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I recently had an extraction, followed by a dry socket. The Red Cross Toothache kit worked wonders. But I still had pain issues.A Walgreens pharmacist gave me some advice which helped me out a great deal.First, use a rinse from Oral B called Amosan. It's an oral wound cleanser it's fantastic, I don't know why my Dentist never said anything about it. For pain he recommended 'ibuprofen', I used Advil 200mg liquid gels. He said you can safely take up to 1600mg a day I took 2 pills every 6 hours (don't wait for the pain) I then packed my extraction with the Red Cross toothache kit. This procedure worked wonders for me, I was able to sleep more than 4 hours in a row for the first time in a week. I hope this helps someone.


It worked, it worked, it worked! My wife has been in pain for 3 months! I just wonder why none of her doctors told her about this! They have had her on narcotics, antibiotics, and eveerything under the sun but nobody said 'hey this will relieve the sorness directly'. I'm so glad I found this site. I went to walgreens, bought the Red Cross Toothache kit for $6.57 and within 2 minutes of using it her pain went from an insaine 12 to about a 2 on a scale of 1-10. Nothing else worked this fast, lasts this long, or relieves this much. The narcotics would take 15-40 minutes to work, brought her pain to a manageable but still painful 6, and only lasted 4 hours.
I would highly recommend to anyone reading this to use it the way these posts have described and enjoy the relief for yourself or your loved one.
Happy Living!


I had my very back bottom tooth extracted 2 weeks ago (this Thursday will be 3 weeks) and it still hurts. I came to this site after about a week of the pain of the 'dry socket' and it was AMAZING. I took the advice of the many & went and got the Red Cross Toothache Kit from Walgreens for roughly $7.00. WHAT A LIFE SAVER!! You all are the best!! I wouldn't have known what to do because my dentist wanted to re-numb my gums & scrae the bone to create another blood clot but that just didn't sound appealing to me, nor could I afford the procedure after shelling out the money to have the extraction to begin with. So... I went looking for alternative treatments & found this awesome site. I have been using the clove oil 'eugenol' for almost 2 weeks & it does provide the relief I need to get thru the day & sleep thru the night. At first, I was soaking gauze in it and stuffing it in there and leaving it for about 24 hours. Now, I am only putting a couple drops in it and it's lasting about 6 hours before I have to reapply. I'm hoping that since I'm nearing the 3 week mark, the pain/uncomfortable feeling will GO AWAY completely & I can put this awful experience behind me! This is the WORST pain I've ever been in and I've had 3 kids!! Thanks again for all the wonderful advice. You guys helped me ALOT!!


After having all four wisdom teeth removed I developed dry socket at both lower extraction sites. The pain has been well documented here so I wont go into it. I found this excellent site and was lucky enough to find a nearby drug store (Walgreens) with the Red Cross Toothache kit.
This kit contains a bottle of Eugenol 85% which is the same active ingredient my oral surgeon uses to pack dry sockets.(He actually uses a prepackaged tiny strip of sterile gauze coated in a mixture of 100% Eugenol mixed with a small amount of Vaseline.)
I have only a few cautions to add to excellent info on this site.
1. If at all possible, before packing the socket with Eugenol or clove oil soaked sterile cotton or gauze as described in earlier post you should thoroughly rinse the socket with a small irrigation syringe (no needle, ask druggist for one) or Waterpick on a lower setting, filled with Scope or a similar mild mouthwash. Quite a bit of food can accumulate in these sockets.
2. REMOVE, change the packing and thoroughly rinse at least every 48 hours. Failure to do so could result in TOXIC SHOCK, a life threatening condition. This is very unlikely, but if someone followed the advice from this site just left the packing in, it could happen.
The same goes for any packing done by your dentist or oral surgeon. Return to him to have it removed within 2 days.
3. You may also consider adding yogurt to your diet or purchasing some Probiotics from a health food store because the antibiotics you should have been prescribed can kill off your natural flora. Another plus, yogurt is an easy to eat source of sustenance in your condition. Look for live culture yogurt without nuts or other ingredients that that can become lodged in the sockets and be difficult to remove with the irrigation syringe.


I had two teeth pulled on Tuesday and by Friday night I had a dry socket. I had a dry a couple of years ago and went by to my oral surgeon and he packed it with cloves. I went to this website tonight and read about clove oil. I went to Walmart to get some and of course they did not have it, we live in a small town so no drug store was open at midnight so I bought some ground cloves and mixed olive oil with in and got a small piece of a cotton ball and dip it in the oil and put in my dry socket and got relief immediately. Thanks for this website


It was midnight when I realized my daughter had dry socket. I read this website but didn't have any clove oil, so I checked my spice cabinet. I mixed a tiny bit of ground clove with water, pulled off the end of a Q-tip, balled it up, soaked it in the solution and put it in the socket with tweezers.
Within 2 minutes the pain was gone. IT'S MAGIC. Vicodin hadn't touched it.
Thanks for the wonderful info.

Anthony in Utah

This home remedy truly works for dry socket!

Needed supplies:
* Clove Oil & * Syringe or cotton swabs/gauze.

I got my bottom right wisdom tooth pulled on Friday. I felt better by Sunday night with no pain. Then, starting Monday I got sharp, throbbing pains coming from inside the socket. I shined the light in the hole and I see a white thing, which if I am right, is the bone without the blood clot. I was hurting so bad by today, Wednesday, and my Aunt gave me a small bottle of this clove oil...which is like her fragence for her potpurri.. I didn't know you could put this in your mouth.. haha anyways I got a medicine syringe and put it in the clove oil bottle and got just enough for about 2-3 drops... and put it DIRECTLY in the hole...It burned for about 2-3 minutes AND INSTANT PAIN RELIEF! It no longer hurts and I'm shocked that it just numbed the entire area! Even my lip feels numb..don't get any on your lips! That bbbbuuurrrns!

This home remedy truly works and now I don't even have to pay for a dentist visit!! The clove oil doesn't taste too horrible...but not pleasant either..leaves your mouth with a clean fragrance though!

Hope this helps others out there! - anthony


I had an extraction on this past Tuesday and developed dry socket the very next day - like others have said, the sensations of throbbing pain radiated to surrounding teeth. It was getting unbearable, the pain was driving me crazy. My jaw was locked up and swollen as well.

I went searching for Clove oil and when I didn't find that, I ended up getting the Red Cross brand Toothache Kit. Best thing ever! At my Rite Aid, it was right there in the toothpaste aisle, in the section where you find Orajel and Anbesol. The price of the kit was $7.69.

How I used it was I placed one of the kit's little cotton pellets in the tweezers that come with it, wet the cotton with water first to cut the sting of the Eugenol (the bottle of liquid included in this kit is Eugenol, which is basically Clove Oil and it will sting, be careful), dipped the cotton into the oil and dabbed the socket. If your surrounding teeth are also feeling the pain, dab all over and around them too, I found that helps. ;) It worked for me instantly just by covering the area and other teeth with the oil - I didn't have to worry about packing the socket or anything. The relief lasts a long time for me, I just apply it once or twice a day if I need to.

Bless you all suffering with it, hope you can find the relief that you need, I know I did - and that was by reading your accounts and advice here, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I had a lower wisdom tooth extracted a week ago today. The procedure itself and the first 48-72 hours thereafter went relatively smooth with minimal pain. Then, it started. I'm talking 9.5 to 9.75 on a pain scale of 10. Went back to the Dentist on day 4. He suggested that I was on the tail end of the worst of it and I could either stick it out for another 24-48 hours. Or, he could deliberately stir things up in the socket (which has obviously been missing the clot since day one), start the bleeding all over, and try to create a new clot. I opted for the wait-n-see approach. Not good... By day 6, I was not sleeping at all. Involuntary tears were seeping out of my eyes from the extreme pain and the pain killers were useless. Called my dentist today and he suggested that I wait another 3-4 days to see him or go see an oral surgeon today (neither a good option). Thank God for this forum and the people who contribute to it. I went to my local health food store & purchased a small 0.5 ounce bottle of Clove Oil for $6 bucks & some change. For those interested, the brand was 'Aura Cacia', description is 'Clove Bud 100% Pure Essential Oil.' I just cleaned out the socet with warm salt water, used a toothpick to carefully clear out any food particles, dabbed a few drops of the oil on a Q-Tip and gently messaged the socket with it. Yes, the taste is strong and you will salivate like Pavlov's dog but the pain subsided and disappeared within 2-3 minutes. About 8 hours later, I just repeated the process because I was starting to feel the pain creeping back. Bam! - squashed the pain & its gone!!! I am not sure I will need to mess with creating a pack of gauze or cotton as some have suggested but if the oil soaked Q-Tip doesn't work for you, try it.


Wow! Thank you so much - the clove oil really does work! I had a wisdom tooth out a week ago and gradually the pain became unbearable. Painkillers barely touched it, including some heavy duty ones my mum has - I tried these one night and still woke up in agony after 4 hours. In desperation, I decided to check out the net for possible remedies and found this page. I bought a bottle of clove oil and popped a few drops in the hole and hey presto! The pain has dropped from an all-consuming 9 to a barely-there 1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

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