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I got my wisdom teeth taken out on a Monday. I felt horrible pain from late Tuesday on. I thought it was only part of the healing process, and did not learn it was most likely a dry socket until I spoke to a friend on Friday who recently had one. Saturday morning I went out and bought some things. Now, on TUESDAY (just over a week after surgery) I am feeling much better and my dry socket is healing. Here is what I did to help ease the pain/heal the dry socket.

After every meal:
-Rinse out the socket with warm salt water. Use a small syringe to squirt the salt water into the socket. Do this until it is consistently clean and no food remains.
-Rinse with the salt water mixture.
-Rinse with Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Rise for Mouth Sores. It's in a white bottle and I found it at Walmart. Not completely necessary, but I diluted it with a little bit of water.

If Needed (for pain):
-I used the oil from the Red Cross Toothache Kit. I didn't use the tweezers and pellets, but dipped a Q-tip in, squeezed off the excess, and held it in place for a minute. Be careful not to get it anywhere else, as it stings and tastes bad. DEFINITELY helped with the pain. However, I wouldn't use it often.. only when necessary. I have read it can lengthen the healing process.

Anyway, I went to the doctor on Monday (a week after surgery) for a checkup and he couldn't believe that I had had a dry socket! He said it looked to be a week ahead of the healing process. However, I DID have one and I was in the most pain I had ever felt just two mornings earlier!!

Today (Tuesday), I am continuing my cleaning process. I have little pain (nothing an occasional advil can't handle), and it's almost caught up healing-wise to the other removal areas. I'm not sure if it's my cleaning process that is helping, or if my body is finally deciding to heal the dry socket, but I thought I'd post this in case anyone finds it helpful!


i had my wisdom tooth extraction above and below and dentist didnot give a suture too. i had a very bad dry socket . dentist packed with the eugenol gel couple of times and the pack came out by itself with in couple of hours and pain was okay for few hours and when i eat somethin the pain staryts though i donot chew on that side.i ate only soft foods. the best treatment i found is always wash the socket with angled syringe given by dentist with salt water at least 5 times immedietely after this in front of mirror so that u actually know the food particles coming out. then apply the red cross tooth ache liquid with the guaze( Small size) keep another guaze above it hold it by biting it for next 10 minutes .keep doing this when ever you have pain .this really works. salt water rising helps to heal the wound sooner.
hope this helps.


The very best treatment I have found for 'dry scoket' is a product called Canker-X . Just put it in or around the scoket and wait about 3 min. I have had the pain for about 3 weeks now with no help from dentist packing or heavy meds. I also tried the red cross tooth ache stuff. It burns really bad and its hard to put on your scoket without getting everything else in your mouth on fire. I even mixed it with olive oil and water. It didn't help the pain, just gave me more.
Go buy Canker-X it really worked for me.


as im typeing you i just put essential on a cotten ball push it in to my gum and put a other cotten ball on top of the other one to keep it from comeing out all of you guys that tould us about this are wonderful people we dont need docs we have each other thanks again it has done wonderful for me not crying anymore or in pain god bless you


I would like to reiterate that Clove Oil (AKA Eucerin) works wonders for dry socket.

After two days of extreme pain, and the narcotics doing nothing, I finally researched my symptoms and decided to try clove oil.

It works well. I used 85% clove oil and it did a great job. I'm not sure how much better 100% is.

I called my oral surgeon and he said that he would treat dry socket in a very similar manner.

1) Use Eucerin
2) Apply it to gauze (I used cotton pellets)
3) Leave it in for a few minutes and then remove (my directions say keep it in for one minute)


go to your nearest rite aid or pharmacy and buy the RED CROSS TOOTH KIT!! this is the best ever,if u can stand the taste!i had a tooth pulled 5 days ago and the pain did not go i went to my pharmacy and got this kit that has natural eugenol in it. it works great,took the pain instantly away although the taste is rather gross!!!! i will tell anyone with a dry socket to go get this kit instead of paying daily dentists to pack your tooth for u!

Chelsi from NH

I had excruciating, throbbing pain 5 days after getting all four wisdom teeth removed. My entire right side of my face was pulsing pain. Nothing was treating the pain and I was keeping up with all medications and followed my dentist instructions. I soon concluded I had DRY SOCKET. Worse than any pain I have ever felt. I cam across this website and in entire desperation ran to Hannafords to buy some clove oil. As soon as I got in I rinsed my mouth with salt and water combination as directed by my dentist. Then I mixed a few drops of clove oil into a few drops of water. I mixed it with a q-tip and applied a few drops to the wound. It didn't strike me as a giant hole like some people mentioned, just a fleshy wound. The taste was bad, but WELL WORTH IT. It dropped my pain by 95%. Even after I ate and rinsed with salt water again, the clove oil continued to do its job. I am 100% convinced that natural medicine is better than synthetic drugs. If you go to the dentist they would 'fill' the hole the same way you could by rolling a piece of gauze, dipping it in the oil/water mix and putting it in the hole (socket). But like I said, I don't see a socket, just a wound and just putting the oil on made a HUGE difference. PLEASE, if you are experiencing dry socket. DO THIS!!


OMG I'm not sure i'd still be around if it wasn't for Clove Oil!! Thats all I have to say about the Dry Socket!


Why didn't I look this up on the Internet earlier? I sincerely thank everyone who's posted helpful messages on this forum. I had two bottom wisdom teeth extracted two weeks ago. My doctor (a recent graduate and a first year resident) struggled from the very beginning, poking the anesthesia needle through my chin by mistake and ending up calling his senior faculty doctor to complete the extraction of one tooth. Post surgery, he told me I should come back if bleeding continues beyond two days, else just rinse my mouth with salt water. Bleeding continued for five days, and I went to see the doctor. He got some food particles out and said I had dry sockets. He stuffed gauze soaked in clove oil (Eugenol) into both sockets. He said it would heal soon and no post op visit is necessary. Two days later, the gauze came out of the sockets and then again I started feeling this excruciating pain. I went back to the clinic and a different doctor came to see me. This doctor seemed more knowledgeable. He did the dry socket packing for me and said I should come back if it hurts again. Today I went back again for re-packing for one tooth. After I came home, the other one came out of the socket and there goes again... it started hurting like hell. I searched online and here I am. Why didn't my doctors mention that I could go buy Eugenol off the shelf from drug stores at a very reasonable price and do the packing myself? Each time I went to see a doctor, I had to endure a 2-3 hour wait. If this is something people can easily do at home, why aren't the doctors telling people go do it yourself and don't waste my time! In any case, after reading numerous posts on this forum, I immediately went to a local Walgreens and got the Red Cross Toothache Kit. I followed the instructions from this website, half hour after applying it, pain is gone. I understand that this pain relief is temporary and has nothing to do with healing. Regardless, this is extremely helpful and I thank everyone for sharing their experiences.


Yea I would agree with you. I also got dry socket on one of my wisdom teeth but once i realized the stiches disolved I noticed food got stuck in my gums. The food that was stuck gave me more pain and bad breath emminating from the socket becasue I got dry socket. I rinsed gently but it didnt take the stuck food out. So i began to rinse vigorisly with very warm water until the pieces of food came out. (rinsing with cold water did not work) I was surpirsed how much junk I had stuck there. It gave me relief when i got the smelly pieces of food out. I also used water and diluted listerene. I went to the dentist and he asked me if I had pain. I told him it was very minimal and an over the counter pill would relieve it. My dentist advised me he thought it was going to be worse and just added some gel to begin heeling. He told me I had dry socket. I reasearched it and it seems everybody that had dry socket had severe pain. So if you just rinse AND MAKE SURE FOOD DOESNT GET STUCK then u would avoid infection/pain. After my wisdom teeth were pulled I was advised i could eat solids after a few days. If I went through it again I would only eat yogurt, non sugar jello, country chix noodle soup (non cunky type), only soups, protein shakes, fruit shakes, banannas, just eat very soft foods, i would avoid any type of meat or bread!!!

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