbs rev up your immune system, you can only buy food grade peppermint oil at a health food store and it costs about $10. I hope the helps others end their suffering, Tooth pain is the worst. Peace and healing.

Pink Azelia

I just had a lower molar removed today & after my experience last year with dry socket (suffered for 3 weeks before checking this site out), I am stocked up on clove oil. Sanitize a pair of tweezers to get out any food particles & gently rinse with warm sea salt water.I mixed about half a shot glass of olive oil w/20 drops of clove oil to make the taste more mild and apply to socket with a Q-tip. Works wonders!! All I can do now is wait 2-5 days and hope it spares me this time!! Also try to avoid dairy..


Ok so about a week and a half ago I had one of my wisdom teeth highly infected I took a little antibiotic and 3 days ago I had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed.. It was fine until 2 days later this AWFUL pain came back and spread to my other teeth face and ear! I went to my oral surgeon and he said its a dry socket. Whoopee. He put a dressing, small gauze with CLOVE OIL inside the socket and was told to go back in 2 days.... I screamed when they were putting it in but 10 minutes later WOW Byebye pain killers and I ate in happiness. I woke up in the morning with horrible pain again, so I decided to purchase the clove oil because not even Advil was helping. I took a q tip put it on the gauze that is in my tooth and relief once again! I will suggest if you don't have a dressing in your tooth to put the clove oil on a gauze and let it rest, or put it on a qtip an key it sit there. Yes it may test awful but SO worth it. I'm about to go shopping and get my nails done after days of aching pain!!


I had a minor dry socket after removal of upper wisdom tooth. Clove oil may give instand relief but base on my own experience ( twice dry socket ), rinsing the affected area with concentrated sea salt water would definitely help it to heal faster.

I rinsed and hold the salt water in mouth every 1-2 hours. Each time wait for 20-30 seconds before spitting out. After doing it for 2-3 days, I felt so much better and really pain free!


I haven't tried the clove oil, but I don't really need to. I had my two left molars extracted last Monday, and the lower site healed up and is looking quite good now, with only minimal tenderness. The upper site has been inflamed and in pain- around a 6 or so, for the last few days. I started taking 600mg of Advil every 6 hours when it started happening, and ingesting a lot of cannabis. I have slowed the Advil, but the cannabis is still my friend. The hole has not closed yet. A few days ago I got an aloe leaf from my front garden and cut out a bit of the soft tissue and stuck in on the dry socket. I no longer drain liquid from my nose whenever I rinse my mouth out, so the hole is closing. =) It also feels better today, but definitely not 100%. I recommend this to suppliment the clove oil remedy since a lot of folks seem to like it. I hate clove, so that one's a last resort and I don't need it, thank God! =)

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