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Hello all,
I got my bottom right wisdom tooth taken out finally after weeks of pain due to the swelling in my gums. I thought I was in pain BEFORE I got it taken out, but the dry socket kicked in 3 days after I got the tooth removed and it is just a white hot pain to the point where I want to pass out. After 5 days, I finally called my surgeon and he took me in right away and gave me these dissolvable strips to put on the area. I was completely confused as to how these tiny dissolveabe strips of 'medicine' would cure the pain without numbing the area, so I was amazed. He put a strip in for me around 4pm and the pain did not return until I started getting ready for work the next morning around 7 am. He had given me a few strips to take home (to get me through the Thanksgiving holiday pain free since the office would be closed). Unfortunately, he put the strips in a paper envelope and the 'medicine' soaked into the paper of the envelope and once it reached the dry socket, it only lasted about an hour. Sadly, I used up the strips before Thanksgiving, and had to endure the pain through the holiday. The 'medicine' ended up being pure clove oil, which would have been great to know over the phone instead of wasting a trip, but I respect the professionalism and the fact that they advised I come in immediately so they could help.

Anyway, I have had the dry socket now for going on 8 days and I thought that I was going crazy or that something was really wrong. Like many, I was seriously convinced that this pain was never going to go away and my face was going to throb in agony forever. Today, before joining my family for dinner, my boyfriend took me to the nearest open grocery store with intentions to stock up on extra strength Orajel, and I ended up getting the Kank-A instead. (I am KICKING myself though, because they HAD the Red Cross Kit and I didn't get it! I didn't see this website until later today!!!!! I will definitely be grabbing it tomorrow!) I also have been hugging a bottle of Ibuprofin for the past week as well. The surgeons office gave me a prescription for Hydrocodone (Generic Vicodin), but I honestly hated it. The Hydrocodone makes me feel like a complete weirdo when it starts wearing off, and I did not like it at all. I have 200 mg Ibuprofin, so I take 3 of those at a time 2 or 3 times a day and this pretty much puts a block on the nerve for a few hours. (One of these times is usually around 3am, for some reason, that is the 'witching hour' where the pain REALLY flares up, probably because my mouth is hanging open while I'm sleeping and the air is hitting the nerve.) It hurts so bad that it wakes me up and I've just paced around the house in a panic trying to 'walk off' the pain because I don't know what else to do. This is where the Orajel and salt rinses really come in handy.

My opinion is that Kank-A is virtually the same as Extra Strength Orajel, but less of a suffocating numbing (since naturally it is going to slip down your throat considering the location of the tooth), and this can be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, Kank-A only lasts about a half hour (I really painted my jaw with that stuff), and I found myself brushing away on the hour, but it does help temporarily.

The Clove Oil helped beautifully, and as I mentioned, kept the pain away for 12+ hours. It burns if it hits other tissue in the mouth, and smells/tastes terrible, but when you are in that much pain, the taste is almost welcoming.

Salt rinses are always going to be recommended by your dentist every 4 hours or so, but you can do it whenever you want. I use warm water. Cold water probably wouldn't feel good because the area is sensitive.

Black tea bags can be used by just getting them wet and putting them in the area, it neutralizes the pain and also sucks toxins out of the socket. I tried this today, and it's not one of my favorite suggestions because the tea bag pretty much takes up your whole mouth and is uncomfortable and makes you feel like drooling. It also does not really help with getting rid of the pain -- brings it down to about a 4ish I would say, but still uncomfortable.

I'm really happy I found this website because reading all the other entries I can see that others have felt my pain and even been worse off than me! Thank you for all the tips and suggestions!


I was reading the remedies for dry socket last night whilst in agony. 2 days post extraction the one side of my mouth was so sore, I have had 3 kids, and this was the worst thing ever!! Reading all your ideas about oil of cloves was great but at 11pm and being in NZ had no means of getting this stuff. Managed to see a dentist this morning, she dressed the socket with what she described as 'horsemanure' but did the trick immediately. A wonder, tastes of xmas a litte so definitely had the clove oil in it, instant relief, finally!


My parents always kept a bottle of oil of cloves in the medicine cabinet when I was a kid. They said it was for toothaches. Since I've never had a toothache until now, I had no idea just how right mom and dad were. Three days after having a lower molar extracted, I developed dry socket. Before the pain hit full force, I called around to find some clove oil. No one had it, but CVS had the Red Cross Toothache kit in stock. I applied the oil using the cotton pellets and within a couple of minutes, the pain was greatly reduced. Works great! If you get the oil on your lips, just rub them with olive oil. It cuts through the clove oil and the burning stops immediately.


Had 4 wisdom teeth extracted 6 days ago. About 3 days ago I started having earaches and around one of the lower extractions the worst pain I've ever had. In addition the other lower extraction has a bad taste coming from it, and its mildly painful. Misery. Saw this page, decided to go to the oral surgeon first. Ya know what he dressed it with? Clove oil on gauze. He didn't charge me for the visit (your own oral surgeon never should, but early this week I was assigned to a work location 1000 miles from home, I had to go to a new surgeon), but it wasn't worth the hassle; had I known that's what he would use I would have started with that. No luck on the toothache kit mentioned several times on this page, none of the drug stores had it. There is a small natural foods/supplements type store in town though, and they had some clove oil (also learned if you can't find it with the health/beauty stuff clove oil can be found with either the spices or the cake decorating/candy making products). Also they suggested tea tree oil for its anti-microbial and mildly anesthetic qualities. So I got both of those, took a small glass of water with about 10 drops of each oil, and used it in that syringe with the curved tip the oral surgeon gave me to irrigate both lower sockets. I'm guessing it might take a couple times rinsing it out for that bad taste to go away, but I cleaned until no solid debris was coming out anymore. Next up I took a piece of gauze, put a few drops of clove oil on it (get a medicine dropper!) and stuffed it into the back of my mouth on top of the offending sockets. Problem pretty much solved. A little ibuprofen and I'm pretty much pain-free. This is horribly painful, hope you have as much luck with it as I had!


I have never been one to try this stuff but last night I thought my recent Widsom tooth extraction was going to be the death of me. I was 4 days post op so I thought I was in the clear when yesterday about lunch time all heck broke loose. The pain was the most intense pain even worse than the pain the day of surgery. I looked this site up and saw that the Red Cross Toothache Kit was highly recommened. Trust me the $8 for the kit is so well worth it I would have paid so much more. Please dont hesitate to buy this product it is amazing. Today I put more in and it lasted me till lunch time. I just applied more and remember that I saw it here and should let others know of the success I had.


Wow..dry socket is like no other pain I have experienced. I had a 1/4 of my jaw removed ( 6 teeth, bone and gums)about 6 years ago and let me tell you dry socket is worse than that pain.
I saw the dentist and he packed with this 'stuff' and it helped the pain right away. I saw him twice and then the 'stuff' fell out and do not have an appointment for another three days so I googled and found this site..thank goodness. Here in Canada, I found clove oil at the Bulk Barn. and it is awesome for pain relief. I was able to sleep and then put some clove oil on a small piee of gauze and packed it in the hole for about 1 minute when I woke up 7 hours later. It lasted for another 3 hours or so and I was able to get up and not be distracted by the pain. Thank you to whoever put this site on web!!

davey dry sockets

my absolute wonder cure is crushing a baby aspiran to reduce swelling witch is half the problem. then putting a drop of clove oil in the aspiran. make sure it is saturated. mix it up in a little piece of gauze. and you have a wonderful little medicated dressing. p.s. my dentist gave me that remedie for when i couldnt get to him. it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Student Dentist

Please do NOT try to treat a dry socket by rinsing the area with ANYTHING! If you rinse the area you will end up washing away the things your body is trying to accumulate in that area to form a blood clot. The absence of this protective dry socket is what is causing you to feel intense pain. The BEST solution is to visit the dentist who extracted your tooth and allow them to dress the area.Until that time take over the counter pain meds. This appt is usually of no charge.


Pain Scale from 1 to 10 (10 being so unbearable you need to go to the hospital)
Worst at a 9 but usually at around an 8

2 Advil alone - 6 - lasts about 2 hours

Tylenol with Codeine (or other pain killers) alone - 5 - lasts about 2 hours - get in either Canada or a prescription from your oral surgeon. Be careful taking painkillers because if you're having any pain like mine, the pain has spread into the inner ear and can throw balance off. The pain killers WILL make you loopy and I suggest lie down for a nap or a movie while these are in effect.

Painkillers and advil at the same time - 3 or 4 - lasts about 2 hours

Red Cross Tooth Ache Kit - 4 (but burns other parts of mouth) - lasts about 45 mins to an hour. When I first went to use the red cross kit, I submerged the tiny cotton ball it comes with all the way into the pained socket and its accidentally fell in and got stuck. The pain was gone almost completely, it was down to a 1 for multiple hours. Problem was that I am 7 hours away from my oral surgeon and now cannot get the cotton ball removed for 6 days which is not good. I tried removing it myself with the tweezers the pack comes with but ended up hurting it more, causing my mouth to bleed and a lot of pain the next day.

Clove oil mixed with vodka (purchased at a Wiccan herb shop) - 4 - lasts about 45 mins

Sockit (received from oral surgeon) - 3 - lasts about an hour and doesn't taste bad like Red Cross or clove oil (I would have used this the entire time except I unfortunately ran out and I'm 7 hours from my oral surgeon)

Kank A Softbrush Gel (Oral Anesthetic) - 2 - lasts for 10 to 15 minutes and causes whole area to become numb but in cases of extreme pain that need to be solved immediately, it works well. Purchased at local Kinney, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

As you can see, I've tried every remedy in the book. I am managing my pain, taking medication every 4 hours and in that hour or two window where I can't take more and the pain returns, I use other remedies. I've been rinsing the socket with warm salt water after every meal, which are consisting of soups, pastas, ice creams, puddings, etc. Rinsing down cause pain initially but after about 15 minutes the pain goes down to an 7 or even a 6 sometimes because the socket isn't agitated. Put heat on it, alternating every 20 minutes to promote healing. Either use a wash cloth soaked in warm water, or if you have one, use a heating pad.

I'm sorry to anyone having to endure this pain as well. It is one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. I hope everyone's sockets heal well and no pain of this sort will plague you again. Meanwhile, I hope my list of remedies and how much they helped me were helpful to you.



OMG I had 3 teeth pulled in a row and one of them developed dry socket and let me tell you I was in some 'PAIN' and I dealt with this 5 days after the tooth extraction and I decide to look on the net for info and came across this site and man I'm glad I did... Read several users saying the use the red cross emergency stuff with clove oil in it and I went and bought some and let me tell you I'm feeling no pain at all. So if you happen to get dry socket get the red cross emergency stuff because it stop the pain instant... thank GOD for this site

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