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I waited 6 days do go back to the dentist after I had my tooth pulled. The pain was bad, but I thought it was just because he had such a hard time pulling the tooth. They packed it for me and gave me the stuff to pack it myself for several days. I was about to run out of the packing and decided to go get the Red Cross Toothache Kit. I am pain free. It is even better than the stuff the dentist had. It burns and it tastes like shit, but it works! Leave it in for just a minute, toss it away, and the pain is gone for hours. I don't feel like I've been kicked in the head anymore!!


A few people on hear have swore by clove oil I don't recomend this as I have read the leaflet and it states not to put it on the gum but the whole point of this forum is how to get rid of dry socket. All tho it dose get rid of tooth ace if u dab it on the tooth it dose not get rid of the pain from the dry socket I just used cotton wool soaked in salt water I did this for 2 day then left it out as it seemed to be healing and now I only have the tiniest hole there and int been about 8 days I will update u all on how it goes but I do not recommend putting clove oil on the gum as this can damage the gum and it burns like mad and tast like shit thanks to all who have wrote on hear I might not have been able to sort mine out if it wernt for the comments on hear!!!


Hi I wrote on hear yesterday about using cotton wool soaked in salt watter. Well it works I woke up this morning and removed the cotton wool to find that the healing proses had started taking lace as I can only see a small amount of bone. I'm gona leav it out 2day and see if it will start to close good luck everybody


I have recently had my back tooth out and a couple of days later I was in major pain. I don't have any clove oil or a red cross kit so I just got some salt watter washed out the socket on soaked some cotton wool in it and packed this into the socket it dose hurt like hell for about 2 minuets but its worth it as after about 5 min the pain almost gose completely or it feels like it because of the amount of pain I was in I definitely recommend that u change the dressing at least every 12 hours as it will probably get infected and mine gets stuck as the gum seems to heal around it and its painful to change but it will work I recomend that u seek professional help and only use this as a temporary measure I hope this will help I FEEL FOR ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE EVER HAD OR HAVE DRY SOCKET.


I was going insane with pain until an hour ago when I found this site. I had a tooth pulled 9/26 and went back on the 28th to have them pack it with gauze and what is Eugenol. The dentist said he put a sedative in there but it tastes just like the stuff in the Red Cross dental kit from CVS so I doubt his word about a sedative. Clove oil is the bomb and I was seriously contemplating the hospital ER because Vicoden and Tylenol 3 are laughable when you are in pain on the scale of 10 24/7. I have broken bones and never felt such pain. This info should be given to you by your dentist as it is less of a problem to schedule an appt and the dentist can do something better with the 30 mins it take to put this stuff in your mouth.

Tell anyone you know who may suffer from dry socket about this stuff.


I had my wisdom tooth pulled 2 weeks ago and was in dire pain and as most of you know nothing seems to work. So with testing and evaluating I have found a product that works for both pain and increase healing. Canker-X. From a scientific point of view the main ingredient (polyvinylpyrrolidone) is a sticky polymer that coats and bonds to the scab to protect the tissue and reduce sensitivity. It is important to clean out the socket competly before filling the socket with the gel and then not eating or drinking for at minium 1 hour ( go ahead and spit out the extra gel) Do this each day for 2 days and the socket will start to heal quickly. I also recommend Rincinol for cleaning the socket out with a syringe, as it does not hurt and has the same ingredients as Canker-x as a healing aid. Good luck!


If it doesn't bleed and you can't make it bleed(not sure that's a good idea exactly) or you suck out the blood clot, Try using oatmeal. I got an oat stuck in there, and it's providing the nerves with a little insulation. Of course, don't stick burning hot oats in there, it'd probably hurt pretty good. Even if they're cold(I saved some for later), let them acclimate in your mouth first. I also took ibuprofen which helps to dull the pain further, but If not for the oat, it would be in excruciating pain, the socket.


Im so happy I read some of the comments posted here to help me with my dry socket pain. As most suggested here and other sites, I bought the RED CROSS TOOTHACHE KIT at CVS. Something finally worked!!! Had four teeth pulled but one of them was an impacted wisdom tooth and it proved to be the worst of em all. Like many others I have been in agony for a week, nothing worked and Vicodin made a tiny dent in the pain. Because its well hidden I couldnt see the socket but after reading all of the symptoms of dry socket I realized that was the problem. Anyway, the Eugenol/clove oil helped immediately altho I did notice that it burned a lil bit on some of the surrounding tissue. That was minor and went away but the pain-relieving effects stayed. Finally got some sleep last night and will contact my dentist today. I def recommend this product.


Red cross kit really amazing. As soon as you put it on tne pain is gone just done rinse for a while. Great for dry socket pain. Thank you everyone for our recommendation.


Hey guys, thanks for your tips about clove oil but unfortunately I live in a pretty small town all we really have is a walmart, no health stores..So I have been doing peroxide on a qtip and sea salt water..also I literally just put some orajel on a qtip and dabbed it in there and that stuff works really well for me..granted my pain hasn't been to bad..more of an annoyance feel in my socket area..I do want to mention though make sure if you start to see crust in your dry socket make sure to clean in out with a qtip will only get worse and will not heal right if you do not clean out that crust area..qtip is what i used..and swish the qtip left to right VERY gently in your socket...So if you can't get clove just go with

sea salt water

as long as you stay on top of it, it seems to stay less painful. Good luck everyone.

Also I am a smoker, probably what caused my socket I didn't wait long's been a week sense I got all 4 wisdoms pulled and smoked 2 days after..:| only one dry socket. my other sockets look well after a week.. so if you smoke try and not to smoke that much i know its hard trust me. but it's worth it to wait.

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