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For those with no insurance, try I used them and then found a dentist that accepted them and saved on my root canal. It's only like $120 a year but it helps. Also, the aspercreme worked on the exposed nerve pain, brilliant!


One of the best things that worked for me was Liquid Advil (green gel capsules)..cut one capsule open and either pour some on exposed tooth or what would probably be better is take a quip and dip iy in the liquid and put on tooth that way.but it numbs ur tooth and gums like 10X oragel or ambesol, was able to sleep like a baby after.


I've have a broken wisdom tooth with an exposed nerve with severe 100\\% pain, I've even been to the ER for it. And with no money to go to a dentist YET I have searched aimlessly for remedy after remedy, popped tylenol like candy, not helping, the shooting pain is so unbearable I was in tears for two hours, tried the toothpaste(it made the pain worse), peroxide mixture would help for about 6 minutes or so, salt water(no change), even rubbed vanilla extract on it and it helped decently so I decided to take some cotton and and dip it in the vanilla then shoved it in that hole and Voila, worked like a charm, no pain!!! Now maybe I can get some sleep tonight!!! Hope this works for you guys too :)


I've come across many posts about nerve pain, but including gum and overall tooth pain, both of which I don't have. I have an exposed nerve in the bowl of my tooth that shocks me every 8 minutes. This shock is unexplainable, but the anxiety I get when the next one comes, adds even more stress. I read about clove oil but for toothache pain, not these nerve shocks. Swishing with Listerine helps for about 20 minutes, ora-gel only numbed the side of my mouth, but when the jolts attempted to return, I could still feel a good 50\\% of it. Sensodyne helped for a bit of time, but ultimately, I would say swish the Listerine, then chew sugar free gum. Once the gum has completely softened, place the gum directly into the bowl of the tooth and let it sit there. I can still feel attempted jolts but only at about 10\\%. It's Memorial Day Weekend and emergency dentists are difficult to find, plus I have no money. Mind you, I've been replacing new gum every 8 hours, but I can successfully sleep for a long duration now. I know it won't work for everyone, but my post specifically targets nerve pain only within the tooth, nothing around the gum line or base.

Krystle R

OMG. I've been in CRAZY pain for months now. I have not 1 but TWO, yes TWO exposed nerves on both sides of my mouth, I've lost tons of weight because I cant eat, and if something gets lodged into the hole, omg, it shoots this shocking electric SEVERE pain from the tooth up to my ears, down my neck, I've had 2 kids and I will tell you its WORSE than childbirth. I've been pretty much overdosing on ibuprofin and tylenol, i take 800 mg worth of ibuprofin 200mg and 3 tylenol xtra strength and it dulls the pain but my body so immune to the meds now, it barely works. I've been swishing with room temp water which kinda helps. I cant shove anything in the hole or it pushes on the nerve and makes the pain 100x worse. So packing it is out of the question. I was told to buy a pack of cinnamon gum but anything with sugar kills my mouth so idk how this is gonna work...


Alright guys. I have the answer you need. We all know ours bodies respond differently to things. But after trying everyone elses remedy on this forum I found the one that works for me. My tooth is broken and Im am in such pain narcotics dont even work anymore. I was swish ice cold water every 2 mins literally. I bought honey vanilla cinnamon and tried that paste and stuck it in tooth and it didnt work. Tried milk didnt work. So i decided to swish with straight vanilla. OMG!!!!!!!! It burned and continue to hurt for good little while then viola!! The pain subsided. I can still feel the nerve twitching every now and then but its been 20 mins now and I feel great. Try it.


Exposed nerve D.I.Y pain remedy

So i was in a lot of pain for the past 72 horrid hours of my life. I have a broken upper molar with exposed nerve. Tried everything i could think of. From clove oil to cinnamon to chamomile tea to green tea. Nearly overdose on Paracetamol and nothing is working then i hit jackpot. I found my kids ibuprofen. Took cotton dab with ibuprofen and shoved it into the hole. Kills the bloody nerve pain from a 10 seismic equivalent earthquake pain to a 2 minor richter scale quake. And now to a ZERO pain. I am insane in the membrane from pain that i decide even if i need to go to hell and back i need to try find something that works. And WALLA ! It worked and i should have done it sooner pfft !! Cause of this hour as i am typing. I am pain free


I tried panadol, aspirin, mouthwash, salt water, couldn't sleep all night. Girls at work said use Bonjela, the baby's relief for sore gums when teething. Put it in the tooth, around the gums with cotton bud. Worked immediately.


YES,the sensodyne remedy is working for me right now.Thank God!


Omg I have 2 exposed roots on the left side..I'm saving $$$ as I have dental insurance but I need a few things done. I've been in so much pain over the last couple of days and have hardly slept. Been popping motrin 600 like candy to no avail. Just was reading the comments on here and just rubbed some of my Crest sensitive directly on the exposed nerves and the pain is GONE!!!! THANKS

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