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To anyone who gets a dry socket i had just recently finished dental assisting an yes clove oil is actually what is used in the dental office with a moist guaze placed over the area for a couple of days instead of going to the office for 2-4 days it would be cheaper to do it yourself at home it is an unpleasent taste but to be pain free you'll do anything i know from experince good luck


I have suffered the worst pain of my life for the last three days, then i started reading the dry socket remedies. After about 10 of them I got up went to the store and bought the Red Cross Toothache kit, and to my relief the pain is gone. This stuff really works.


Believe it about clove oil, the stuff works. Saved my sanity.

Another simple thing that I haven't seen here yet that really helped me was simply swishing water around in my mouth around the dry socket. It might sting at first, but after 10 seconds the pain would go away. The relief was limited, only about a minute or two, but then I would just swish again.

For days now I've carried around water bottles, sometimes swishing every 2 minutes for hours on end. I would either swallow the water or spit it out.

Considering that the pain from dry socket comes from the bone drying out, it makes sense that water would help.

It seems to work even better with gauze packed into the socket, and letting that get soaked as well.

I hope this helps someone.


Thank you guys. I had the worst 3 days in my life. Getting Red Cross kit was such a relief.
Now I now why they invented internet. :)


I got my upper wisdom teeth removed a week ago. I'm a smoker and didnt want to wait the 5 days to start smoking again. I started only 5hrs after the extraction, just one, than wait 24hrs after that and started smoking regularly. I used Blistex Lip Medex lip balm, just dip a small piece of gaze (big enough to cover the open area) in the Lip Medex and put over the hole. I did this EVERYTIME I smoked and than gently rinsed with sea salt and warm water. The Lip Medex also helped the hole twice as fast. I recommend this to everyone, smoker or non smoker. It helps to keep the clot moist and in place.


This not a home remedy for dry socket gut it is a very hElpful solution that your dentist knows about. It's called Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% Dental paste. Have your dentist prescribe it for you. It seals the hole stops the pain and reduces the imflamation with no bad after taste. Too good to be true right. My dentist gave me a scrip instead of packing it everyday and it is great. Don't take no for an answer make him give it to you instead of giving you DRY POCKET from the money you have to pay him or her. CHECK IT OUT

a VERY HAPPY camper

I was in MASSIVE pain today! 3 days after having a molar extracted I was pretty sure I had a dry socket. I have never had one but have heard talk from others that have had it. My wife being the main one. She said she would go get me some clove oil. Well, I was not so sure about that so she and I did a search on it and she found this site and I started reading all the post and sure enough, plenty were singing it's praises. So she went to the drug store to get some and I started rinsing with warm salt water to flush the area good. She got back and I mixed a few drops with some water and applied it with a Q-Tip. Almost immediately I felt some relief!! So I waited a couple of minutes and applied some to a damp gauze and placed it in the space and bit down and left it there for 30 minutes. Guess what? PAIN FREE!! I am a firm believer now for sure! Just as others said, DO NOT use full strength as it will burn bad. (Got a small amount on the corner of my mouth and found this out...) She also said it could be mixed with olive oil as well since that was the way she did it years ago. I'm telling you, this stuff worked like a charm!


Thanks to everyone for your advice. I went and bought the first aid Eugenol your spoke of. I had preventative dental work done with a filling on my back molar. I was having no pain at the time. A few days later I developed an abcess. I had the tooth pulled on Monday and now I guess I have dry socket. The dentist keeps telling me it is just an abcess and to keep taking the antibiotics. I went for a second opinion at my doctor and switched to a much stronger antibiotic. The pain is excruciating, feels like I was hit in the face with a baseball bat. The narcotics only take the edge off of the pain. I don't sleep much because I cannot get the pressure and pain to ease at all. I just read your blog on home remedies and went to the drug store. I really just wanted to lay down in bed, but I figured I would try it. This is the first relief I have felt in days. Orajel only works for a few minutes. I believe this remedy will get me through until the socket heals and the antibiotic does its job. Thank you so much!! I think I would have ended up at the ER tonight if this did not work.

Gordon Parsons

every remedy on this page is correct i had a wisdom tooth removed, and have been in agonizing pain for 5 days now, I've taken so many Tylenol 3's and perkocets and they haven't been doing anything, clove oil is the only thing that has worked definitely try it.nothing else will work for dry socket. believe me I've tried.


i'd like to thank everyone who suggested clove oil for the pain. worked as soon as i applied. just made my christmas better. thanks

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