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I had a dry socket due to having my bottom tooth out 10 days ago i was in severe pain in the middle of the night i found this site about using clove oil so i found some in my cupboard and put a cotton bud in warm water and put the clove oil onit and put it on and around my gum and the pain went away it was just like magic i then packed my gum with cotton wool mixed with warm water clove oil and went to sleep at last i had not had any sleep at all as the pain was so very severe so my advise to you is if you are in severe pain due to a dry socket or toothace USE CLOVE OIL ITS THE BEST HOME REMEDY FOR SEVERE PAIN YOU WILL USE PLEASE DONT FORGET TO KEEP ON RINSING YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH WARM SALT WATER BEFORE USING CLOVE OIL AS THIS HELPS THE HEALING PROCESS WORK QUICKER HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER THERE IS NOTHING MORE PAINFUL THEN A DRY SOCKET


Red Cross Toothache Kit I was skeptical but after all the reviews on this site I was in so much agony I thought I would give it a try. I rinsed the tooth socket with warm salt water and removed any debris and then dipped the little cotton pellets given in the kit in the oil and gently packed the socket with the cotton within 10 min i was pain free! I slept with the socket packed and took it out in the morning and its now 1 pm and Im still pain free. Do yourself a favor and buy the kit and get some relief!


I noticed you didnt post my warning about nerve damage. Maybe other people also had similar warnings that you didnt post. Maybe if you had posted them I wouldnt have a numb lower lip and chin. Dont tell me because its not a remedy that you didnt post it. There are plenty of posts here that are not remedies.


A WORD OF CAUTION: I thought I had dry socket after having a lower molar removed. It was very deep and had to be removed in pieces. The dentist was digging around in there pretty good. I came on this site and tried the clove oil on gauze stuck in the hole. Problem is I had a hard time getting it out and it hurt again after the removal. Then I tried a qtip dipped in clove oil for easy removal. Pain was gone and worked like a charm. Next day pain is back so I tried the clove oil again, this time it seemed to irritate instead of help. A day and a lot more pain pills later I found that my lower lip was numb along with part of my chin. I looked it up and it is nerve damage associated with lower molar removal, sometimes permanent. The pain has lessened because my nerves that were damaged are dying. More than likely this was caused by the dentist fierce digging and not by the little bit I did. Go to your dentist and make sure it is dry socket. I think its dangerous to be digging around where nerves are had I known I wouldnt have done it.


Salt water salt water and more salt water! seriously i was in so much pain had all of my wisdom teeth and had 3 dry sockets! was in severe pain for like 5 days couldnt eat sleep or even close my jaw together i started gargling with warm salt water the next day i felt better then got some gauze that i was given by the hospital dipped it in warm salt water placed it on the dry sockets and bit down and held it there for about 20 mins, this was friday its now tuesday and i am back at work with no problems at all! x


Get some ST 37 and cottonballs.You can buy st 37 online and it works the best!


You have to mix both ACETAMINOPHEN and IBUPROFEN together to get relief from dry socket. My dentist says this is better than T3's. I recently suffered with not one but two dry sockets from my wisdom teeth extractions. It's been a week today that i am now pain free. I was in pain for 17 days but i still went about my everyday life. This is the best advice that you will read on these pages trust me i know what works. Clove oil worked for about 5 minutes if that every time i used it. Besides it tastes terrible. Vanilla did not work. Honey and peanut butter did not work. This is what works. Instead of buying that Red Cross Emergency Toothache kit at the pharmacy, pick up a big bottle of extra strength ez tab tylenol and a big bottle of extra strength liquid advils instead. You need to take 2 extra strength tylenols and 1 - 2 extra strength liquid advils every three hours around the clock. I know it sounds like a lot of pills and i don't like taking pills but i drank a ton of water to help flush my kidneys. It puts the pain level at a 1 if that and i had two dry sockets. I would take these 3-4 pills right before bed and i would take twelve pills to bed with me. I would fall asleep but wake up a few hours later in so much pain that i would take my next batch and around thirty minutes later i could fall back to sleep again. I would then wake up around four hours later with the worst pain ever in both sides of my mouth up to my temples. You need the pills right there so you can pound them back and let them kick in so you can sleep again. This made it bearable.I just kept taking 3 pills every three hours just so that pounding and throbbing stayed away and it worked. I also went back to my dentist on day 7 and got my teeth packed. This is where he confirmed that i was so lucky to get two dry sockets. You can taste clove oil in this packing but it tastes better than clove oil at home. Do not pick at it or pull it out. I let it come out all by itself. If you think you have a dry socket in the first week, get to the dentist. The sooner they pack it the better. The dentist told me that i should have been in there on day 3.Try those pills and leave the oil of clove stuff at the health food store. I hope this helps someone. Nothing else on this website helped me with my pain. Take care.


walgreens red cross kit with clove oil is a MIRACLE,rekieved pain instantly!!!


Thank you so much to those of you that posted the use of clove oil to reduce dry socket pain. I used the stuff in the Red Cross kit and it was amazing! Prior to that I had taken prescription Vicodin and it barely took the edge off the pain for an hour or so! I was scared to try to Eugenol oil because I know it burns but ..... it's amazing was desperation can do! I used the cotton ball in kit put some oil on it and squeezed off the excess before placing it on the extraction site for half a minute. The relief was unbelievable. Within a few minutes I could think again! I did get some on my lip but quickly diluted it with olive oil and the burning sensation soon went.
Thanks again to those of you that recommended this remedy - I don't know how I would have survived the 24 hours I needed to get through before being able to see my Dentist on Monday!


Seriously I really do recommend Clove oil. But only as a temporary fixture, the reason for me using this as I had a tooth extracted two days ago, Woke up in the middle of the night the second day and had the most excruciating pain (Alot worse then toothache too!) ended up in tears for hours.

So I woke up this morning in even worse pain and ended up ringing the NHS as it is a Saturday and my local dentist wasn't open they suggested a few surgeries a couple of miles away but they couldn't squeeze me in.

I looked on this website for temporary remedies last me until Monday! Literally putting clove oil on a cotton bud and slowly dabbing the dry socket does work. There is a burning sensation for 5 seconds or so but the relief is almost immediate. Apply as many times As you wish! Thank you so much! :)

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