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I'm a disabled RN. Developed dry socket today. With my poor eyesight, I thought the clot was still there, but my grown daughter said, all I see is bone. So, my thought was, take a STERILE needle and poke down in the hole to release more blood to make another clot.(I have sterile medical needle in hand. Got blood, got gauze, should have that clot back soon. Pain up forward in my jawbone, face and up into my ear has stopped. Works for me.


toothache and drysocket : i had one tooth extracted and then got dry socket. look on youtube for dry sockets. the red cross tooth ache kit will be your best friend! it doesnt just take the pain a little away. it makes it GONE!


Had my molar removed 5 days ago and had a horrible dry socket issue, the dentist refused to do anything for me. After reading about the Red Cross Oral Kit I immediately went out and bought it and I have never been happier to say I am finally pain free. Definitely recommended for dry socket pain.


I had my wisdom teeth pulled last week and everything was good until today when I lost the blood clot trying to get a stubborn piece of food out of the hole. I read what people on this website had to say and immediately went out and got the Red Cross toothache kit. Dipped one of the cotton pellets in some oil first and then the Red Cross bottle, I put it in the hole and it's great! Stuff tastes kinda weird and yes it burns at first, but no pain!


I had a lower molar removed 2 weeks ago MIT took two dentists more than an hour and they still couldn't remove the second root. Two days later (over the weekend, of course) dry socket pain began. It was severe, and I was taking co-coda mol 3 hourly and waking with pain several times a night for more meds.

A friend suggested oil of cloves and though I bought some I didn't use it until last night, when I began to Google about how to do it. I was nervous and so didn't stuff any gauze into the socket. Instead I simply soaked a Q-Tip in the oil (not mixed or diluted: the bottle doesn't say to dilute and does say for dental use). Carefully dabbed it into and around the site and 5 minutes later the pain was gone. Amazing! I was able to sleep for 5 hours but woke up with pain, though less of it. Have just repeated process and pain gone again.

Highly, highly recommended. Well be carrying oil of cloves and Q-Tips everywhere until the persistent pain subsides. Can't overstate the relief!


i had a dry socket and the pain was unbelievable, my heart goes out for everyone going through it. ibuprofein and paracetamol didnt help, but codeine did, so ask your doctor to prescribe that, it helped immediately, i felt the most immense relief and gratitude after that. also, go to the dentist, so they can cause a bleeding to the dry socket so that a new blood clot will form. i did that plus the codeine and the healing started. i also took homeopathy and natural remedies to aid and help with the healing:ruta graveolans for the healing of the dry socket (100 c every hour/few hours) and hypericum 100c (every hour) for the nervous pain. healing started the next day after i started taking these....noni juice and 3000 mg of vitamin c (lots of noni juice i took) and natures antibiotics to prevent an infection (olive leaf extract, grapeseed oil and oregano oil) . i also put extra virgin coconut oil on the dry socket at least once an hour to help fight off and prevent infection and help the healing. probiotics help fighting off infection as well, i took plenty of them as well. all these together and a week and and a half of terrible pain started healing in one/two days.


Red cross med is the best. I tried everything . all my pain pills antibiotic, oral gel anbesol nothing. Cryed all 3 days . try all so much.;-)


I've seen some people have looked for clove oil alone and not find it.

Walmart and a local pharmacy to me both have it BEHIND THE COUNTER so you would need to ASK FOR IT.

I bought my tiny bottle for 99 cents/ Compared to $7-$8 for other kits or gels..

J. L.

This is the first time I've had dry socket. I found that the Red Cross toothache kit with the eugenol worked best for the pain. Am still on painkillers also, but this helps to not take as many of them. My lower molar was pulled a week ago and I followed all recommended procedures to avoid dry socket and I don't smoke. I went back to the dentist and they medicated it and prescribed antibiotics. I think the toothache kit works better than their medicated dressing, plus I don't want to keep going back to the dentist.


Don't let yourself be in pain any more!!! Go to Walgreens right now and pick up some clove oil. The directions on the package couldn't be easier. There is a Red Cross kit for under $10. So easy and you can finally get some well-deserved sleep which will ultimately help you heal up. I was tossing and turning for the last couple of nights in pain, not being able to rest. After reading clove oil reviews online, I got myself out of bed at 2:00 am to pick some up. Time for some sleep! Yay!!!!

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