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Everything that everyone here says is TRUE. I am a skeptic when it comes to these types of 'home cures' but I have been suffering with a dry socket from a root extraction since Friday (today is Monday) and I got to a point today where I didn't think I could stand the pain a second longer. I googled home remedy dry socket and mercifully was led to this page. I bought the dentek toothache remedy at Walgreens on my way home and within seconds...SECONDS of using it, the excruciating, radiating pain was GONE. Every now and again I get a dull ache that lets me know it is still there - but NO PAIN. I can relax for the first time in over 48 hours. I have an appt with my dentist tomorrow but I know I will sleep comfortably tonight and that is a miracle. Vicodin did nothing but make me sick - this is the best cure!


I just had an absessed tooth pulled on Wednesday the day I actually left for vacation and these last couple days I have been in more pain than having the tooth ache itself! I read about the red cross toothache kit, I drove to walgreens because at this point I was taking hydrocodone every three hours and it still wasnt helping my pain. I just got done using it and it worked GREAT! I was worried because it said not to put it on tissue but I stuck it right in there thinking I may have a dry socket! The pain I feel now is just a little tension which is hardly noticeable! The stinging goes away and I was trade the sting for a minute than deal with this throbbing any longer!!! Thank you everyone who posted somehthing about it!!! It worls WONDERS!!!


Hello! I had all four wisdom teeth removed 12 days ago and one was very impacted. I went back after 3 days of hell and found out I have a dry socket. The dentist asst informed me that if they 'pack it' then it will take 3 times longer to heal than normal since the tooth can not heal with the packing in place. She suggested I go home and take vicodin for the weekend and it should 'get better' in a week. It's been a week and I am still in pain. Eating, my favorite past time, is no longer enjoyable and the salt water rinse has not helped at all. I am actually sick of hearing myself complain about the pain. Tonight I was desperate and did a half water half hydrogen peroxide rinse when caused major PAIN for me. All of my teeth were throbbing! I found this website and sped to Walgreens and bought the Red Cross Kit! The Eugenol was welcomed with open arms. It's been 5 mins, and the pain is about 90% better! I will be able to sleep, and maybe EAT :)


I am now a believer in clove oil! I was in so much pain after having a severly impacted wisdom tooth removed that nothing helped. I tried Vicodin, ibuprofin, anything but nothing worked. Turns out, I had dry socket. After reading reviews on here, I tried the clove oil and it worked instantly! So far it's lasted 6 hours and not even a hint of the pain coming back! No more pills for me! This is proof that not everything has to be solved with modern meds.

A. Moll

I had two wisdom teeth surgically removed a week ago, one of them healed perfectly fine but the other one turned in to a dry socket. The pain was unbearable due to the infection. After researching this website I found that the best remedy was the Red Cross Toothache kit, then I called a dentist friend of mine who lives in Peru and she added the following procedure witch came out to be almost a miracle solution for me. First, mix warm water with a bit of the clove oil provided with the kit and flush the socket profusely with a syringe until all the residues and particles are cleaned out. Second, clean the socket with a cotton swab previously submerge in the same warm oil/water mix. As you repeat this process you will feel how the pain and discomfort goes away. Third, Make a small roll of gauze and dip it in clove oil and carefully insert it in the socket and leave it. Repeat this procedure after every meal. Keep it clean and follow up with your Doctor.


I had my wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday and I was warned of dry socket. I thought I did everything right, I didn't rinse until 24 hours after, didn't use a straw, lightly brushed, but I still didn't avoid it.

Starting yesterday I started feeling a dull throbbing pain then today it was much worse. Luckily I found this site and bought the Red Cross Toothache Kit which worked wonders. It didn't make the pain go away completely, but it definitely helped and will hold me over until tomorrow morning when I see the dentist for my follow up appointment.

Try to avoid getting it on your tongue, it has a nasty taste and it takes awhile for it to go away.


I just learned another name for Hell: it's called Dry Socket. Holy mother of pearl…. When I got hit by a car years ago I thought I knew what pain was - every toe broken on my right foot, a hematoma on my right butt cheek, deep lacerations on my legs requiring many stitches, and generous portions of road rash – Disneyland.

A few weeks ago I had a problem wisdom tooth extracted and my dentist broke away from his humorous light hearted banter to give me a stern warning on how NOT to get a condition known as dry socket. 'No sucking from straws, spitting, or using tobacco or you my friend will find a new religion that begins and ends with pain.

I don't remember spitting and I consciously passed on straws and tobacco wasn't a problem but still somehow I earned the condition called dry socket.

Trying to describe the pain would be a disgrace and insult to the level we're talking about here. I can however tell you that at it's worse all I could do was close my eyes, rock back an forth while curling into fetal position and moan. During this process I found myself forgetting to breath and having to catch up with quick breaths. Time seemed to stand still as seconds seemed like minutes and I wondered how much I could endure before passing out. I don't drink - in fact it's against my religion but I was seriously considering breaking that rule because the pain was mocking the lortabs, vicodin, and morphine I threw at it. It’s a scary world when your pain is immune to what you once thought were heavy weight drugs.

The relief I found didn't come from the liquor store - it actually came from Wallgreens. My wife researched dry socket online and found this site where everyone was swearing by the Red Cross Tooth Ache kit. It was hard to believe that something so simple as clove oil could provide such miraculous relief but if your curled up like a baby suffering from dry socket and your wife says lets stuff some cotton dipped in clove oil in your tooth hole you’ll muster a barely visible nod and slowly open wide.

Trust me: lock/key fries/ketchup foot/shoe….dry socket/clove oil.


Just so everyone knows clove oil is hard to find, so its bascially the red cross tootache kit or the dentak emergency tooth kit which contain natural eugenol which is clove oil.I found it at walgreens it was worth the 3 am drive across town the pain was gone in 2 minutes I kid you not. Worth the six dollars!!! Try this it burns a bit but goes away.


I want to thank everyone that posted before me I had an abscessed tooth for over a week I couldnt eat anything and was in so much pain 7 day's later I finally got it pulled(lower left molar)I thought it would be like the other one I had had pulled smooth and pain free,I was wrong as soon as the numbing wore off I was in soo much pain I honestly think it was wayyy worse then having an abscessed tooth I went for four days taking my pain pills hydrocodone,and they didn't even take the edge off so I went back to the dentist and he said I have a dry socket and just wrote me a script for more pain pills but they still didn't help even taking two of them I was still at a 12 on the 1-10 pain scale:(..
I got online and googled dry socket and found this site,Thank god!!
I read everyone's entry and they all said the same thing so I drove straight to walgreens and got the toothache kit and it don't taste that good lol but within seconds I was at a 2 on the pain scale and I honestly dont know what I would do if I hadn't found this site..
So again thank you all very much and anyone that has any kind of tooth or mouth pain should buy this kit!!It really really works and it's all natural!!


Thanks to everyone who posted about this kit I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed about a week ago and the pain seemed to get worse everyday and the pain meds were not workin at all this kit is amazing the burning is really intense for a couple mins but it's def worth it for the amount of relief it provides. God bless this kit and everyone posting about it. You can find it at your local drug store and it's only $7 and I promise u will not be disappointed if u buy it it doesn't matter how u put it on the ache cause it's going to burn for a min and then instant relief it's a miracle in a lil brown bottle.

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