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I had a tooth removed on Wednesday. Today (Friday) the pain is incredibly bad. I've had dry socket in the past and remember all too well what the pain is like.

I called the dentist but he is closed on Fridays. Instead of making an appointment with a new dentist I mixed clove oil (Red Cross) and a small amount of Vaseline. I packed the mixture inside the whole and wallah! All better.

If I had coconut oil, that would have been my choice of base but Vaseline worked in a pinch.


Thank you for all your posts, I am now going to buy some gauze and treat my socket to clove oil. I had a tooth taken out a week ago, the pain did not lessen and I have been in agony since, dentist confirmed dry socket, never heard of it! I have been popping pills like they are going out of fashion and I do not feel myself, so sick of pills day and night! They are ruling my life. Yes I am a smoker and I have been told do not smoke, but the pain is driving to distraction And I just want to cry, so I smoke! Thank you all for your remedies, I hope they work for me I just want a pain free Christmas! Thank you again and merry Christmas


Thanks to all who suggested the Red Cross Toothache kit. I had #14 extracted at a dental school 2 hrs away from my home 5days ago so there was no easy way to go back there to have it examined. The tooth had had a root canal so it was a bugger to get out in pieces. My pain woke me up at night every night since the tooth was removed. I don't smoke but I am a mouth breather which I can control in the day but not at night so I think at night the tissue dries out which increases pain. Anyhow the homemade clove olive oil paste helped briefly but the 4:30 am run to walgreens and use of the Red Cross kit allowed me to sleep solidly. Wish the clinic had suggested this stuff.


This site was a total life saver, Thank you, I've had my bottom teeth removed and I'm in excruciating pain after 5 days, Really not looking forward to going back and getting the top removed afyter this.

I used a shot glass half filled with Olive Oil & then added around 15 to 20 drops of Clove Oil, then soaked a piece of gauze in it and applied to my poor mouth. Instant relief, burnt a little at first, nothing too bad though.. I also found holding a cold facewasher on my jaw helps too.. I feel sorry for anyone that goes through this pain it's sheer agony!!


Had dry socket - terrible pain - went back to dentist - he did the whole procedure again - 4 needles, scraping and it still came off. Have another appointment today - worried - don't need that procedure again!


I had #18 tooth pulled last Thursday (9-12-13) and Im a smoker. The hole is quite deep from where the tooth had once been. And looking at pictures of dry socket across the internet it was difficult to tell if mine was going to be OK or not. They say you'll know by the pain, and Im sure thats true--my pain never hit more than a 3 post-op.
Also, I did smoke. Right after the surgery in fact. Two things about smoking:
1) I reasoned that if I was biting down on gauze over the extraction site whilst drawing on a cigarette it should be protected from the smoke and somewhat from any pressure change,
2) I drew the smoke directly into my lungs, as opposed to drawing into my mouth first and then into the lungs. That is to say, directly sucking the smoke right into the lungs. Course this is not very good at all for your lungs, but I insisted on smoking.
Also, even days after surgery, well after the bleeding had obviously stopped, I would still put gauze in my mouth and bite down over the wound whenever I choose to have a cigarette.

Best of Luck to all those having a tooth extraction. Hope all goes as well as it did for me.


Coconut Oil- A Seemingly Adequate Temporary Remedy for Dry Socket

So I had an already protruding and infected wisdom tooth extracted 4 days ago (on a Wednesday). Yesterday evening I realized I'd developed a partial dry socket. I'd been very careful in trying to prevent one due to they're reputation of being 'extremely painful'. But alas, my efforts failed.

Knowing that it was a weekend and my dental office is closed plus the fact that it's holiday weekend (Labor Day on Monday)I determined that I might not make it in to the dentist for another two days minimum. So I decided I needed to try something to prevent/lessen the pain associated with a dry socket.

As soon as I realized I had a (partial) dry socket (I'd been visually checking everyday at least three times a day)I rinsed my mouth with salt water and brushed my teeth. Then I put organic, extra-virgin COCONUT OIL in the socket and wet a folded piece of paper towel and placed it over the socket.

I kind of did this on a whim, being that I hadn't really read anything about anyone utilizing this temporary relief/treatment. But I love coconut oil and use if for a multitude of things (and always have it on hand). I know that it is soothing (non-irritating even on open wounds) and more importantly it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. So as far as my knowledge on coconut oil goes, it definitely seemed worth a shot.

I went to sleep with the wet paper towel over the socket, hoping to keep it moist and prevent any more suction. I really expected to experience at least mild pain this morning. But so far, 12 hours later, I feel no pain or discomfort beyond what I felt yesterday before the dry socket happened.

I swished more salt water and put more coconut oil in the socket again this morning followed by the placement of the wet, folded paper towel. I haven't eaten anything since however and I've only drank water. I'm trying to prevent as much debris and bacteria as I can from accessing the socket.

On top of the soothing and antibacterial effects, the coconut oil seems to kind of help keep things lubricated I guess. I have also read that coconut oil is good for bone health so it just seems like an overall decent remedy at least until you can get to a dentist to be treated.

I just wanted to share because I've read so many things about how excruciating dry sockets can be and I was starting to think I'd be doomed. I know I was expecting some degree of pain today but so far I am just fine. It's more than worth a try. I am no doctor or dentist but I really don't think it could hurt anything (unless of course you have coconut allergies!)

I hope this helps someone! Namaste!


I wanted to thank you all so much for your info about the Red Cross Toothache remedy. I had a tooth removed 5 days ago and the dentist said that it didn't bleed very much and might present a problem. I was fine for 2 days and on day three it was sheer agony and continued until I went to Walgreens and put this on it. I am so grateful as I thought the pain would never stop. Nothing was touching it until this clove and sesame oil mixture from Red Cross.


Dry Socket:

I have been in homeopathic medicine for years. I make a dry socket paste out of Bentonite Clay and Clove oil.
The clay will help pull out any infection you might have going on and the Clove oil will help relieve the pain and calm the inflammation in the nerves. Pack the socket with the paste mixture and place gauze over it, leaving the gauze in as long as you can (it does not have to be a big piece just enough to allow the paste to settle deep in the socket) You can get the clay at any health food store. It will start the healing process within the week.


For those who cannot get a kit or cannot get oil of cloves.
Take a dried clove used in cooking remove the rough pieces around the crown and tie a couple of these into a piece of clean soft cloth about 2' by 1'. Damp with warm water and hold over the socket the natural oil of the clove will leach out and give local relief. I made up a few of this and kept in a tin in my pocket. This allowed my to go to work which would have otherwise been impossible.
By the way if you go to your Doctor for pain killers most doctors have never heard of dry sockets and most have never experienced the severity of the pain so don't be surprised if the medication you get is not very effective.

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