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5 Home Remedies for Abrasions


Gently wash rinse with clean water or hydogen perioxide, then cover wound with dry powdered herb (there are many that work) to help stop bleeding and seal wound. Goldenseal root powder is very good. Cinnamon, or tumeric, or as has been said, red pepper will also work.

Once wound is covered, (repeat powdering if necessary - if wound starts bleeding/oozing again), then when wound no longer weeps and is dry, begin gently applying wheat germ oil, vitamin E oil, honey, or fresh aloe over the top...then lightly recoat with herbal powder if necessary to keep surface dry.

That usually does it well.

But to be safe: watch surrounding area outside of wound for signs of spreading redness - which is a sign of infection, if that occurs recleaning + sanitizing the site is needed.

Hydrogen Peroxide loses it's strength quickly out in the open. To compensate for this, (when stronger sanitizing of a wound is required), simply keep reapplying it every few minutes - (a spray bottle is handy for this) another option is to use it to soak a clean tissue/napkin and then lay it over the wound so that it's touching it everywhere (no bubbles).

The hydrogen peroxide referred to is the 3% solution normally found on store shelves. It's fairly mild, but does cause a little stinging, and slight shouldn't soak or spay repeatedly for very long. Estimate any time much longer than 10-20 minutes would be excessive, for it should have killed all germs, bacteria in that amount of time, and longer application may unnecessarily harm healty tissue.

Then redo powdered herbs and when ready the oil or honey, aloe. Once wound is mostly healed keep moistuizing with oil, honey, or aloe to minimize scaring.

Also, keep hydrogen peroxide away from soaking onto toe and finger has the tendency to 'wick up' under the nail and cause rather intense, long lasting pain.

Also Note: Most of those powdered herbs will stain clothing etc..


As usual, wash the affected area w/anti-bacterial soap (Dial and/or Safeguard) and use a red washcloth to soothe the child from seeing the blood if you are treating a child. Otherwise, coat the abrasion with a good, solid coat of Vaseline (no sting) and ironically, it works for more than aiding dry skin. Don't use one of those liquid skin concoctions as they will sting like all you-know-what. In fact, all of those brands of the liquid bandages will bring a grown man to tears from a simple blister to a skin crack.


Cayenne pepper will stop the bleeding on small cuts and scratches.


Wash wound and apply cod liver oil, vitamin E oil, or aloe vera gel.


Garlic oil will help reduce infection and inflammation. Put some on a band-aid and place on the abrasion.

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