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I had dental surgery about two weeks ago and was suffering from severe nerve pain throughout the upper and lower gum area on one side of my face. I was taking 1-2 vicodin every 4-6 hours just to get by, until I read a post that suggested using a topical creme. I rubbed Aspercreme along the jawline of my left cheek and am now in NO PAIN. It is nothing short of miracle--do give it a try!!!

ur mom

I really just took some pain killers but that did not help so I do not recomend that. When I am like going to sleep I will put something inbetween the gums and the tooth that hurt.


I somehow chipped my front left tooth. I went to the dentist hoping that they could fix it. They told me that I could have it pulled out but I didn't want to do that because it is a front tooth. I felt so embarrassed, but they told me that It needed a root canal. but my insurance did not cover it. So I went home and researched it and came across this site that under this program called the health safety net where they do services that insurance don't cover. So the hsn. will do the root canal free to me under this program. I was able to find a dentist close to me that would do it. So I made an appointment to have my tooth looked at and then they scheduled the appointment for a month later. So April 27th I will have it fixed. But 3 days ago I started to feel severe pain in my broken tooth. It's a sharp, sensitive piercing feeling. It's very painful. So the tooth must of chipped more an now the nerve is exposed. I called the dentist to try get a sooner appointment but said the dentist doing the procedure is coming in on that day. So they just sent two prescriptions to the pharmacy. One is amoxicillin for antibiotic in the second is ibuprofen. I was a lil mad cus I been taking ibuprofen already an its not working. They said to take it every four hours. I kind of wanted a couple Percocet for the pain. I still have about 12 more days to go. I don't kno if taking the ibuprofen more often will help. I kno the antibiotic will, but this pain is unbearable and kills. I didn't see anything in the home remedy that I would try. Just one that there's an oral kit at Walgreen's but don't kno if it'll help my broken front tooth. I heard that the air hitting the nerve makes it so painful. I believe that's very true. I'm hoping I can get pain meds ASAP! I'm going to go to Walgreen's tomorrow to see if I can find anything that will help???


I just mixed salt vinegar and garlic in warm water, washed my mouth with it and immediately the pain disappeared .

The Real Malcolm

get some Rexall oral pain relief, go grab yourself a cotton ball, take as much as you need, now soak it in that Rexall, and shove it right in the chipped tooth with exposed nerve, will take a couple minutes but pain will subside.


Iv tried bread it just covers the area and takes away pain very quickly I was in pain all day then ate a slice and it covered into the area and pain disappeared you may have to keep applying cos u tend to keep swallowing it. Water is good too .. cold


zinc oxide powder mixed with clove oil recreates a home made temporary tooth filling that then hardens. you have to mix the minimum clove oil to the powder so it is not too liquidy to create a paste similar to demtemp sold at walgreens. clove oil attacks the infection and bacteria, the zinc oxide powder turns into a paste that helps absorb pus from tooth infection.lasts for a couple days to a couple weeks until you can get to a dentist or keep replacing until you can afford dentist to get more permement solution. look up zinc oxide and clove oil on google search and you find more info on how to make your own pain killing and

infection killing temp filling.did it twice on 2 different abcessed teeth at different times and it works.


Try Natures Dentist, a tooth and gum rinse. It is organic and eases the pail while getting rid of any gum bleeding or disease. Costs about $ 7.00 dollars but is worth it.

Joshua David Siron

I have gone through so many different suggestions on here and none of them worked. In all honesty, most of them made it worse, but in my appreciation for the efforts put forth here, I wanted to leave a remedy that is working wonders for me right now. I have a frontal tooth that has a crack behind it. You can't see the crack in the tooth but I can feel it all the way up to the gum line. I have been in so much pain, I wasn't able to work or sleep. All I could think about was how much it hurt. The nerve is exposed and it's been causing me absolute agony throughout the entire right side of my face. The kind of pain that can make start shaking and sweating. SMH. A horrible experience, no less... Right now I'm not in any pain though. Thank you G-d for answering my prayers lol. Truly. Anyway, I bought a bottle of generic Advil gel tabs, and a bottle of generic extra strength Tylenol and then for a topical solution to the problem, I also bought a tube of generic sensodyne toothpaste. After my around thirteen dollar purchase I took two advil, three tylenol and brushed my teeth lightly and now, after less than an hour, all the pain is gone! I can hardly believe that it took all the pain away just considering the mere scale of agony I was going through. So try this and I'm confident you will find the much needed relief your searching for. I hope you all have a blessed day.


I found out that a little wad of toilet paper soaked in Listerine works great for a broke tooth exposed nerve. It packs well and stops the pain almost instantly and last for a while. Try it and be amazed!

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