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I have tried everything from top to bottom. Vanilla worked, but it was definitely a gum burner. The best remedy I found was poking a hole in an advil liquid gel cap and squeezing the liquid into the cavity. It's the most vile taste and what I imagine liquid fire to taste like ( worse than moonshine or the vanilla), but it was by far the most effective until I got the teeth pulled out. I would not have been able to function the last 2 months without that little gem of advice. If you're in pain and reading this, I hope you find permanent relief soon!

Col. Hogan

Goodies Headache Powder (2 packs) in a 1/2 glass warm water. Several small sips and swish and the pain will stop for an hour or so

Son of a mother

Good day everyone!

Or actually should I say bad night, cause if your like me, (awake at 1-5 a.m searching Google for toothache remedies) its not such a "good" anything.

I've tried a lot of these.. Some temporarily work (2-5 min, huge hastle to have to keep repeating just for 2 min of relief, but if your desperate, your desperate. I know the pain these monsters cause), Others seem to only make it worse. BUT others have made a world of a difference for me. All night relief, sounds impossible at this point doesn't it? Ha, I know it.

First off a little background. I'm a 25 year old male, who's dealt with this for a very long time. As a teen I swayed in the wrong crowd and started smoking pot and drinking on a regular basis. Heck there'd be days we'd be up all night and have to go to school drunk. Lol. Needless to say I stopped caring about my dental hygiene,(no one likes to admit that but hey, thats what it was) I had great teeth up till about 6 years ago. Then shortly after school and getting into the work force. These pains were popping up. My number one remedy is percocet pain killers and amoxicillin capsules. If you know a friend that just had a surgery of some sort and has leftovers I'd advise to give him a call. These will work among any other remedies I'm going to talk about. Sometimes we don't always get those luxuries though so this is how I dealt with them

-First off, brush those teeth. Even the hurting one. Just a light brush. All them germs will only make it harder for your remedies to work.

-Orajel. Oh my god this stuff was a savior to me, when I was having wisdom teeth pain this stuff saved my life it seemed, got them removed along with 7 other of my dang teeth as well.

-Aspirin,ibuprofen, and naproxen, whatever. Didn't always seem to work. Besides the aspirin , aspirin always seems to help. In my opinion, the strongest NSAID over the counter. Also, get the BC/Goody powders in aspirin. ( BC's asprin powders are in green packaging labeled arthritis reliever, 1,000 MG's per packet)

-Very cold WATER or ice. Don't try to get away with drinking sodas at this point. Trust me, makes it worse and hurts like a son of a mother!!

-Clove oil. Yes the stuff works. It was actually used in dentistry before our common anaesthetic's we have now. Use it like orajel. Just let it sit there and work its magic. (The Red Cross makes a kit you can buy at the dollar store that's pure clove oil for tooth aches)

-Alcohol. No not rubbing alcohol, don't go dumping that stuff in your mouth. Meaning sit back and have a few drinks of some good ole Jim or Jack. Bourbon always worked best for me. I DONT CARE what folks say DO NOT swish that around in your mouth hoping for it to numb. You will be crying. Your just trying to get a little tipsey here to numb from the inside. Try to bypass that tooth from making contact with the liquor as best as you can. Use a straw if you must. Lol (this method is sometimes a hit or miss for me, if it works it works, but sometimes its made me worse off once I start to sober up, go straight sleep after you achieve your buzz and its seeming to work. There's nothing more worse than a hangover plus a killer toothache, USE AT OWN RISK. Its usually my last option if all fail)

-Sensodyne toothpaste. Barely seems to work for me, one of those 2-5 min fixers (but hey, desperate times, desperate measures)

-Sticking your head under the faucet.

Sounds strange? Yes but these monsters hurt so much sometimes it'll make a grown man drop to his knees. Put the faucet on cold and just let the tooth be exposed to running cold water for awhile. only Done this once and It worked for me on that bad day and will go away for weeks after(for me). (Please don't drown yourself) LOL!

-Raw onion. Okay, this seems a little too far fetched, but its done its magic on my end. I've literally fell asleep with a raw onion in my mouth and woke up and be A-okay! (The wife won't like it too much, but hey your dealing with it soooo?)

-Tobacco leaves. Not dip or snus. I mean rip open a cigarette and suck on the tobacco, let the juices sit over the tooth. Its worked once or twice but its worth a shot every time to me. I've tried the dip, buddy of mine stayed over and I had a huge toothache the same night. Took his dip and tried this same thing and it made it hella worse. So.

-Lastly, Advil Lipquid Gels. I do not recommend letting over the counter meds sit on your teeth to numb. But these liquid gels seem a little different. I poke a hole in the liquid gel and squeeze a little on the tooth and it seems to work like what would be extra extra strength orajel. Although its terrible for your teeth (desperate time, desperate measures though, as I've said) just don't make a habit out of it.


now, there I have given you the list of all of my personal remedies, some very strange and some so simple. Its all about tricking your Mechanoreceptors in your brain, which is connected to your Periodontal Ligament that sends the signals to the ceptors. Causing your mouth more trauma will not do the trick so much but only cause further more problems. Do not stick super glue or any other foreign artificial object in your mouth please.

Well that's about it. I'm getting all of my teeth taken out in 2 weeks and hopefully it will be my last experience with mouth pain. Just wanted to share my remedies and thoughts.



I used 3 x ibuprofen tablets (600mg total dose) Held tablets in my mouth and took a small mouthful of water letting the tablets dissolve in my mouth. Once the tablets were dissolved I swished the water in my mouth and around the area of the tooth for about 5 minutes. After this I swallowed the water and took another glass of water to flush my mouth. The pain was gone for hours and I could finally get some sleep.


Stuff chopped Panadol into your tooth


All I can day is thank you whoever made this site. I'm on day 4 of intense exposed nerve pain from two different teeth on my left side. On being a lower left molar and the other a top molar. Now I'm a very pain tolerant person. Hell I broke my left arm as a teenager without so much as a tear, but this nerve pain is a whole other beast. I have been unable to sleep or eat much of anything the past couple days over it. So far the warm water, garlic, salt, and pepper mixture has helped ease the pain down to about a 5. Now I'm drinking some warm lightly sweetened green tea with cinnamon and a couple ibuprofen liquid gels emptied into it. The pain is a lot less than it was, but not out of the storm yet.

Dude that let some cavities get way out of control

I've done em all. Thing about it is, they are just temporary fixes and eventually the method you find for your quick fix won't cut it any longer and youll have to switch it up. So a quick run down of things that have worked for me. But before I get to that brush your teeth, and yes even that tooth that is broke or has a cavity in it that has ate through nearly all of your tooth. It's going to hurt like no other but 9 times out of 10 the real reason your tooth is hurting is because you have some tiny microscopic particle hitting that nerve which is causing the pain. It sucks but if you can't get rid of what's irritating the exsposed nerve your not going to win (and yes its possible to have an exsposed nerve and not be in pain all the time you just need to keep it clean) alright then now that you've done that and nearly passed out from the pain, the list (some if not all of these are on this list already but these have worked for me)

GARLIC- Any type of garlic clove, paste, I've even used powder.

Vanilla extract- just don't over do it with this technique or you'll burn up your gums

Vodka or everclear- feel free to go ahead and get drunk while your at it.

Mouthwash- not as fun as vodka

Advil liquid gel caps- break open and put on nerve

Warm salt water- swish as hard as you can and until your jaw feels like it's gonna fall off. Spit and repeat at least one more time

Vicks vapor rub- Rub some on your face on the side the pain is on. If your dumb enough to actually put it on the tooth itself please let me know how that works out for you.

Ice- This one's weird but it has worked for me and like the Vicks it's not meant for the tooth itself. Hold a piece of ice between your thumb and your index finger on the opposite side of your painful tooth. Takes a sec but it can oddly kill the pain.

Antibiotics- Not so much of a quick fix but if your tooth is in constant pain there is a good chance it's infected and nothing is going to take the pain away for good without them. (Make sure to take the whole prescription as advised from your doctor or your buddys doctor if your on a budget)

Clove oil- Works pretty good but who has clove oil laying around

Sugar free gum- chew it up an fill that hole. If you don't use sugar free your gonna have a bad time.

Superglue- again cover that bad boy up.

Well I'm done, there's plenty more out there too these are just my go 2s. Hopefully at least one works for you. Keep them teeth clean son!


I've had terrible toothaches on and off for years. Lots of broken and decayed teeth that has went bad or pulled through the years. Swish your bad tooth with mouthwash! Instant relief for like 10 or 15 minutes. That has saved my life on bad work days with it. Make sure it's a brand with alochol in it. Trust me folks, life ssavor. Sometimes it'll completely stop the toothache for a few days up to a week.


Believe it or not I.have been in excruciating pain for 3days now and found this page talking about toothpaste and it said to use Sensodyne but I did not have any what I did have was colgate enamel helth plus sensitive toothpaste and the second I put it on it was immediate relief omg do I feel so much better


I used SUPERGLUE, YES superglue

For 72 hours i was going mad, hell is better than this pain, nearly had 3 car accidents with the pain continuously hitting my head, eardrumb ...etc.

Way to do for instant relief:

1- Have a toothpick

2- Superglue

3- Using the toothpick pass on superglue on its tip to form a ball of superglue, it will hold together and place it on the tooth hurting you or the hole. In my case was easier to cover 2 molars in the back totally. Depending on the location you keep your head side ways or upstraight to dry a bit. Continue several times till you have the whole tooth covered with a white sheet of super glue as the superglue interacts quick with the saliva forming a cover.

You can use the tip of the toothpick to have drops of water to place over the superglue on the tooth to give immediate affect and see a white sheet created.

Relief felt 3 second after implementation


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