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first off i have tried many things. i noticed the brace wax stuff helped alot but it kept falling out on me. then i remember that i used to get canker soars all the time so i already had this stuff lying around for it. basically what this stuff does is like the brace wax. you put it on and it drys. ive had it on for 3 days now and i have felt NO PAIN and i have slept just fine. and i haven't even had to replace the coating yet ( excluding brushing my teeth). what i have is from the bran blistex KANKA professional strength mouth pain liquid. now the little tube thing that is comes with is super hard so i suggest using a q-tip. ive had this stuff for a long time and i have only bough one bottle. its a great way to get relief!


I have a tooth that has a hole in it were the nerve is exposed that hurts me everyday so bad that i cant handle it and i end up teeth is sensitive to cold stuff and air hurts it badly..go to walmart and get the extra strength pain reliever 500 mg and take 2 of them which only cost like 88 cents for a bottle of 12 ,and then pack your tooth with bc powder after rinsing with baking soda...then whats left over of the bc powder go ahead and take it with some warm water ..Trust me i cant handle pain at all and this has helped me so much..this relieved it faster then anything ive ever taken or done..good luck!! Hope it helps u like it helped me..


ODD BUT TRUE! You can buy lidocaine gel @ any pharmacy. 2, 3, and 4% require a prescription. 5%, however, is completely over-the-counter and cost me $6.73. I use this for my skin disease, but there's nothing to indicate that it cannot be used orally. Straight lidocaine on an exposed nerve really does the trick. Slap a dab on a A-Rod and keep it there for a few minutes-until pain subsides. I have no idea why lesser amounts require prescriptions but 5% doesn't. I keep it on hand for all my peers!!

Jessi T

what i have found that helps the most (for me) is to put plain jane or sensitive toothpaste directly on the tooth that is painful. i tried a lot of the home remedies i have seen on here and this one has worked the best for me. i have been suffering for days and i have been trying to find a solution that will make me comfortable enough to go to sleep as it is 3:30am =/ toothpaste has definately worked the best for me. hope it does some of you some good as well.

Victoria B

I'm the type who'd much rather use home remedies than visit a doctor or take meds. A couple years ago I had a root canal done and now have a metal post going through my tooth and through my gums. I chiped part of the filling off so now that metal post is exposed and causes A LOT of pain. orajel and all that did nothing. But I found takes a cup of warm/hot water adding two table spoons of baking soda, 3 or 4 table spoons of salt and pure peppermint (or vanialla) but has to be pure. peppermint works better and leave a better taste in the mouth. Mix it all together and continue to rinse till your pain dulls this will actually last you a bit of time when the pain starts to return just rinse again. Its helping me a lot specially if you are not allowed to take pain killers.


Ok so here is my remedy that worked like a charm. First brush teeth with a soft tooth brush. Even the effected area. Then put a little tooth paste on the area with a qtip. After you have done that take a cotton swab and fill it with apple cider vinegar. Squeeze directly into the effected area let it sit for a moment. Finally take a tea bag that has boiled and cooled off alittle. Bite on it in the effected area. Careful of not to burst it open. This sounds crazy but I hate tooth aches and I tried a little of everything and it worked. I had a great nights sleep for the first time in days.


I have suffered for two nights because of a hole in my back tooth. I have no magic creams and limited prices as I haven't been shopping yet. What worked for me was taking 1 dihydrocodeine 30mg and 2 ibuprofen 400 mg each for the long term help. For fast relief I swilled my mouth out with very salty warm water then dipped a very small ball of cotton wool into my salt bath and pushed it into the hole. Left it there for about 5 minutes by biting down (was painful) then removed. I must of moved the nerve as I finally feel pain free for the first time in days and will now catch up on my missed sleep before work tomorrow. Hope I can help atleast 1 person out there with this :-)


I have a broken tooth with the nerve exposed and one thing I found helped a ton was cheese! Sounds weird but try it! Any cheese with cheddar in it or the white yellow mixed and put it in the hole where the nerve is and presto instant relief! I've been eating a lot of cheese sticks....


I have a cracked tooth with and exposed nerve with no immediate access to a dentist due to monetary problems. Let me tell you what works for me after reading a host of remedy sites.

1) If you want Real relief in about 15 mins GO AND BUY EXCEDRIN MIGRANE..It its THE BEST...B E S T asprin for this type of pain. In about 15 mins the sore area will be completely numb and you will be able to sleep.

Ok so the draw back is you can only take 2 in 24 hrs. I tried the Salty Water and Mouth Wash rinsing..after leaving a salty taste in my mouth it did nothing(Its supposed to clean your mouth so Im still going to use it.)

I have no clue where to buy Clove Oil. So I have'nt tried that. What I did was buy some mint Dental Wax for braces, and despite a slight..VERY SLIGHT irritation I feel WAY better. Let me explain its not an irritation so to speak but my toothe getting used to something pressing against it, it does'nt hurt at all.

Hope this helps.


Have no insurance and have to wait a month to get root canal and a extraction, so to cope with serious pain omg! Try to use 800mg of ibuprofen (liquid) and Vicodin. Take the vicodin first (750mg) generics are best. The liquid after, it helps to break up solid vicodin much quicker, buy the cvs brand Advil. Works for up to 8-12hrs a day. For serious pain only guys.You can sub the vicodin for 1000-1500mg of generic tylenol too. Really works. And for those who cant take ibuprofens take 2 alieve to 4 no more than 8 a day works ( naproxen).

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