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Clove oil is absolutely wonderful to ease dry socket pain. And if you are a worrier (like I am), it was my dentist who gave it to me. I went in with dry socket pain about a week after having a wisdom tooth extracted, and he packed it with gauze and clove oil. He said it has been used since the Middle Ages, and is still used because it works. The clove oil numbs the pain, but also irritates the gums a bit, which re-triggers the healing process that got interrupted and left you with dry socket in the first place.


I love this web site. After getting a lower molar removed 5 days ago, the pain has gotten progressively worse. Today is Sunday so getting back to the dentist is probably not an option. I read about the clove oil remedy suggested by many here. I called a couple of drug stores and none had it. Then an idea hit me. I had just recently stocked my spice cabinet with whole cloves to make a ham on NYE. I took some of them and used a mortar and pestle to grind the cloves. I then put a little water in the mash and ground some more to make a sort of paste. I stuck the paste in the molar socket and no more pain. The pastes stays in there pretty well. I have a clove taste in my mouth but I like the tastes of cloves. It's really working marvelously well!


I truly Thank God for this site. I was so glad to see that someone else had experienced the same pain I had, at least, I knew it wasn't my imagination. I had two teeth extracted the Thursday before Christmas and OMG, what was I thinking. I went back to work after my appointment and I was fine. Went to work on Friday, I was still fine. On the evening of Christmas Eve, OMG I just couldn't believe I was beginning to experience pain. Well, by Christmas Day, the pain escalated to a 15. I was popping Ibuprofen 800mg at a time every 2 1/2 - 3 hours and it was not touching the pain. I read my discharge instructions from my dentist and it described Dry Socket symptoms and the next step was I was on Google searching for Home Remedies for Dry Socket and after reading all the posts, I realized that our symptoms are all very similar. I went back to my dentist's associate, because he was on vacation, on the Tuesday following Christmas because their office was closed the Monday after. The dentist irrigated the socket and packed it with medicine, which in about 15-20 mins, it felt really good, NO PAIN and I had some Vicodin 5/500. As much as I hate narcotics, let me tell you, I was willing to give them a shot should the pain return. Again, I went back to work. By the time I was getting off work, I could not believe the pain that returned. I went to several local pharmacies and their stories were identical, 'someone had just bought the last Red Cross toothache kit.' I repeatedly questioned, 'you have got to be kidding me, right?' Finally, I went to a Rite Aid and they actually had one vial of Clove Oil. At this point, I wasn't even concerned about the cost, it was the only vial in the area and it was going to be mine, Great suggestion, I can't thank you all enough for sharing your stories. Clove oil on a small gauze sponge did magic. It has provided the longest relief thus far. I have come into the New Year with this lingering pain, but I am praying that by the time I awaken today, I will be pain free.


I never type on these things but OMG 15 minutes ago my dry socket pain was at an 8. And this is my ELEVENTH day dealing with it. I'm on oxycodone 10mg and aceteminophen 650mg and it is barely working anymore. I ran down to my grocery store pharmacy and BEHIND the counter they had clove oil! INSTANT relief! It is a true miracle . My pain is gone on both sides and it only took a few seconds. I used a qtip for accuracy because the stuff is STRONG but omg this website was a blessing. CLOVE OIL is the way to go.


Instant Relief! I had my last molar on the left bottom of my mouth removed 6 days ago due to a break in the tooth down to the pulp. The extraction went ok or so I was told, I was completely out.

My Dr. sent me home with Demerol for the pain and prescribed one every 4 to 6 hours for pain. The first two days weren't bad and Aleeve seemed to do the trick just fine. On the third day I woke up with throbbing pain in the socket, a lump under my jaw below where the tooth was extracted and an inner ear ache that seemed to reach down the ear canal directly to where it connects to the throat.

I've been dealing with this horrible pain for the past 4 days. The demerol hasn't touched it and neither has gargling with warm salt water or medicated mouth wash.

I jumped on this site at 4:00 today and within 5 minutes found your remedy of Clove Oil. I immediately went to CVS and bought the recommended 'First Aid Toothache Medication Kit' complete with cotton plugs, tweezers and Clove oil. I soaked the plug in the oil, squeezed out the excess and stuck it in the socket for the recommended 1 minute.

Folks...I'm here to tell you...this works!!!!! Within 10 seconds, the pain was subsiding. Some of the oil spilled on my tongue and gum and they are now both sufficiently numb however, the burning from the oil is nothing compared to the relief that I now feel.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I could hug each and everyone of you for recommending this fix.

I am one happy camper :)

drysocket hater!

I have been suffering dry socket since last wednesday when i had all four wisdom teeth removed. The pain really kicked in on the Friday (2days after surgery) but by Sunday morning (4 days after surgery) the pain got so bad i called the surgeons emergency number. Would have been great to have been told about clove oil then rather then told to sit tight until the next day when they would see me.

I had been advised by my surgeon to avoid ibprofen and instead stick to paracetamol and codine based pain killers, which i will say were not worth me taking as they did nothing, the only time i noticed any pain relief was when i was taking fast acting ibprofen based pills.

Once i got to see my surgeon he was fantastic, gave me a local, cleaned out the socket thoroughly and packed it with a paste that he compared the taste of to chewing tobbaco. Absolutely disgusting stuff and i was sceptical of it working, i thought the pain relief was down to my having a slow acting local and put the pain relief down to not feeling anything at all, but once it wore off it was fine.

Returned this morning (tuesday 6 days post op) and they removed most of the brown paste from the socket, gave me a few syringes and told me to start irrigating the socket with warm salt water starting on christmas day which will be Sunday to get the rest of the paste out of the wound.

Hope that it works as the surgeons have finished for the year now so if it doesn't heal i will be back to ibiprofen until the beginning of january!

Tip do not get wisdom teeth out 11 days before christmas! They all go on holidays and leave you on your own leaving no room for complications!

Gary in Seattle

Had a tooth extracted Monday. Been dealing with dry socket pain all week through today, Sunday. Found this sight. Clearly clove oil is the way to go. Neither Walgreens or Rite-Aid had the Red Cross toothache kit. I made my own kit. First there was the clove oil. Had to get it from the pharmacist as they didn't have it with the tooth care products. About $5.50 for a small vial. What about the Small cotton swabs to put in the socket? Just gently pull the cotton tip off a cue-tip and with tweezers, medicate the cotton with the clove oil, then place the medicated cotton gently in the socket. Once there, use the end of the cue-tip that no longer has cotton on it to gently pack the socket. Voila, no pain.

So, build your own kit with:
1. Clove Oil
2. Cue-tips
3. Tweezers

Amazing how much we take for granted being pain free!


Had my wisdom teeth pulled last Friday morning. All was pretty well until Sunday morning when I hit the floor like a dump truck. I was convinced I had dry socket. Went back to dentist on Mon morning, stated no dry socket, and gave me percicet on top of Ibuprofen. Pain had still been unbearable with meds. Meds only last about 2-2 1/2 hrs max. Went back this Wed, said piece of food debris was back there and now should feel some relief. NOTHING 4 HOURS LATER! Went to pharmacy, bought red cross dental kit, applied to socket area, and lo and behold, the FIRST FEELING of relief since this came on! Granted its only been 10 minutes as of this posting, however I'll take it! The problem is keeping it off of other tissue area. Impossible! Only burns for a minute or so though. Well worth it.


i see everyone commenting about the red cross toothache kit yes it does work but the trick inside it is the clove oil. if you look around you can find the clove oil without the kit for about the same price as the kit but you will get alot more clove oil. around central ny in the states i found it at GNC. idk why but i never bothered to check CVS or Rite Aid

Chris M

I'm in my third week of suffering from dry socket. I tried clove oil soaked in gauze and packed into the socket. For the first few days this helped, but by day 4 it was ineffective. I've been to the Dentist on 2 occasions and had the socket packed with gauze soaked with a brown paste, it didn't help at all. I've been taking solpadol 1000mg every 4 hours and ibuprofen 800mg 2 hours later. This has helped control the pain and is all that I'm using at present. A big mistake that I made based on advice from a work colleague that said it helped her son was washing the socket by swirling cold water around my mouth. Initially the pain went away but after a few minutes it turned into the worst pain I have ever had, with tears running down my face. I also found that washing the socket with warm salt water made the pain worse.

I live in the UK and have been unable to find some of the over the counter remedies that are available in other countries, like the first aid kit.

On a positive note by week 3 the pain is less intense and I think that the worst is over.

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