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i ended up with dry socket and decided to try swishing childrens liquid ibroprophine in my mouth i did that for 10 minutes it took the pain way down and lasted for about a hour


Here is some important knowledge that I learned through personal experience.

If you go to the dentist for dry socket, there isn't a drug that they use. They use oil of cloves, which they call 'Eugenol' so that it sounds like a proper drug and not an ancient remedy. They apply eugenol to a small, brown strip of gauze, rinse out the socket with antibiotic mouthwash and water, and then use an instrument to pack the gauze inside the socket. This process is very painful and anesthetic is rarely used, and doesn't help much if it is. Also note that opiods and other pain medications have little or no effect on pain from dry socket. It is not known why.

Oil of cloves is absolutely the only thing known to relieve dry socket pain.

It is good to have a dentist do this rather than do it at home, since the same remedy is used, and because it is hard to do such a precise operation in your own mouth. There is a risk of opening the injury even more by incorrect self-application.

However, if a dentist visit is not possible or financially feasible, you can buy oil of cloves over-the-counter in the previously-mentioned Dentek or Red Cross toothache kits. The oil you get here is extremely potent. The kit comes with tweezers and small cotton balls, with instructions to dip the cotton balls in the oil and dab it on the dry socket. This is hard to do, and doesn't last long. It's very precise work, and only relieves pain until the oil has been washed away by saliva. Also, if a tiny amount of the oil touches another part of your mouth it will cause a very intense stinging burn.

What to do instead is forget the little cotton balls and the puny tweezers. Swish some salt water or diluted Listerine around in your mouth for about one minute. Dilute a drop of clove oil with a few drops of olive or cooking oil. Brush this mixture on a tiny piece of gauze (do not use cotten!), 2 or 3cm long and .5 to 1cm wide. Ball the gauze up and stuff it inside of the socket. This will hurt like a son of a b----, but the pain should subside within the hour. If you have another person available who you trust, you should ask them to do this for you, because it is not easy. Make sure to pack the gauze in very tightly, even though it will hurt. If the socket is very deep, you may need to use another strip of gauze.

If at any time you get clove oil in the wrong place, cleanse the area with olive or cooking oil. Do not rinse your mouth with water as this will spread the clove oil everywhere.

When the gauze comes out, if you still feel pain, reapply it. Keep doing this until it stops hurting. This can take upwards of six weeks to heal, or you may only have to do it once. The clove oil does not aid in the healing process, it is for pain relief only. Healing can only come with time. So don't worry about not using enough clove oil, just use the amount that relieves your pain.

Be sure to rinse your mouth with saltwater or diluted Listerine before each reapplication of your dressing.


If your a woman on birth control and are going to get an extraction or oral surgery; stop taking your birth control or plan your surgery when your on a low dose birth control cycle (Maybe even that time of the month, which would be brutal, lol but it is a lot better than a dry socket). What happens is it can dislodge the blood clot or keep it from even forming which is how you will heal. It has to do with the estrogen in the birth control pill.
Hope this helps


I had a molar pulled last Tuesday. The dentist seemed really good, warning me about dry socket. I did everything I was supposed to, but somehow still got it. I went back to him two days ago and he gave me more narcotics and told me to come back to him today. Last night I was in so much pain I wanted to put my head through a wall. I got on-line, and found several websites claiming the same thing about clove oil. I went out at 3am to Walmart and got the wonderful clove oil. I was finally able to get some sleep. Today I kept my appointment with the dentist. I told him what I did, and hed appeared angry. He prepared a mixture of some kind of medicine and gauze. He put numbing gel on my gums, waited less than a min, and shoved the needle in my gums before I was numb. I endured it. He then told me to let him know when my lips were numb. They never got numb, but my cheek did. (it was only one shot) He then started to push his packing into my socket with one of his instruments. He asked me if it hurt.. I told him a little, but that I was fine. He then took his thumb and shoved the gauze deep into teh socket. I screamed. without a word, he walked out leaving me there with my eyes watering. He then came back in with a script for 6 percasets. Told me to come back Friday and he would take out the packing, wait ten min, and if there was still pain, he would repack it. I walked the 3 blocks home in tears. I tossed the appointment card in the trash. right now the pain is worse than ever, but I am afraid to try to pull out the gauze and apply the clove oil. I take it out when the Ibuprofin takes affect. I told him the percs were useless. the script is shredded in the trash. I wont be going back.

Terry K

I had oral surgery on Tuesday to remove partially impacted lower wisdom teeth. They went into dry socket late Thursday. I'm a bit old at 47 to still have had them, but never the less, they finally had to come out from decay over the years and the pain had started weeks ago.

I have all of the narcotic pain relievers and well as ibuprofen, but the clove oil (active ingredient)in the tooth ache kits does the trick.

You can even save a little money (approx. $2) and just buy the clove oil. It's behind the pharmacy counter (if they are out it can be ordered in a day). It comes at 100% where as the tooth ache kits come at 85%.

Just clean the sockets with a syringe or water pik on the LOWEST setting (mix of water and mouthwash), rinse with warm salt water and apply the clove oil with a Q-tip and spit out the excess. I would not reccommend packing with anything as it must be open to heal.

It REALLY stops the dull throbbing excruciating pain. I did everything as instructed, but dry socket still happened.

In my opinion, the only way in the future to avoid dry socket is ONLY eat/drink foods like yogurt with no fruit pieces, soup/broth, drink protein shakes, carrot juice, apple sauce, pudding, basically nothing solid that can dislodge the clot for at least a week. No coughing, spitting, or yawning.

Once the clot becomes dislodged, it apparently doesn't matter what you eat as long as you clean out and rise the socket(s)after EVERY meal. It's the trapped minute food particles that cause infection and ungodly pain.

Best of luck to all of the 'newbies' that read this site and postings.

Mary H

I had a molar pulled 9 days ago, took vicoprofen religiously with no relief, broke out the redcross kit from the medicine cabinet, dipped the cotton ball in clove oil, poked it in the hole, and bamm, instantly relief!!! Praise the Lord! Prescription meds don't relieve dry socket, but packing it with clove oil and water mixture does, instant!! Try it, you will like it!!

minus a tooth

I will save you the time of reading all the other entries below mine, they all say the same thing- buy the Red Cross Toothache kid and use the clove oil.


I have a dry socket from a left lower molar extraction last TUESDAY! I read these entries, set down the laptop, drove five minutes to walgreens, and my pain - which was unbearable - is absolutely gone.

Here's the trick, though. Take a ball of gauze NOT COTTON, and soak it in the clove oil using tweezers. THEN squirt some orajel on the gauze and with the tweezers, stick it in the dry socket hole. Cram it in there, I can only tell you that your pain will immediately disappear.

Leave the gauze in until you call your dentist. It will save you hours of agony.


The Red Cross Toothache kit from Walgreens is again, worth every penny (699 of them to be exact!). So my girlfriend had 3 of her wisdom teeth taken out about two weeks ago and we did everything exactly as the surgeon told us to, but of course, the slim odds were against us and she got dry socket tonight. I didn't know what to do for he so she decided to take two Ibuprofen 800's and a Vicoden! So needless to say she was drugged on our way to Walgreens tonight. So we get home and she gets the warm water, a spit cup, and the syringe as I opened the miracle kit. I poured just a little bit of the clove oil in the water (gross is stunk so bad!), and started to follow the: ' Clean ou the area really well, submerse cotton balls in the water mixture, and submerse gauze in the water' and within seconds (with a nasty face from the taste of the oil), she was better and snoring like a baby. Now I just hope she wakes us in the morning!


After suffering for almost two weeks with a dry socket and not knowing what to do I thank you all for posting on this site this kit has saved me from the excruciating pain I was in it burned for a bit when I dabbed the piece of cotton on top of the dry socket and gums but after a minute WOW!!!!!!!!!! And YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and agin this is the best!!!!!!***RED CROSS TOTHACHE*** it is a little kit includes metal tweezers cotton pellets and natural eugenol(clove oil) sold at walgreens I bought it for 6.99 totally worth it I would have paid more it is a miracle in a bottle now I will sleep well thank God and thanks to you all that posted about this too!!! :)

I am SO GLAD I found this site. I recently had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and experienced dry socket about 3 days later. THE WORST PAIN IN THE WORLD. I tried the clove oil that everyone is raving about and I feel so much better. I hope this heals soon, I would not wish this on anyone!

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