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Clove oil for dry socket - Why the hell don't dentists tell you about his stuff. Mine sent me home with an absorbable paste and good luck for the weekend. The Red Cross Toothache kit saved my life, or at least my sanity. Two minutes of this remedy and I'm pain free for hours. Thanks very much to this site for clueing me in, something I wish my MD had done.


After reading this great website, I decided to do the clove ball. I was hurting bad, didn't have any clove oil and the night was going to be rough. So, I crushed up some cloves from the spice rack, added some extra virgin olive oil, (just a tad), and soaked up the cutip ball with it. Cleaned out the socket as best I could, and put in the ball. Yup. I am so much more comfortable now. phew! Tomorrow, I will go get some oil but just for the night, the crushed cloves worked just fine. Thanks for the help. I really needed it.


The toothache kit is such a blessings. I got all four wisdom teeth taken out about a week and a half ago and first went to my dentist for my dry socket. They put the cotton soaked clove oil in my open sockets four times and finally took them out for 'good.' of course my lower right starting hurting again, and thankfully I found this website an immediately went to the nearest walgreens. My kit did not come with cotton as said before so I just took the end off a cotton swab, soaked it in the oil and stuffed it into the open socket with a pair if sanitized tweezers. (but left a little sticking out so I could grab it with the tweezers.) I left it in for about two minutes and the pain is gone. This us probably the best home remedie I have ever dealt with. Thank you to whoever figured this out.


Dry Socket - what a NASTY word and a painful one too! I (like everyone else here) had a wisdom tooth removed on 072309 and it is now 072909 and the pain is unbearable...went back to the dentist today (for the third time since last weeks extraction) and he told me that yes I have an infection and dry socket!!! Since last week I have taken percocests/extra strength ibuprofen and anti-biotics and no relief and no sleep! When I got home from the dentist today I started researching 'Dry Socket' and thankfully came across the Clove Oil Remedy...I immediately went to Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada eh - LOL) purchased this amazing little bottle for $5.00, had my husband put in two drops and felt relief within minutes...I wish I went to this site last week! Thank-you for posting this remedy it really does work!
Now my only other question now is when does this area go back to normal, do I need to stock up on Clove Oil??


The Red Corss toothache kit is a Godsend. Today July 26th. I had my tooth removed on July 22nd. I was fine for the first few days and then on Friday afternoon my tooth started to hurt. I knew from my previous tooth extraction what it was. Unfortunatly the dentist had already gone home. Today is Sunday and I happen to come across this site. My pain was a 10 out of 10. My head hurt nothing was helping. The medicine took about 3-4 minutes to fully kick in and I feel so so much better. It tastes nasty as all day if I got it on my toungue and back of my throat which burned like crazy, but a small Price to pay. Thanks all for englighten me on this Redd Cross Toothache medicine.!!


What you are reading- it's true! I had my wisdom tooth extracted on Monday was doing fine, just a little sore by Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I was in discomfort and by Saturday I was in so much pain it was unbearable! I had pain radiating along my jaw, and such throbbing, intense, searing pain that would wake me up at 4 AM! Advil or Tylenol X-tra strength no longer alleviated my pain.

I thought I was loosing my mind, as I felt that I was getting WORSE not BETTER as the week went on!

I Googled my symptoms and found this website. I read the remedies, went to my local health food store and got a bottle of clove oil, saturated cotton portion of an end of a cotton Q-tip and packed that cotton into the hole........ OMG! AMAZING! The pain went COMPLETELY away in a matter of minutes!

ATTENTION: The clove oil DOES sting and numb areas. Just be aware! Like when you shake too many red pepper flakes on your pizza.

Take your time when placing the saturated cotton in your mouth. If you accidentally get the clove oil on your lips or tongue or swallow it, it will taste somewhat nasty but the numbness does go away in a few moments. This momentary discomfort is SOOOO worth the hours and days of normalcy and bliss.

I am so grateful to all the people who posted and shared their stories and made it possible for me to find this terrific solution!


DenTek Toothache Kit (red cross) cost me about $7.50. First I rinsed my mouth out with warm salt water and then dabbed a little of this 'Eugenol' (oil of cloves) onto my two upper dry sockets. Spit out any spit that accumulates after dabbing! Pain went from 9 down to 1.5. Tastes bad and stings but gets rid of that throbbing constant pain! Relief lasted me about 4 hours. MIRACLE!! Also taking ground cloves and water (50/50) and dabbing on helped. I have told as many people as I could about this SIMPLE and CHEAP remedy! It was going to cost me close to $200 to be gassed and plugged!


Absolutely amazing!!! I too developed dry socket a couple of days after having all four wisdom teeth extracted. The red cross toothache kit has saved me from another night of dreadful pain. It is literally the same thing they gave me at the dentist!!! Try it! Thank you to all who posted before me!!


Follow-Up on my previous post. This is Wed. 4-15-09. I spoke with the nurse at my oral surgeon's office about my routine - I have been rinsing with warm salt water frequently through the day, brushing (lightly around the dry socket) in the morning and flossing. At night I have been brushing (lightly around the dry socket) and flossing, irrigating the socket with warm salt water using a plastic syringe, after irrigating I have been applying the Red Cross Toothache clove soaked cotton ball into the socket for one or two mins. and then removing it. (folks the directions say to do this, DO NOT leave the cotton ball in there for an extended amount of time.) The socket needs open air to heal properly. The nurse also told me that the clove oil will prolong the healing time, so use it only when you really need to. She said once a day is fine. Also the dry socket will heal up by itself, you DO NOT have to go in there for a scrape job to form a new clot. She also said it is fine to take 600 millagrams of Ibuprofen every three to four hours. The reason I called in the first place was I was worried about infection, she said as long as you keep up with the irrigating and rinses you should not have a problem. She also informed me that standard healing time is about three to four weeks, so 'hold on', it will get better. My pain level since Monday night has been holding at a steady 2 or 3 on a 10 scale. It was about a 7 on Monday afternoon before using the Red Cross Toothache Kit.


I had a very routine extraction of a partial tooth, right bottom side, small front molar, which was not causing me any problems at all before hand, on Tues. 4-7-09. Wedns. no problem, Thurs. no problem, Friday, woke up with a dull pain at the extraction site, Friday got worse during the day, the tooth next to the site was really sore to the touch or slight bite-down. Never having a dry socket before I thought that the tooth itself was going south on me. Sat., more pain but managable with Alieve. Sun, more pain, but still tolerable. Monday, starting to get to me pretty bad. Called the dentist office and the nurse tells me that I probably have a dry socket and to call back later if it gets any worse. I get on the internet and start 'looking into this', yep, I've got a dry socket alright. Went to Wallgreens last night on the way home from work and got the Red Cross Toothache kit, and man you guys were right, that dude worked great. Used it last night at 7:30pm and haven't had near the pain since. It is now 9:00am Tues. and it still feels pretty good. Thanks for the advice folks. Now, how long is it going to take until this dude heals up?

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