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thanks everyone for all your posts! i was is such pain from my dry socket, when to the dentist and he irrigated it which helped for about an hour. then the pain was back with vengence! i read all the posts last night at modnight because i couldnt sleep. went to rite aid and purchsed the clove oil WOW! instant relief, i used a q-tip and dipped it in the oil then put it rivht into the socket. yes it tastes nasty but who cares, thanks again everyone!


lots of whiskey, lots of ganja, and being tough.

grateful soul

The first two days after my four wisdom teeth were removed, I hardly had any pain. Didn't need any of the painkillers they gave me. This is easy, I thought. I felt so good I thought I would go back to work even before my pre-approved sick leave was over.

About the fourth day, one early morning I woke up from pain in the two lower sockets, more painful than right after surgery. I started to take the painkillers and they helped me through the night and following day. The following night (or early morning) I woke up from worse pain. I doubled the painkillers and that helped me through another night and day.

Today the pain was so bad I felt like I could overdose on the painkillers. Luckily my surgeon is near me and I was supposed to see her tomorrow, so I rang up and asked for an earlier appointment instead. She saw me today and told me I had 'dry socket'. She irrigated my sockets and put some resorbable stuff in it. She said it was like a 'sedative'. Boy I felt so much better. I could live AND be sane again, and I had only been suffering from dry socket for one day...(I bow down to you brave souls that have had to endure it for more than a day)

Because it worked so well, I wanted to make sure that it stayed that way. I wasn't planning on going back to the dentist every day for a bit of mercy. In any event she didn't sound like I would even need to go back because 'everything looks fine' and I would go back to work in another two days. But I could not risk having to feel pain like that for another minute. I had to find out what she used.

Talked to a dentist friend and learned about eugenol, which is what the surgeon probably used, which is mainly clove oil. Drove to the chemist and bought some. I haven't even opened the bottle and I can smell it. It smells similar to but not exactly the same as the stuff that the surgeon put in my sockets.

After reading these wonderful posts, I can sleep tight knowing that should I ever need more of the same stuff that my surgeon used, I have it in a bottle by the bedside. Because of what I have read here, I have no doubt that it WILL work as intended.

Thank YOU all for sharing your experiences and reaffirming the benefits of clove oil. You have lit up my life by posting here. I have faith in humanity again. And thank God for clove oil. I'm not too thankful of God for putting me on this earth but I am grateful that he at least also put clove on this earth.


it works......really does.....cant believe it......dont suffer by waiting for an emergency appointment....get the CLOVE OIL....dip in a q tip, carefully dab it on site of pain......for longer lasting relief........dab some oil on a tiny piece of gauze and fill socket it with simple! old remedies obviously are the you get to smell like a Christmas airfreshener!




Had my two bottom wisdom teeth extracted about 4 days ago. Yesterday the worst pain started. One whole half of my mouth was throbbing I thought I was going to die. Everyone talked about
Clove oil or red cross toothache kit. Let me tell you red cross toothache kit is the way to go. I finally slept through the night. I couldn't take the pain killers because they made me sick but this site helped so much I can chew and not always be in pain.


It was 5:30 am when i just could not take the pain any more so I went to this website to find out what I could do the this dry socket pain I had two teeth pulled friday and friday is amost here again and i am still in pain. I saw that everyone was talking about clove oil which I didnt have and no store was open that early so I got some ground clove from my spice rack and mix it with water and make a paste omg it was heaven I put it in the socket with a q tip and the pain was gone in seconds thank you god for this website

Ms. Boles

I was skeptical about using the clove oil on my dry socket. I went to GNC today (2/28/12) and purchased the oil for 6.99. And I must say it actually worked. The taste is horrible and will make your mouth and tongue numb but it’s totally worth it to stop the pain and hold you over to be able to see your dentist. I would recommend it


Clove oil really does work.... I just put some on a small piece of gauze and place it in the socket.... instant pain relief....


My dentist told me I would feel great in three days after my molar extraction and that I would only need ibuprofen for pain. After 48 hours I was in so much pain I called him for a prescription for a painkiller and was given Hydrocodone, which I took as prescribed and which did not even begin to touch the pain. I found this website and bought clove oil and tea tree oil and put one drop each on a piece of gauze and topped it with a whole capsule of vitamin E oil. This was soothing and I had the feeling it was promoting healing of the wound. I took 3 GRAMS of powdered vitamin C every four hours to promote healing. I was taking 4 Excedrin (aspirin + caffeine) for pain every 4-6 hours, which allowed me to rest. I changed the clove oil-tea tree oil-vitamin E compresses frequently--using 6 or 7 in one afternoon. After 72 hours, I added swishing with warm salt water to keep the wound clean and kept up the vitamin C routine. I felt a little less pain, and that was encouraging. I stopped the salt water rinses and changed to rinsing with peroxide diluted 1:4 with warm water. I switched from caffeinated aspirin to ibuprofen, 4 tablets every 6 hours. It's been two weeks and my wound is completely healed, no pain. I saw my dentist yesterday and he said the site looks very good. I still gave him a swift kick for making me think it was no big deal and I'd be all well in three days! What a joke!

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