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I have a couple of teeth (top/bottom...right side) where fillings came out of cavities. the tooth on top has the nerve exposed. last night, around 3 am, I started having bad pain from both teeth at once. I took 3 ibuprofen, and an hour later, the pain had not subsided, and I was searching for some kind of relief on this site. First, I tried some of what was listed here.....peroxide, warm salt water (which actually soothed the pain while I swooshed the water in my mouth) a heating pad on the side of my face, but NOTHING was getting rid of the pain. I went to the er, (and I don't recommend going unless u think u have an infection), and I asked the dr what could possibly help. He explained that when a filling falls out, it exposes the nerve. he suggested dental wax, tylenol, and ibuprofen. Well, I went and purchased a mint-flavored dental wax (ie....this is the same wax ppl can put on braces.) The monment I put the wax where the filling was, I immediately felt relief. the wax prevents air from hitting the nerve, and the mint is soothing. the dr also recommended to not drink anything of extreme temperatures....nothing too hot, or freezing. I have taken 3 tylenol, and 2 ibuprofen. Anyway, I am going to be able to sleep, and the wax will help til I can get to the dentist. I hope this helps you. God bless you, and I hope you can find relief.


I have 2 broken wisdom teeth and a broken back molar, and I mean broken badly, down to the gum in one case, and I found that Colgate's Orabase analgesic paste did exactly what I needed it to, even though its technically for mouth sores.

Make sure you get the paste, not the gel, and apply a LOT directly to the tooth and the surrounding gum with a clean finger, q-tips work but I found the finger easier. If possible, fill and cover the entire tooth. Hope this helped, and good luck with your tooth!


After days with bad tooth pain due to a decaying tooth exposing the nerve I turned to google when my dentist couldn't get me in for another 5 weeks. Inspired by your home remedies I searched out my cupboards to find something similar not being the type of person to have vanilla extract or clove oil in the larder.
I ended up trying the salt mouthwash, applying sensodyne rapid relief directly the tooth and finally spraying all along the gum line with Covonia sore throat spray which contains lidocaine. I don't know why I didn't think about this before as its the first hint of relief in what feels like forever. Reduced pain from an 8 to a 4 within minutes.


This really help for me till I go to the dentist....I took 2 bayers 500mg exra stren...,warm water and salt to swish around the effected tooth for a min, then brush my teeth, then after that I used listerine,then a dab of toothpaste on the tooth then took about 10 min to work...good luck hopefully it works out for u.


I have two impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed along with a couple of cavities that the filling has fallen out of. I used to run to the dentist every time I had tooth pain, until my mom gave me this remedy.

Pour some baking soda into a small frying pan and heat it for 8-10 minutes. The longer you heat it, the better it will work. This changes the chemical composition of the baking soda.

Then, take that heated baking soda and put it in, on, and around the cavity / exposed nerve. You may even try putting it on your wet toothbrush and brushing with it. Be careful, as it will burn any wet skin, such as your tongue or the inside of your cheek. Keep some cool water around to wipe it off your tongue or cheek if this happens.

You may have to do it two or three times, but in many cases the pain will go away completely and never return. My mom did it 30 years ago and hasn't had a toothache since!


After I had a tooth extracted, there was an exposed nerve. It hurt badly, and my dentist gave me a small bottle of numbing gel (looks like hand sanitizer minus the antibacterial beads)you can buy it from almost any drug store or pharmacy. Just apply very gently with a cotton swab or a clean finger. If you can't get to a pharmacy right away, drink icy cold water. Avoid salty or citrus things.


I have a couple teeth wit exposed nerves. One being my back tooth. My sister told me to use wax. Now I lite a tea candle til its melted and blow it out.I then use my finger to drip and fill the holes wit the hot wax. Works perfect. Going.on 3 months now. Problem I have with one that is farther up in my mouth it the wax not.staying. but a couple times a week I use a tooth pick t dig it out and refill it.I can chew gum eat anything without it coming out.


Lots of great info here. Read right through and you will get a sense of what works for most people. Thats what i did. If you have a hole with an exposed nerve that is causing you pain then the BEST advice i read is to block the hole from oxygen! Not permanently, as some have done, but at least to stop the UNBEARABLE pain. Best way is with cotton wool dipped in Clove OIl. If no clove oil the warm salty water. Can keep doing this for a few days bust to see dentist. Can cause serious problems elsewhere - like your nervous system and brain! Good luck.


i've tried everything, literally. but only one thing worked, and i wanted to share my story.

last night, i went to bed around midnight and at 1:08am [weird how you remember the exact time when it's something like this that wakes you up, right?] and i felt a pain like i've never had before. the dreaded toothache. i am not a hillbilly or poor person, bum, you name it - but my tooth all the way in the back cracked several months ago and to be honest, it's not given me issues so i just let it sit. there's a huge hole on the top of my tooth, to the point where almost the entire top of my tooth is gone, exposing what i am guessing is the 'pulp' of the tooth as well as nerves. anyway, on to the good stuff.

i tried everything that this site said as well as what other sites said to do, and nothing worked. then i came across someone's post where they said to eat something ON THE SIDE OF THE HURTING TOOTH [screech] and cover the hole up with the food. i did this, but it STILL hurt. in fact, it hurt so much more worse that i sucked hard instead of getting something to get the food out with and guess what? IT DID THE TRICK. sucking that hard sent a SHOCK through my entire body just about but immediately after that, the pain was gone. there was a little bleeding but nothing bad, only lasted a literal second or two. i'm assuming it was a clot or blood built up that needed to get 'let out' for the relief i was looking for.

now, i need to try and sleep. but please let me know if this worked for any of you.


thought i would throw this one out there..I have a broken molar with exposed nerve..tried all home remedies and I was about to beat my head against the wall,then it dawned on me..we have teething tablets for our infant.and liquid Motrin as well. dissolved one tablet on the tooth,followed by a drop or 2 of Motrin..first honest releif I had..hope this helps someone in need.(teething tablets I buy at any major Grocery store.sometimes found in the natural section.)

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