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For bad tooth pain, Nature's Promise Fresh Dental Spray for dogs (don't laugh!). It contains alcohol, mint, green tea extract and baking soda. That dipped into powdered cloves and placed on a piece of cotton.


Although I liked the logic of remedies found here to cover an exposed tooth nerve with wax or beeswax, there were no orthodontic/braces' wax, beeswax or even candles to be had in my home on a stormy Monday 3am morning.

So I sacrificed a tube of chapstick deciding it would likely be safe to ingest & perhaps wax-y enough to provide relief.

BINGO! After using my finger to smear gobs of the waxy lip balm over my bad upper molar (fr which a filling had disintegrated over the past week), my pain ratcheted down to a 4/5 outta 10. If the gobs run out before I sleep, I plan to pop the remaining chapstick fr its tube & simply bite my bad molar down on the stick of lip balm.

This temporary solution is at least giving that Tylenol PM I took hours ago a chance to work so I can rest a while until I can buy orthodontic wax when pharmacies open.


I have gone through every remedy on this page and someone of them partially work while others don't. In my situation, I am in the middle the country where no dentist exist and will not be back home until this assignment is over. Here's the remedy. First, you should rinse your mouth with alcohol (I use Tennessee Whiskey with Honey). This will immediately remove the pain. Afterwards, there is a product called dentemp that will relieve all of your pain. It is about $2.56. It's available at walmart, CVS, etc. You wash your hands, do not try and get the paste and stick in to the hole of the exposed nerve. You let it dry for one hour. I am not able to go to the dentist for about 3 months. I AM NOT KIDDING. As a result, I do this once a week and I feel amazing. The pain scale goes from 10 to 0. There is no pain and you can eat, sleep, etc. I would recommend always having it in the house. Good luck.


My left wisdom tooth grew in crooked. Which I broke he tooth in front of it just at the back and pushed my metal filling out. I've been in pain for days n have tried everything. I ate bread to fill the whole to try n de-expose the nerve. That didn't work. I tried sensodyne that didn't work. After 3 days of pain I came up wit my own method by combinding a few of ur methods.

I brushed n flossed the irritated tooth. Then I got salt, ground pepper, n dried garlic. Boiled the kettle and let in sit on my tooth I did this bout 4 times n now the pain is bareable I also took 2 ibuprofen 400mg.

I still causing discomfort but it's not as bad as it was.


Okay so I read a lot of these remedy's and nothing has really worked maybe for 20-30 mins and the pain is back , what worked for me and I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not but it works like a charm , I have a bottom tooth that has a hole in it you can't see it because its on the back side and it hurts bad , my face is kinda getting swollen but nothing too bad just a lot of pain , so I've tried the garlic , I tried alcohol really strong homemade stuff and it only works temporarily but what works fine is if you or someone in your family wears dentures there's a glue for dentures try putting that around the hole if you don't have it go buy it because it will work I promise just take a little on your finger or tooth pick you don't really need much and just cover the hole with it the stuff actually swells up and covers the hole perfectly of course I can still feel pain when I bite down on the tooth but my pain went from 8-9 to 1-2 from this it definitely works and the stuff takes a while to dissolve in your mouth it will have you sleeping good and I know a lot of you don't have health care and stuff so you can't get the tooth fixed right away but that's my only way that helped me and it worked good I'm here normal again don't have to hold my mouth and deal with the pain its pretty much like a temporarily filling , not sure if its a smart idea but hey whatever works going to to a dentist Monday and see what happens.




I tried soar throat spray and it worked a little..but then I put tequila since I had nothing else and it stopped the throbbing pain immediately ..I also chewed on bread afterwards... Hope this helps...:)


After two nights and three full days of incredible pain from a broken tooth with an exposed nerve, I came upon this website. I had eaten enough ibuprofen that I thought the only answer was getting it pulled, but I have no money. Even nyquil didnt work. THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE!!! I took a huge garlic clove smashed it with a knife, ripped it in half then rubbed it all over the hole and left it in between my gum and tooth. In a matter of one minute, the pain was gone, like gone gone. I left the garlic in as long as I could take the sting, not from my tooth but the flesh on my cheek. Come to find out, garlic has alot of antibacterial cleaning powers and usually that is what causes the toothaches. Just to let you know, I was afraid to let anything near that hole, wish i had done it on the first damn night.


Red Cross Toothache complete medication kit with 80% natural eugenol (clove oil) the stuff is magic!


Been suffering from a tooth with exposed nerve for months.knew tooth had to be extracted last year, but let it go due to minimal to no pain. Recently the pain has intensified so I scheduled a consultation with oral surgeon to set up a date to have it removed. Saw the Dr. March 31 and had scheduled the extraction for April 11. It is now April 7 and my tooth has been giving me utter hell. It has it's own heartbeat, well that's the way it feels. I'm talking pain that just sticks. I just so happened to have a prescription for Hydrocodon, which helped on occasions , but not all the time and you don't want to over do that one. It seems this last Hydrocodon I took did not help at all, so I resorted into looking for home remedies which led me to this site. Found some interesting remedies and decided to take what I had on hand and produce a concoction to provide me some relief until my appointment, which I will try to reschedule for a sooner date. What I did was took my bottle of bourbon out of the garage fridge and heated up approx one half ounce in microwave and crushed 2 ea 800 mg prescription ibuprofen with plastic pills crusher( you can use a mortar and pestle to obtain the same results) I mixed this with one teaspoon of heated bourbon to form a paste and applied around and In between my teeth where the problem area exists and am currently typing this virtually pain free. It has been almost an hour since application and still no pain. Thank goodness I found my daughters ibuprofen . I figure you could achieve the same results with over the counter pain meds, just make sure they don't have that protective coating on them. Makes for a softer paste. This is something to experiment with especially if desperate to relieve pain. I heard mixtures of cloves cinnamon and honey help out as well and rubbing alcohol. I've not tried these so I don't know if they work, but common sense will tell u that making a paste using alcohol will allow meds to absorb quicker into the problem area. As mentioned before, these remedies are hit and miss. Some will work, some may not or just provide a short term fix . Hope this info was helpful. The toothache is a very painful ordeal to suffer through and wouldn't wish it on anyone. I feel for all those out there who don't have dental care or insurance. Take Care

The Rock

Well I have a broken tooth with root exposed I'm guessing... pain was seriously killing me! Ohhhh that awful throbbing pain! UGH!! !#@/ Anyways after reading some things on here I finally tried this... Swishing around a nice shot of Johhny Walker, or any strong wiskey/rum/vodka, n then anuther shot just because! then i have sum natural honey with the honey comb in it so decided to chew up some of the comb wax till it's still sticky n chewed it on side of mouth with the hole to stuff the hole...n guess what! pains been gone for over 24 hrs now! Soooo much more tollerable! Now going on 72 hrs! Not bad. Man all we needed is bees wax! Awesum! Now i can actually do stuff again!

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