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I had oral surgery for routine extractions on Tuesday, and by Thursday night I knew something wasn't right. This is by far the most helpful website I've ever come across!! I have been in unbearable pain for a few days now and taking more motrin than I should. I cannot take narcotic pain meds, so I was becoming a bit desperate. I fear the dentist and don't want to go back for 'more'. I bought the Red Cross Toothache Kit and a small bottle of clove oil........ such relief!!!! It truly feels like a miracle at this point. I had to ask for the clove oil at the pharmacy, which they keep behind the counter (Rite Aid). The taste is a little 'icky' but well worth the relief you will soon feel. I hope this remedy allows me to get through and promote healing. The best $10 I've spent in a long time! Good Luck!!


Red Cross Toothache Kit - absolutely amazing...I did not know that you could delvelop dry socket from coughing. I had both bottom wisdom teeth out on monday and have a cold. Did everything right, no smoking, no straws, lots of swishing...could not understand why I am still in so much pain on about this kit on this site...flew to walgreens...totally amazing...if you are in pain, DO THIS!!! Best $5.99 I have ever spent!


I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed a week ago today. 2-3 days after the procedure I had a coughing fit an coughed up a foul smelling clot, which was due to food being stuck back there but didn't have any unbearable pain that my pain killers wouldn't handle, so I paid no attention to it. The next morning I couldn't open my mouth AT ALL. So I went to my dentist and he said more than likely it was just irritation due to it being a very difficult extraction, and to take it easy on chewing and drinking. The pain killers were doing nothing and I was in constant severe pain, so a local Amish doctor told me to buy oil of clove, soak a cotton ball in it and stuff it into the socket. After the burning stopped, within 15 minutes my pain went from 10 to barely 1. This stuff really works! The stuff tastes HORRIBLE, and it lingers in your mouth for a good while, but the relief you get is well worth it. He did advise me however not to use this remedy day in and day out, it is very hard on your stomach, that it simply de-sensitizes the nerve endings and slows irritation so it can heal naturally. Dry sockets do take 3-4 weeks to heal completely, so to all of you dry socket victims, try this remedy, keep rinsing, eat soft foods, and hang in there!


I just got done using the clove oil that i got at Walgreens. This stuff works i have been pain for over four days now but not any more. Just one or daps and the pain is almost gone atleast for me. The pain for me now has gone from a 10 to a 2 or 3.

I feel for those who have this problem but give the clove oil a chance and u to will be happy.


I can attest to the effectiveness of clove oil and cloves in reducing pain. I have used both the oil and the powder. Works wonderfully.

One needs to be careful if you have certain types of resin fillings because the clove oil can react negatively with them.

The other concern is that the powdered clove can darken your teeth. I have used both of these home remedies, but just wanted to mention these concerns.

Dr. J

I'm a dentist and I'm pleased to read this quality advise for dry sockets following an extraction, but can I make a few suggestions
-First off NO dentist or oral surgeon charges for a post op visit following an extraction and if they do find a new dentist, so you are actually spending 7 more dollars than you need to.
-As some people have mentioned improper use of eugenol can cause toxic shock syndrome and then doctor uses Rx antibiotics to rinse the extraction site.
-A dry socket is not the only post op complication that can occur following an extraction and so why not get it checked if it is free
-Finally by going in to the dentist, they will most likely write you a new script to keep you out of pain which is the ultimate goal when treating dry sockets


Husband in serious pain from dry socket. Just went to Walgreen's to get clove oil...hope this works!!!!


Yet another praise for the clove oil you buy at Walgreens. I was able to just use a few drops after cleaning with warm salt water.

I just wanted to help people know what they were going looking for when they get to the store. I was there at 3 A.M. and only found it by luck.

Link to a pic of what your looking for:

( If link doesn't work just Google 'DenTek toothache kit')

Oraljel and Lortab took pain from 9-10 to about 8-9 this took it down to 1-2 and only took 2 min. After I get my first nites sleep in almost a week I'll see if I can find some more of the pointy q-tips that came in the kit because they work great.

I hope everyone that came to this site looking for anything to make them or a loved one feel just a little better has the same luck I did.


After having my bottom left wisdom tooth removed , i developed pain alongside my jaw and ears and also my head accompanied with a severe throbbing ache on my gums .. After 2 days of pain and copious amounts of pain killers i tried the oil of cloves ...OMG!!! INSTANT PAIN RELEIF !
I rinsed out my socket with a syringe and mouth wash then dabbed oil of cloves inside and around it. The taste was very unpleasant but boy it works..I cant beleive i went through all that pain when a little bottle like this got rid of it ... hope this helps u all like it did me . :)


Thank you so much for your posts about the Red Cross teethache Kit. This is god sent magic for me. I had tooth # 18 extracted Monday which a lower left molar. It was all good until Wednesday then the pain started with soreness then full on pain. The worst pain I have ever had it was 12 out of 10. I thought it was the bone graft that the OS put in the hole but started reading about dry socket after my dentist told me what he thought I might have. I did not sleep more than 2 or3 hours a night plus I was taking 2 vicodins and 2 advils every 3-4 hours. But the pain did not stop. I called the OS 5 times in three days begging him for something but because of the bone heft he said he can't use the gauze since it's a bone pain. He said to tough it out. What an aweful pain.

On Saturday I slept for 2 hours. The pain was so bad that tears were falling. My stomach was a mess because of all the meds plus the anti biotics I have GERD. At 4 am on saturday I found this blog but I was a skeptic. My girlfriend read it and went to CVS to buy it. I put it on and squeezed the cotton so it will drip around the bone graft after rinsing with salt water about 10am. The pain went away like magic within less than 5 minutes.

It is 6 pm now on Saturday and the pain is starting to come back lightly. I'll be using more in a few minutes. My OS called me in the morning to check on me around 9 am and I asked him if I should use this stuff and he said it will not hurt to try but he doubts that it will help much. Why do dentists and doctors like to give more and more pain killers while this amazing natural remedy exist that will not mess up our stomachs and floras.

I am going to put more in right now. Try it you won't be disappointed. Michael. Los Angeles ca

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