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Tammy ames

I recommend you do not use baking soda the pain after rinsing gets 5 times worse but gum works great and dentex tonight I'm using gum need to get some dentex at Walmart or any big store

Jayson hagan

So here's the deal I'm a flat bed trucker whom brushes twice a day before my 14 hour shift and after I've been cursed with my family's sharp fangs all around last week I was tightening a chain with a snap binder when I got hit in the side od the face lots of pain went to the er gave me pain killers that I can't take come to find out I broke a tooth and can't be seen tell I get home in 5 weeks . I can't eat and can't sleep I've tried dentex it burns I've tried everything I can an old school driver said to try big red gum the cinnamon from it helps a little maybe from a 10 to a 5 and room temp water takes it down to a 2


hi all.. after 5 days of constant and i mean constant pain to were i couldnt eat sleep or even think properly! i tryed SENSODYNE toothpaste all i did was apply a bit on my finger and rubbed it along my gums and into the exposed area and within 1min all pain and throbing was gone!! i was very unsure weather i was wasting my money on it but wow i can actually do things again without wanting to cry :)


gurgle combo of mild hot water ,baking soda and lots of salt..then green tea, not too hot


Sesame seed oil works. I have a broken wisdom tooth with the nerve exposed. My mother in law gave me a tiny bottle of red cross tooth ache medication. And after looking at the label. Its the only ingredient. Be careful not to get it on your face because it Burns. But it really WORKS!!


I read through all of these trying to figure out which one I was feeling brave enough to try, then I saw the one on acupressure (pressure points) and decided to do my own research. Found a page with the different pressure points for toothaches and they worked. I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised. I didn't do the arm point. I did all the others though and for a couple minutes at a time a few different times. You can google acupressure points for toothaches for a visual, and the information is copied from the site I found it on. Hope this helps someone else.

Points (A) -- Facial Beauty
Location: At the bottom of the cheekbone, directly below the pupil. Benefits: Relieves toothaches, head congestion, and sinus pain.

Points (B) -- Jaw Chariot
Location: Between the upper and lower jaws, on the muscle in front of the earlobe that bulges when the back teeth are slightly clenched. Benefits: Relieves jaw pain and spasm, TMJ problems, lockjaw, sore throats, dental neuralgia, and toothaches.

Points (C) -- Shoulder Meeting Point
Location: On the outer surface of the upper arm, one thumb width in back of the base of the upper arm muscle (the deltoid) and two finger widths higher up toward the shoulder. Benefits: Relieves toothaches, elbow pain, shoulder pain, and painful arm extension.

Points (D) -- Joining the Valley
Caution: This point is forbidden for pregnant women because its stimulation can cause premature contractions in the uterus.
Location: In the webbing between the thumb and index finger at the highest spot of the muscle when the thumb and index finger are brought close together. Benefits: Relieves headaches and toothaches.


Hello everyone! I once had a dry socket from a wisdom tooth I had just had pulled at the dentist. I would NEVER wish that kind of pain on anyone!!! I've had 3 children naturally, a few broken teeth, some really bad cavities, knee popped out of place and in a leg-length brace for up to 6 weeks before and NONE of that compared to the pain I was in with that dry socket! I bought anything and everything I could find, asked everyone, searched every website, etc. FINALLY, I learned about clove oil. Next thought: I hate cloves more than just about anything! I decided the pain was so unbearable that I had to do it. I finally found some in a health food store and it was **wonderful** despite being disgusting! My pain was so bad that I had to administer even the clove oil at least 2-3 times per day (24 hours), but it was the ONLY thing that even came close to touching the pain! What caused my dry socket? The pain meds the dentist gave me for having the tooth pulled! The made me sick to my stomach and, as hard as I desperately tried not to, it made me violently ill throwing up. There went my blood clot! Right down the drain! I'd heard about dry sockets before so I know exactly what had happened but the pain was beyond anything I had ever imagined! Bottom line: Clove oil!! Can be found in Natural/Health Food stores and probably small-town type 'real' pharmacies. Good luck!!

P.S. - I found my way here tonight because my already very broken tooth made another major break tonight. I was looking for any and all remedies to avoid the pain. :-)


Okay so last night at 1 am my top tooth at the back flared up nothing worked at all 'NOTHING' oil of cloves, gargled salt water,mouthwash,both hot and cold packs against my face, crushed up asprin and dabbed on affected area also tried this with panadol or paracetamol tried doing this with ibuprofen to no avail I also nearly overdosed on the tablets also none of this worked so i said to my family the only thing i have not tried is eating they laughed ohh that will make it worse... I felt like cutting my own face off so I went to the fridge and grabbed a glass of milk then looked at the fruit bowl and seen a banana.. i decided to peel and try chewing on the banana the milk had better effect than holding water in my mouth... wow i may be on to something here i said to myself at last some relief after chewing on the banana little by little the pain subsided and i could at least lay my head down at 4:30 am and get some sleep. I woke at 8:30 little pain and tried some more banana and again relief thank god!!! booked an emergency appointment with the dentist for this afternoon he seems to think its an exposed nerve on two teeth. But all in all the banana and milk gave me some respite give it a go it may work for you too good luck i feel your pain :/


I have a genuine remedy here that I discovered on my own when I was taking care of my boyfriend who was battling cancer and going through an immense ammount of pain. Though he has recently passed away, I use to make him my special 'CHEMO TEA', and it was the only thing that would take his pain away. It worked better than morphine, oxycontins, hydrocodons, and the whole nine yards.

I can promise you this will work for even THE MOST SEVERE of cases. I remembered it tonight and after 48 hours of feeling suicidal from riding in the worst pain of my life, it all went to ZERO because I remembered my tea!

You will need to purchase white willow bark in loose leaf, and chamomile in loose leaf. Natural grocers or any natural department should have these for very affordable prices. I think I paid 3 dollars for a baggie of white willow bark and 2 dollars for the Chamomile at the time.

RECIPE: 2 teaspoons of white willow bark (way more effective than Aspirin) & 2 teaspoons of Chamomile. Steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 5 minutes. STRAIN, do not over steep as white willow bark can be dangerous if too strong. Drink at lukewarm temperature or cold, depending on how bad your tooth is. Within 15 minutes you will find your pain completely eliminated. Good luck!


I tried all of these with some success:

- Drinking green tea, and swish it around in your mouth. I would not use any green tea flavored with anything, because that is probably some artificial sweetener, which is the last thing you want. But, I guess there is a lot of natural fluoride in the green tea, that is the main thing that is good for teeth. Also, you can take the tea bag, when done, roll it up and put it right on the tooth.

- Take combinations of these spices Garlic, Turmeric, Mustard, or ground Cloves. I had best results with the ground Cloves. And, Put a bit of it in your hand, take your index finger, dab it on the spice mixed with your saliva, and apply it directly to the infected area.

- Anbesol and Orajel. I had mixed results with these. Sometimes they worked sometimes they didnt. I think they are meant for minor toothaches. And, the numbing effect you get outside the bad area is kind of unpleasant.

- Brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste helped a little. I also started using that enamel restoring mouthwash, which seemed to help a little bit.

- rinsing your mouth out with salt water, dont swallow any of it, it helped a little, very briefly.

I have yet to try these, but was about to,

take Olive Oil, or Apple Cider Vinegar, put it on a cotton ball or a small piece of paper towel. And, then stick that right on the bad tooth.

Baking Soda supposedly works very well. One thing, there is a person earlier in the suggestions, suggesting heating baking soda, whatever you do DO NOT heat baking soda, it will make it semi poisonous, and possibly cause chemical burns.

But, to take regular baking soda, turn it into a paste mixed with warm water. Apply that to the infected area, cover with cotton. And, supposedly this will greatly reduce the infection after about 2 days.

One thing i also want to say is i have bad teeth, my family had bad teeth, it's mostly a genetic thing. So, don't feel guilty if you have bad teeth. These Dental Care people like to put you on a guilt trip for not having a smile like a Hollywood celebrity, and then they act like it is no big deal when they say oh, well your dental bill is ONLY going to be $5,000 or $10,000. If not more.

Just try and take care of the teeth that you do still have as best you can, because in 5 or 10 years they are finally going to be able to re grow natural teeth, so there will be options outside of just dentures and implants. And, if you cant afford dental work in the USA, look into dental tourism, i have just started researching, i hear good things about the country of Hungary, South America, and the Philippines. Where they can do the work about as good as in the US for about 1/3 of the cost.

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