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Just got diagnosed with dry socket yesterday after having third molar removed from lower jaw four days ago. Woah, childbirth was easy compared to this! I tried mixing ground cloves with brandy which worked an absolute treat but now that I know dry socket is all about the bone and nerves being exposed maybe the high sugar content in the brandy is not such a good idea, lol. Dentist packed my socket yesterday with this stuff called Alvogyl and has put me on antibiotics because you are more susceptible to infection with d/s . i asked the dentist to sell me the stuff so I could repack it myself, but she refused! Now pain is back early this morning. I'm currently residing in Thailand, so dental care is good and cheap, but New Year holidays have put the kibosh on getting the socket repacked so I will experiment with the remedies here. Also, I have been looking for clove oil everywhere here. It is called nam man kan plu. Can I find it? Can I bloody not! Anyway, enough grizzling (pain makes you do that) it's time to wage war and come up with some home remedy solutions. I'll be sure to report back on any new findings I make. I have ground cloves, alcohol, salt, water and olive oil in my arsenal. Happy New Year to me!


hi there, i got a bottle of liquid ambesol and added about a half a ml of clove oil, works like a charm. hope this helps, i wouldn't wish this pain on almost anyone


After suffering the most excruciating pain of a dry socket after wisdom tooth removal plus tooth ache for 10 days and many broken nights, i finally resorted to the advice on this website and used the oil of cloves diluted with olive oil.Amazing!No pain this morning and not taking strongest pain killers for first time in 2 weeks.Let's hope i'm pain free until my next visit to the dentist. This website is a godsend!

grateful for oral surgeon using clove!

It was my oral surgeon who told me about cloves to ease my dry socket. He placed clove into the socket and then secured it in place with packing that he added a bit of pain reliever, similar to oragel. After almost a week of excruciating pain, I was pain free within 20 minutes! It was amazing, and wished I'd called him before my scheduled follow-up. He said every few days he'd remove it, irrigate the hole to clean it, and re-pack it. Well, it's Thanksgiving wrrkend and he's out of town, so I won't see him until Monday. The clove and packing fell out
Late Thanksgiving night. I expected to need to use the Vicodin until Monday when I see him. But it is now Saturday night, a full two days after the clove and packing fell out, and I am still pain free! I'm so grateful for the surgeon's advice and insistence that we use clove to ease my pain and begin the healing process.


Hi again, it is now day 8 after having my 3 wisdom teeth pulled, still in pain but it is easing slightly each day and with the clove oil, and strong pain killers i mentioned in my last post it is almost manageable. Dentists should definately stress to patients how careful you must be after the extraction and tell you how much pain you will be in if your not !! I wish they had told me.


I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled 5 days ago and i have never experienced pain like it for tha past 4 days, I have not slept and can hardly eat, I have 3 dry sockets. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen did nothing for the pain. I have been back to the hospital twice and I now seem to have found something that works for me; Codeine and Tramadol (prescribed) along with Clove Oil (this numbs the gum and nerve amazingly well and is really cheap). If you are suffering like I am dont take no for an answer and go back to the hospital for some proper prescribed pain killers and find some clove oil from a chemist. I am still in pain but it is now more controlled and i even got some sleep last night. Good Luck.

Peter Farmer

Dry socket. I agree with comments on this site that dentists should make clients aware of the pain and suffering which many suffer from dry socket. I was in a chemist in serious pain so desperate for relief only to be told I couldn't be sold penedene forte without a prescription. The problem was my pain was so great I had used the prescription within guidelines without relief.A customer lady told me to look up dry socket on the internet, hence my location of this site.I am sitting here at 2 30am having had no sleep 18/11/2012 with a soaked cotton bud in my mouth on the hole and it seems to be soothing the pain. Dentists risk losing clients through not passing on this valuable information so I cannot understand why it is not passed on.I will update tomorrow about my relief or otherwise.
Thanks for the opportunity to comment.When you see the visuals of the many people suffering it beggers belief that the lucrative industry keeps this matter silent.


Glad to find all your comments, on day 5 after having a molar pulled. No pain after two days, lots of pain since then. I've used essentials oils and knew about cloves for toothaches, but wasn't sure about using it after dental work. After reading the comments, I tried it this morning. Yesssssss!! No pain.

About essential clove oil: You have to dilute it in a carrier oil or it will burn your skin. Mix 5 drops clove oil to a teaspoon of base oil. I use almond oil, but olive oil or other light oils will work just as well.

That Red Cross toothache kit sounds great too, if you don't want to mess around with the oils. I see that the active ingredient is a clove derivative.


Dry socket - the most painful thing in the world (worse than broken bones, motorbike accidents etc etc) but the dentist doesn't tell you about it until you have it!

I didn't have clove oil so I mixed a handful of cloves and a few spoons of salt in boiling water, once it had cooled to mouth washing temp (warm) I swilled it around. Instant relief - and painkillers couldn't reduce it this much.

Am now on tramal, paracetamol, diclofenac with a stomach protecting nexium, and regular rinsing with the salt clove mix.

Now, I hope I can sleep!
Thanks for everyone's ideas.


After suffering over a week with a dry socket finally found this thread thank God!


I just used it & within a minute or so finally have relief!They have it at Walgreens, CVS, etc. I will also continue to rinse my mouth with SALTWATER throughout the day, especially after eating & couldn't hurt to also rinse with LISTERINE to prevent any infection.

Don't wait a week, get it now!

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