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I bought a small bottle of clove oil (1/8 of an ounce is $5), used tweezers and the cotton I pulled off of a q-tip. It works wonderfully! Doesn't taste too great, and if you drip on your lip it burns, but numbs the socket quickly! And if you use the syringe with salt water, and a nasty smelling fluid comes out, you have an abcess.


Here's a remedy that is sure to work 100% quick and easy. When you are having tooth/gum pains, you don't have time to call around and get Dentist answering machines, or confused dentist telling you to make an appointment to win your time and money. First, take a pain killer such as Advil, Alieve, or Tylenol to decrease the pain as much as possible. Gently rinse your mouth out with luke warm water and salt. Next apply clove oil to a cotton swab and gently dab inside the affected area. you will begin to see old food particles/ old blood stains or what ever on the swab. Repeat with clove oil filled swabs until no more stains are visible. Next take a tiny pieace of gauze/cotton and dip it in the clove oil. Gently roll it until it is a perfect fit for the open area and place it in the open area. Lightly tap it in the hole with a new cotton swab..'NOT YOUR FINGER!!!'
Leave it in for about 24 hours, and then remove to allow gums to heal properly. This should cure any pain and dryness until gums start to heal. If pain reappears after 2 days...repeat the process. Good Luck and happy living. :o)


i just got all four of my wisdom teeth cut out about 4 days ago. well, i developed dry socket and went back to the dentist to get treatment. They used clove oil and it did relief the pain...but it also made me very sick to my stomach...and i did through up! so this is a heads up to anyone with a sensitive stomach


I came to this page looking for help. I could not afford going back to the dentist. I tried the clove oil. and couldn't beleive the relief that came within minutes. for $5.00 I found this great little kit. Its called Red Cross Toothahe. It comes with a small bottle of oil, great little curved tweezers, but the best is the cotton pellets that fit perfectly in the hole. Thanks for the help.


I had 2 terribly impacted wisdom teeth removed 13 days ago(on March 21). I have been thru 2 antibiotics(Augmentin and Cephalexin), 2 bottles of Vicadin(no relief), currently Darvocet(takes the edge off), and 4 packings(twice by dentist and twice by oral surgeon who performed the extractions). The surgeon's packings gave me more relief, so I called him to ask if he could send me some more packings to do at home myself(he's 2 hours away). He informed me that the meds. lose their strength over time so mailing/shipping was not an option. But, he said to call my pharmacy and ask for Eugenol, the active ingredient in the paste that he uses. I called CVS Pharmacy, who didn't have it on hand, but will order it for availability tomorrow. It costs $8.50, and you just put 1(one) drop into the socket. He also told me if I couldn't find Eugenol, to get clove oil/oil of cloves, and again, one drop into socket. After I get and try the Eugenol tomorrow, I will post my results.


Clove oil does indeed work i have it in my dry socket as we speak. The cloved soaked gauze in the hole puts a little bit of a gross taste on your food you eat but at least you can eat. I could not even eat for 5 days the food used to set off the pain. But thank god this worked. I was taking demerol or torodol or advil for the pain but it only lasted for maybe 2 hours of relief and left me with a bad stomache but the clove oil thus far has kept me pain free for 2 days so hopefully it keeps working


I have had my wisdom tooth extracted and had dry socket. I went to the dentist and he used gauze socked in clove oil. It worked great. my pain went from about a 10 to a 1. But just pouring clove oil at the site only lasts temporary but soaking the gauze lasts for a fews days when you insert it in the hole of the gum


i rinse my dry socket with saline solution and took a q tip and dipped it in peroxide and stuck it on the socket for a few minutes and then took oral gel for infants and squeezed it into the socket yes you have to repeat this but in the meantime the socket is numb i also take ibruprofen just the over the counter type


I developed two dry sockets and was in extreme pain for over a week. They had me on vicodin and when that didn't work oxycodin which also didn't do much. I was getting less then 2 hours of sleep a night and was basicaly a mess.I ended up talking to a co-worker who specializes in home remedys and she told me to use gauze soaked in a 50/50 mix of clove oil and water and pack the socket. The relief was immediate and total. You'll have to switch it out once a day. It's amazing the difference and distressing that the dentists and doctors tend to keep this information from their patients. Good luck and take care!!


Previous advice from Andy has worked well for me. I have dry socket from a first molar traumatic extraction. I could see down into the socket but it looked as though some of the deep root had clotted but there is a hole in the socket. First, I cleaned out the socket by very gently irrigating using an ordinary syringe. I filled the syringe with warm saline solution and irrigated the socket (over a sink) by squirting a full syringe into the socket a couple of times and gently rinsing out warm saline solution. Then I soaked a small ball of cotton wool from the end of a cotton bud in clove oil and put it into the socket for 24 hrs. I then removed the dressing and left the socket open to heal. The pain took about 15 minutes to diminshed and I cant believe how much better I feel. Now have to wait and see if it works.

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